Top 10 Exercises For Hair Growth

by Maanasi Radhakrishnan

You might think that sweating it out can be harmful for your hair, but did you ever think that sometimes what is good for your whole body can also be good for your hair?

Never right!!

Actually hair can also reap beauty benefits from working out? Yes, you heard it right.

We often think that too much sweat is unhealthy and bad for our hair. While this is true on some counts, the advantages of intense workouts as far as our hair is concerned far outweigh the disadvantages caused by increased sweat production.

Here we will share ways, the exercises for hair growth that get your sweat on, thus helps to attain to softer, longer, smoother and shinier hair.

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Exercise for Hair Growth:

  • Exercises should be considered as part of a holistic beauty and hair care routine. The best exercise for hair growth is cardio since the intense workout increases the production of sebum, an oily substance that coats each strand of hair and prevents drying of the scalp and mane. Cardio affects the production of sebum by getting rid of the toxins from our body.
  • Release of healthy sebum is the best way in which exercise and sweating can contribute to better hair care. This can be obtained by a steam bath in a sauna after an intense work out session. Steam too increases the production of sebum and leads to better and longer hair.
  • Hanging upside down may seem like a strange way to influence the production of better hair, but it does help enormously. Backbends, or inverted poses, can help in aiding hair growth by increasing the blood supply to the scalp. The greater the oxygen received by the cells in the scalp, the greater the chances of you having lovely long tresses. It definitely reduces hair loss, and is also believed to increase hair production.
  • Exercises which cause movement of the neck and head are also very good at releasing the stress contained in these muscles, thereby increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation. All of these help in promoting hair growth and ensure that your hair remains damage-free for a very long time.
  • Calisthenics is a good way of promoting better hair growth. Stretching helps reduce the build-up of acid in the cells and muscles and therefore leads to much decreased hair fall. Overall exercises should be balanced with a nutritious diet in order to beneficially affect both the body and our hair.
  • Acupuncture is a very interesting way of increasing hair growth. This innovative and less-known art works by tapping the pressure points on our fingers.
  • Practitioners of acupuncture claim that there is a significant decrease, almost 90 to 95%, in hair fall over a period of 15 to 20 days once the treatment is started. Existing hair is replaced by visibly healthier hair as well. A month’s course of acupuncture can change the way you look, claim specialists.
  • Yoga is excellent for promoting better hair. It not only affects our body, but reduces stress, increases concentration and leads to better blood circulation in the region of the scalp.
  • Massaging the base of the neck and the shoulder, either by yourself or by getting some else to do it, has also been shown to help in re-growth of hair. You can massage your left shoulder with your right hand and vice versa.
  • Upper body build-up exercises like crunches are also good for your hair. You may be surprised but this is due to the fact that these are fairly intense workout routines which release a lot of sweat, and indirectly affect hair growth.

Hope this post was informative. Choose the right amount and type of exercises that are ideal for you. Be consistent and you’ll be amazed at not only how beautiful your hair can be, but also how fabulous you’ll feel!

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