Eye Makeup for Droopy Eyes

The best makeup cheat sheet to disguise and lift droopy eyes!

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Eye makeup application is not the same for everyone because people have different eye shapes and characteristics. Makeup for droopy eyes requires a special set of techniques and tricks as they often look aged and tired. So, if you are dressing up and want your eyes to look awake and refreshed, this post is for you. Keep reading!

Best Eye Makeup For Droopy Eyes

These tips are some easy to follow tips on eye makeup for droopy eyes. Applying the right eye makeup often does the trick and makes you look much younger. You seem more awake and refreshed.

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Start With Primer: For droopy eyes it is important for the makeup to stay put. A primer helps with this, keeping your makeup long-lasting, and prevents any smudges.
  • Eyeshadow direction: Apply darker colors with upward and outward strokes to create a lifting effect.
  • Light Eye Pencil: Using a light shade of pencil eyeliner on the lower lid will beautifully open up droopy eyes.

1. Apply Concealer:

Woman applying concealer under her droopy eyes
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Choose a liquid concealer, it will hold eye makeup better and will let it last all day. Take some on a makeup sponge, dab lightly on skin around the eyes, and blend well. Apply from the lash line until below the brow for better coverage. You can also apply primer before using your concealer for a long-lasting and smooth finish.

2. Choose the Colors Wisely:

Woman carefully choosing eyeshadow for her droopy eyes
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With drooping eyelids, we need to take special care in selecting the right colors for the eye shadows. Invest in some light to medium shades, dark shades make the eyes look more tired and aged. Stick to neutrals, browns, taupe and other light shades. Use metallic or pearly shades that will help distract the attention from the droopy eyes.

3. Applying Eye Shadow:

Woman applying eyeshadow to her droopy eyes
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Take a light shade, apply all over the lid from the inner to the outer corner of the lid, and blend well. Go for a slight darker shade and lightly contour the eyelids. Start slightly higher than the droopy spot so as to have a bigger lid area and work towards the outer edge, and create a wing shape to make it appear diagonal. Blend gently towards the outer and upper sides.

4. Use A Highlighter:

Use a light highlighter shade under the brows like whites or silver to make the eyes look less droopy. Blend in a bit with the crease shadow to make it look more natural.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Choose an eyeshadow shade suitable to your skin tone. Those with a fair skin tone can use rose gold or pink eyeshadow. Use pearl white or white gold shadow if you have a medium skin tone. Bronze shades complement dark skin tones.

5. Lining Eyes:

Lining Eyes

While black liquid liners tend to be quite harsh on droopy eyes, use a pencil liner or a thin damp brush to apply eye shadow as the eyeliner. Use a dark shade and do not create a harsh line. Keep the line smudged for better appearance. Go slightly lower than your lower lash line to create an impression of more space and hence bigger eyes.

Use greens, browns or purple instead of black and shimmery or metallic liners help take the attention away from droopiness.

Don’t line the inner corner of the eyes, if you have small eyes just line the lower lash line with a white-eye pencil or a nude pencil to make the eyes appear bigger.

6. Apply Mascara And Fake Lashes:

Woman wearing fake lashes to make her eyes look less droopy
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Mascara and false lashes can take away attention from those droopy eyelids. Apply two three coats of mascara or use some fake lashes to make the outer corner of the eyes more prominent. The length of the lashes then takes the focus away from the droopy nature of your eyes. And that is where we need to focus all our attention on! Drawing away a viewers eyes from droopy eyes.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can go for a feline, winged, or classic smokey eye to give a fuller and lifted look.

7. Enhancing Your Brows:

Since the lid space is less to work with, create an illusion of bigger lids by doing your brows differently with a brow pencil. Keep the arch of brows high for a precise angular look. Don’t fill in the tails of your eyebrows or overdo the brows. Go for the natural brow color or a shade darker. Lastly, apply a setting spray to keep your makeup in place.

Jillian Merrill, a blogger, uses some of these tips to make her droopy, tired-looking eyes appear bigger. She states in one of her blog posts, “I used minimal eyeliner and extended it past my outer eye. As well I packed on the mascara to create larger, brighter, and bigger eyes (i)!” Jillian also likes to highlight her brow bone and inner eye corners.

So here are our guidelines on makeup for droopy eyes! What you think? Do leave us a comment!

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Infographic: 5 Makeup Tips For Droopy Eyes

Enhancing the look of droopy eyes with makeup can be challenging. Do not worry! With a few simple tricks, you can easily create the illusion of a lifted look. Take a look at the infographic below for more details.

5 makeup tips for droopy eyes (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

keep your eyes looking fresh. Lastly, apply a touch of liner and mascara to take the attention away from your droopy eyes. Also, if you are really struggling with droopy eyes, consult your dermatologist and add an eye-lift cream to your skincare regimen. We hope our simple tips on eye makeup for droopy eyes made your eyes look refreshed and radiant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eyelid tape work for droopy eyelids?

Yes. Eyelid tape can be used to open up your eyes and correct a monolid temporarily for your makeup needs.

Can rubbing eyes cause droopy eyelids?

Yes. Excessive rubbing and irritation from long-term use of eye lenses can cause droopy or saggy eyelids.

How can I take care of my droopy eyes outside of makeup?

Getting around 7-8 hours of sleep every night, staying hydrated throughout the day, using a gentle and hydrating eye cream, performing eye exercises, washing the eyes with lukewarm water regularly and maintaining a healthy diet are some ways to take care of droopy eyes and improve overall eye health.

Do droopy eyelids affect vision?

Droopy eyelids can affect vision. When the eyelid droops over the eye, it partially blocks the vision in that eye, making it difficult to see clearly. The hampered eyesight may cause vision problems like amblyopia (lazy eye) or astigmatism. Consult an ophthalmologist to determine the cause behind drooping eyelids and find appropriate treatment options.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for a liquid concealer that blends well around the eyes and lasts much longer.
  • Use metallic or glossy eye shadows that can draw attention away from the droopy eyes.
  • Use a mild highlighter shade, such as white or silver under the brows.
  • Apply a dark eyeshadow as the eyeliner.
  • Apply 2-3 strokes of mascara, or, use some fake eyelashes to make them look prominent.
makeup for droopy eyes

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