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Eye primers are an indispensable makeup product for every eye makeup lover. Whether you like doing soft or intense eye makeup looks, an eye primer makes it last longer and appear more visibly brighter on the eyelids. Eye primers work just like face primers. They smooth out your eye base for an even and flawless eye makeup look. They also prevent smudging and creasing of the eyeshadows.

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Today, we have compiled a list of the best eye primers, which are easily available in India:

Top 10 Eye Primers Available In India

1. ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer

The Elf Mineral Eye Shadow primer has a gentle formula with 100% mineral base, which is free from paraben and preservatives. It does not contain any chemical dye. It also has the goodness of Vitamins A, C and E, which will help you preventing early aging and moisturizing your skin. The formula of the eye primer applies smoothly and dissolves into the skin without leaving any cast. It makes eye makeup last longer and avoids creasing.

2. Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener


Revlon is a popular makeup brand for base makeup products. It recently launched the Photoready range with foundation, concealer, compact and an eye primer. The Revlon Photoready Eye primer comes with a unique formula, which will brighten and last your eye makeup for long hours of time. It has a nice creamy texture, which acts as a smooth base for eyeshadows.

Skin Type: All | Product Dimensions: 5.17 x 1.52 x 0.78 inches | Weight: 0.32 Ounces

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has more than 1 reviews claiming its efficacy.

3. Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

If you are in a tight budget, then this is the best eye primer in India. It comes in a creamy nude color. It prolongs the wear time of your eyeshadows for good 3 to 4 hours. It also gives a bright and illuminated look for your eye makeup.

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is definitely one of the most popular eye primers in the makeup world. It is available in two different variants, such as Sin and Original. If you wear makeup for long hours of time, then this eye primer is the best choice. It makes your eyeshadow vibrant and crease-proof. It also makes your eye makeup last for 24 hours. No wonder, it has secured a special place among makeup artists and makeup lover, as it gives a super vibrant look to the eyeshadow. It also helps the eye makeup last for 24 hours! To sum up, it works as a triple-duty product – highlighter, eye primer and base.

5. MAC Prep And Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer

The MAC Prep and Prime Vibrancy eye primer is very popular for its unique formula. It not only increases wear time of your eye makeup but also reduces puffy eyes and under eye shadows. It provides a bright natural glow to the eye area.

6. Kryolan Ultra Under Eye base

Kryolan makeup products are popular for good quality and affordable price. It prolongs eyeshadow wear time for good 8 to 10 hours. The additional benefit is that this eye primer works for face as well as an eyelid primer too!

7. Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Eye Shadow Primer Matte:

This eye primer is lightweight and creamy in formula. It provides matte opaque finish, so you can get an even eyeshadow look. It is designed for oily lids as it amazingly prevents creasing or fading of the eyeshadows. It improves vibrancy of the eyeshadows and staying power of your eye makeup. Though it settles into a matte finish, it works equally well for matte as well as shimmery eyeshadows.

8. Faces Metaliglow Eye Primer:

The Faces Canada eye primer is perfect for parties and weddings as it provides a shimmery base. The eye primer works well for shimmer eye shadows by providing a rich sheen. If you love wearing shimmery eye makeup look, then this is definitely a great option to try. It stays for good 5 to 6 hours even on oily eyelids without any creasing problem.

9. Inglot Eye Makeup Base

The Inglot Eye Makeup Base is another budget friendly option in the list. The formula of the eye primer is cream, so it spreads well on the eyes. It promises to make your eye makeup last for 12 hours.

10. Beyu Eye Base Eyeshadow Primer

This eye primer increases the wear time of the eyeshadows for decent 5 to 6 hours. The formula gives an even and smooth finish to the eyeshadows.

There you have the top 10 eye primers brands in India which are easily available. Make sure to grab one for your makeup stash today!

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Those were our picks of the best eye primers available in India right now. But before you pick one up, go through the buying guide below to make an informed decision.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Eye Primer

  • Skin Type

Different eye primers are formulated for different skin types. The skin of your eyelids is pretty sensitive. Therefore, choose a primer wisely according to your skin type. Pick a moisturizing or hydrating primer for dry or normal skin and an oil-control primer for oily skin.

  • Ingredients

Always check the ingredients and their possible effects on your skin when you are picking any makeup product. It is an added benefit if they contain a hydrating ingredient like hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain its plumpness without making it greasy. Make sure the primer does not contain harmful ingredients like lead or parabens. Also, do a patch test before you apply any product on your face.

  • Brand And Price

There are many brands that sell eye primers at different price points. Please go for a reputed brand that is in your budget.

The list of best eye primers ends here! Which is your favourite eye primer brand? Why do you prefer it to others? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are eye primers suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, eye primers are appropriate for use on sensitive eyes. However, if you have very sensitive or irritated skin, a patch test is recommended.

Can I use an eye primer on mature skin?

Yes, you can use eye primer on mature skin. The ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer applies smoothly on mature skin and contains vitamins that prevent aging.

Can I use an eye primer if I have dry eyelids?

Yes, most eye primers have a creamy texture that hydrates the eyelids and prevents eye makeup from clinging to dry patches.

How do I remove eye primer from my eyelids at the end of the day?

You can use an eye makeup remover to remove the primer. Pour a gentle makeup remover onto a cotton pad and gently wipe your eyelids. Make sure to rinse your eyes thoroughly to remove any remains.

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