Eyebrow Piercing: Pain, Healing, Cost, And Aftercare

Eyebrow piercings can change the look of your eyes one ring at a time. In brows, we trust!

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In a world of trendy facial piercings, a stylish detail can instantly elevate your look. We are talking about eyebrow piercings! It adds boldness to your look along with a rebellious spirit to your personality. But when it comes to sporting an eyebrow ornament, it is not just about the bling. You also need to learn about the pain and healing process and consider the costs that come with it. The following article covers these details to prepare you for what it entails. Scroll down to learn more.

protip_icon Piercing Guide: Eyebrow Piercing
  • Placement: Anywhere along the eyebrow
  • Best Jewelry: Curved and straight barbells, captive bead rings, twister spiral rings
  • Cost: $30 to $80
  • Pain Level: Medium
  • Healing Time: 6 to 8 weeks

What Is Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercing, as the name suggests, may refer to a variety of piercings on the eyebrow. A professional piercer uses a sterilized needle to make a hole, usually near the outer part of the eyebrow, which can then be adorned with a stylish piece of jewelry, such as a bar or a ring. To actually be able to flaunt your eyebrow piercing, you need to let it heal properly, which may take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the level of aftercare.

The first question that pops up in the mind while considering any kind of piercing is the pain associated with it. Let us discuss if an eyebrow piercing hurts, and to what extent, in the following section.

Does Eyebrow Piercing Hurt?

Getting the eyebrow pierced might feel different for everyone. It is a quick process where you might feel a pinch or pressure. How much it hurts depends on your pain tolerance and the piercer’s skill. Some people find it more bearable than others. A good piercer who uses the right techniques can make it less uncomfortable. Afterward, the area might feel sore or swollen, but that is normal and temporary unless the piercing gets infected.

Taking over-the-counter pain relievers can help relieve pain if it does not subside soon after piercing. Let us learn about the time it takes for an eyebrow piercing to heal in the following section.

Eyebrow Piercing Healing Time

The healing period of an eyebrow piercing typically spans from 6 to 8 weeks, though individual variations exist (1). It is common to experience some swelling, redness, and tenderness during this period. Consistent adherence to proper aftercare practices, including the use of a saline solution for cleaning and avoiding activities that may irritate the piercing is essential for optimal healing.

Despite potential improvement in visible signs within a few weeks, it is crucial to maintain an aftercare routine for the entirety of the healing period as well as after. Prematurely changing or removing the jewelry can impede the healing process. If any concerns arise, consulting with your piercer or a healthcare professional is advisable.

protip_icon Trivia
Eyebrow piercing became a fashion statement after being introduced by icons of the punk subculture in the 1970s.

When your eyebrow piercing heals, the first thing you will want to do is try on the gorgeous jewelry. So, check out the next section to explore different eyebrow piercing styles that you can choose from.

Types Of Eyebrow Piercing


Different types of eyebrow piercings
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You can pick any area around your eyebrows to create a unique piercing that suits your preferences. The following are some of the common types of eyebrow piercing.

1. Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

It is typically positioned above or below the natural arch of the eyebrow. A barbell or ring runs vertically along the eyebrow.

2. Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

In this type of piercing, the jewelry is inserted horizontally through the eyebrow. This can be done at various points along the brow.

Emma, a blogger, shared her experience of getting an eyebrow piercing. After she got it, she faced a lot of judgment for her rebellious choice. She comments on it on her blog thus: “I do it for me, not for anyone else or to be socially accepted by any label (i).”

3. Bridge Eyebrow Piercing

It involves piercing across the brow ridge or bridge of the nose between the eyes and two brows. While it may not directly involve the eyebrow, it is considered a part of facial piercings that can complement eyebrow piercings. It can be done vertically or horizontally.

4. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Also known as a teardrop or butterfly piercing, the anti-eyebrow piercing is placed below the eye, usually following the bone structure. It creates a unique and distinctive look.

While you have learned about the different placements of eyebrow piercings, are there particular types of jewelry that go better with them than others? Check out the next section to find out.

Best Types Of Jewelry For Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow jewelry comes in multiple shapes that can be chosen as per your style preferences and comfort factors. Look at some of the ones below.

  • Straight Barbell
Image: Shutterstock

 A classic and straightforward straight barbell is a timeless choice for eyebrow jewelry. It is a straight line that suits pretty much any spot along your eyebrow, but some folks might find it less flexible than curved options.

  • Curved Barbell
Image: Shutterstock

 The slight curve of this barbell hugs your eyebrows’ natural shape, so you can get it across multiple spots on the eyebrow. If you want a cool and comfortable look, go for this jewelry. It is often chosen for its distinctive look and can be suitable for both vertical and horizontal placements.

  • Captive Bead Ring (CBR)

This is like a classic ring with a removable bead. Super versatile and easy to clean. The round shape works well in different eyebrow spots. Just be cautious—the bead can be a bit fiddly.

  • Twister Spiral Ring
Image: Shutterstock

This type of ring comes in twisty, spiral designs which give extra flair to your eyebrow piercing. While it looks awesome, it might need more work while cleaning due to the intricate design.

It is important to choose your jewelry wisely to balance style and safety. Read the next section to learn which piercing materials are best for your skin.

What Jewelry Material Is Used For Eyebrow Piercing?

As per a study, you can opt for jewelry made of non-irritating materials such as plastic, nickel-free metal, or low-nickel stainless steel (2). After the piercing heals, you can consider stylish and safe options such as sterling silver, titanium, or gold exceeding 18 karats. These materials reduce irritation and make your piercing look aesthetically appealing.

protip_icon Pro Tip
Choose stainless steel with a grading of AISI 304, 316L, or 430 as they are less likely to irritate your piercing (2)

The risk of infection can be reduced with the right material but it cannot be entirely ruled out. Read the next section to learn about the possible risks of eyebrow piercing.

Risks Of Eyebrow Piercing

Like any other piercing, your eyebrow piercing is susceptible to risks until it is fully healed. It is important to identify potential risks early on in order to keep your piercing safe and healthy. Some common risks are mentioned below.

  • May Cause Infection

The piercing site is susceptible to bacterial infection, especially if proper aftercare is neglected or if unsterile equipment is used. This can lead to redness, swelling, and discharge at the piercing site.

  • May Result In Migration And Rejection

Migration is a commonly reported problem in which the eyebrow piercings may shift from the actual piercing site. Your body may also reject it entirely, which can lead your body to push the jewelry outward. This happens when the body perceives the piercing of a foreign object as a threat, often due to inadequate aftercare or trauma to the piercing.

  • May Cause Allergic Reactions

Exposure to allergenic metals, such as nickel, commonly found in jewelry, may trigger skin reactions like redness, itching, or rash.

  • May Lead To Keloids

Incomplete healing or persistent irritation/inflammation can lead to the formation of hypertrophic scarsi  XA raised and thickened scar that stays within the boundaries of the original wound or keloidsi  XA raised scar that may extend beyond the original site of the injury and may be larger than the wound itself . These raised and visible scars may alter the aesthetic outcome of the eyebrow piercing, impacting its overall appearance.

  • May Affect The Surrounding Area

Incompetent piercing techniques may lead to damage to nerves, blood vessels, or adjacent tissues, causing pain or complications.

  • May Cause Eye Irritation

Depending on the piercing location, there may be a risk of eye irritation or injury if the jewelry comes into contact with the eye. One study showed complications in two patients—posterior cellulitisi  XInfection in the back part of eye tissues characterized by redness and inflammation in one and anterior cellulitisi  XInfection in the front part of eye tissues characterized by redness and inflammation in the other (3). Both cases saw improvement after a week of antibiotic and cortisone therapy.

Now that you are aware of the risks, it comes down to how you can prevent them. Scroll down to learn about the essential aftercare tips to help your eyebrow piercing heal properly.

Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare Tips

There are various measures one can take to ensure proper aftercare for an eyebrow piercing. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Clean your piercing twice a day using a recommended saline solution, ensuring clean hands before touch.
  • Gently pat the area dry with a disposable tissue and avoid towels that may harbor bacteria.
  • Steer clear of pools, hot tubs, and bodies of water during the initial healing period; use a waterproof barrier in the shower.
  • Avoid alcohol-based or harsh cleaning products; opt for mild, fragrance-free, and antibacterial soap.
  • Exercise caution with hair products and makeup to prevent irritation; clean gently if contact occurs.
  • Try not to sleep on the side with the piercing, using pillows for support.
  • Be mindful of clothing and accessories touching the piercing; choose loose-fitting attire during healing.
  • Refrain from twisting or turning the jewelry to minimize irritation and bacterial introduction.
  • Monitor for potential signs of infection or unusual reactions; consult your piercer promptly if any issues arise.
  • Maintain general hygiene, including regular bathing, to support the overall healing process.

After your piercing is healed, you still need to be careful while replacing your jewelry. To learn how to do it properly on your own, check out the tips in the next section.

How And When Can You Change An Eyebrow Piercing?

You would want to change your eyebrow piercing after it is fully healed, which usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks. However, it may vary from person to person. You can follow these steps while changing your jewelry.

  • Ensure your eyebrow piercing has completely healed before attempting to change the jewelry. Changes in fresh piercing can lead to complications and delays in the healing process.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to minimize the risk of introducing bacteria during the process.
  • Use sterile jewelry specifically designed for initial piercings or clean, high-quality jewelry made of materials like titanium, gold, or surgical steel.
  • Unscrew or remove your existing jewelry very carefully. If it is not moving freely, don’t force it as it may lead to pain and trauma to the skin. In such a case seek help from an experienced piercer.
  • Quickly replace the jewelry to minimize exposure of the piercing to the air and potential irritation.
  • Clean the new jewelry and the area around the piercing with a saline solution before and after changing.
  • Keep an eye on the piercing for any signs of redness, swelling, or discomfort after changing the jewelry. If problems arise, consult with your piercer.

After covering all these essential safety tips, it is time to consider the cost of the procedure. Check out the next section to understand how much an eyebrow piercing might cost.

How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

The average cost of an eyebrow piercing can vary quite a bit. On average, you are looking at somewhere between $30 and $80 just for the piercing itself. But remember, that might not cover the cost of the jewelry, which can add another $10 to $50, depending on your choice. It is a good idea to check with local piercing places for specific prices, and sometimes they offer deals that include both the piercing and the jewelry. Just make sure to go to a place that is known for doing good, safe piercing

In conclusion, eyebrow piercing adds a trendy and rebellious flair to your personality. It offers diverse options in terms of piercing types and jewelry styles you can choose from. The key to a successful experience lies in proper aftercare that helps you prevent the risk of infection. If you take care of these aspects thoughtfully, this form of body art can be an x-factor in how you carry yourself. So, carefully consider all the risks involved with eyebrow piercing for a safe experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my eyebrow piercing gets infected?

If you suspect an infection, clean it with a saline solution. Avoid removing the jewelry, and seek advice from a piercer or healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Can I get multiple eyebrow piercings at once?

Yes, you can. However, getting multiple piercings simultaneously may increase healing time and discomfort. Consider your pain tolerance and commitment to proper aftercare when deciding.

Do I have to trim or shave off my eyebrow to pierce it?

Trimming or shaving before brow piercing is usually not required. Professional piercers work around existing eyebrow hair, ensuring the piercing complements your natural look. However, if you have thick hair growth that hinders a clear view of the skin, you may be asked to remove some hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Eyebrow piercings vary in pain and take 6-8 weeks to heal with proper care.
  • Styles include vertical, horizontal, bridge, and anti-eyebrow piercings, with diverse jewelry options.
  • Risks include infection, migration, and rejection; aftercare involves saline cleaning and cautious jewelry changes.
  • Costs range between $30-$80, depending on the location of the piercing and the piercer you hire.

Jewelry rejection is quite common in surface piercings such as those on the eyebrow. The following video talks about the signs of piercing rejection that you need to spot early on to prevent it from ruining your piercing. Watch it now to learn what they are!

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