Eyebrows For Square Face Shape

Now determine the right eyebrow shape and style that can enhance your square face.

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Eyebrows are a very important part of your face and its shape and appearance can affect your look completely. Eyebrow shapes can be used to make faces look full or narrow as per the requirement. The first step is to determine whether you have a square face shape and then figure out the best styles of eyebrows for square face.

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Eye Shape: Eye Shape Try higher arches for hooded eyes and softer arches for deep-set eyes.
  • Eyebrow Thickness: Eye Shape Opt for thick and longer eyebrows for a structured jawline and thin, short eyebrows to make your face appear longer.
  • Pencil Color: Eye Shape For light hair, match the pencil color to the base tone of your hair. For dark hair, pick a dark brown shade, and for red hair, pick ashy shades of the darkest shade of your hair.

How to Identify A Square Face?

Square faces usually have the same width at their jaw and fore head with sharp square jaw line. This means that there is a harsh square jaw line on the face which makes it look broader than usual. A round face also has the same width as the forehead and the jaw. But in the case of a round face there are no strong angular features and the chin is not pointed. Whereas for a square face the chin is pointed.

Square faces usually have a very prominent jaw line and pointed chin. Also they usually have a high forehead. But this can be quickly fixed with the help of a few tricks and tips.  Here we discuss some eyebrow shapes for square face which would look great upon square faced beauties without making their face looking broader.

eyebrow shapes

Eyebrows For Square Face:

We suggest three eyebrow shapes for square face which usually look flattering. These shapes would work great on them without making their face look broader: See the picture above for the reference.

1. Angled Eyebrow Shape:

There are two angled brow shapes ─ soft and hard angled. The soft angled shape has soft curves and peaks. The shape can have low, medium and high arches. High arches slim down the face. The hard angled brow shape would make your face appear young. This shape makes the face appear long. So, people with short faces can try them. Yet, this shape would create a harsh look on a few.

How To Achieve This Shape?

The soft and hard angled brow shapes make the face look delicate. The shape is straight and then curves gently around the top and down the corners of the eyebrows.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A highly angled eyebrow helps to soften the sharp angles of a square-shaped face. However, avoid taking the end of the eyebrow too low as it may bring the eye shape downwards.

2. Curved Eyebrow Shape:

The curved eyebrow shape is also called S shaped. This shape is slightly similar to the soft angled brow shape. It generally makes the face look longer than usual. The shape begins with a slight curved line, and is rounded at the angle of the brow. It is a blend of a curve and an angle. The shape makes the brow resemble the alphabet letter ‘S’. So, the shape is called S shaped.

How To Achieve This Shape?

The S brow shape has a medium to high arch. A slight curve should be created for this shape. The brows should be kept straight towards the nose to create the curve. This shape goes perfectly well on a square-shaped face. The soft, curved shape balances square facial features. Create a gentle arch to add definition without overwhelming your eyes. Avoid overly angular shapes as they can emphasize squareness. Soft, natural brows are more likely to complement this face shape.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Curved eyebrows are a perfect fit for anyone who does not want too much softness to their features.

3. Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape:

The soft angled brow shape is a well-defined one, but it is kept rounded at the beginning. The angles are soft, and not too sharp. You can have low, medium and high arches, as per your preferences. You can also have a thin or thick angled brow shape. For a dramatic look, choose a high-angled brow shape. However, a soft angled shape with small arches is considered the best. This shape adds more femininity to your face. Choose a thick eyebrow shape for a square face, if you have strong cheekbones to complement your face structure. It is best to avoid high or sharp angles for your brows.

Justine, a YouTuber, documents a guide on eyebrow shapes based on various face types. For a square face, she suggests balancing out a strong jawline and pointed chin by attracting attention towards the upper part of the face. She further adds, “Square face, I think, can really get away with super thick brows, which are totally on trend at the moment: think Cara Delevigne. She has an angular jawline as well, she’s a good reference for you if you are looking for an example and you have a square face (i).”

How To Achieve This Shape?

The soft angled shape makes the face look soft and delicate. It also tends to make your face appear long. The shape is straight with soft curves at the top and bottom of the brows. A light color brow pencil or a brow brush can help you to achieve this shape. The brow brush can make the sharp edges soft, and make the brows look natural. This shape would be flattering for square-faced people.

Tip: For a square face with hooded eyes, shape your eyebrows to soften any strong angles and draw attention to the eyes. Create a gentle arch to add curvature to the face. Focus on a slightly thicker brow that may better complement the square structure of the face as well as help define the eyes. Consider creating a gradual arch to uplift hooded eyes.

We also suggest staying away from both the round and the flat eyebrows. Eyebrows for round shaped faces make your face look rounder and the flat ones also add to the roundness.

Brow Shapes Of Few Celebrities:

Here are some perfect eyebrows for square face that even our celebrities endorse.

1. Jessica Simpson Inspired Eyebrows:

Jessica Simps eyebrows

Jessica Simpson is an American actress, singer, and fashion star with a square face shape. Her eyebrows are mostly seen to be of high angled shape which makes her face look less full and gives a good look to the face. She uses the high soft angled look to make her face look longer and the high arch helps in creating a visual effect of the face being narrow and long. Her eyebrows are thin and not very thick.

2. Angeline Jolie’s Eyebrow Style:

Angeline Jolie uses her medium thick eyebrows to frame her face. She uses a soft angled eyebrow shape to make her face seem longer and also uses the soft arched shape to keep her face looking slim. She uses the high arch which helps in creating an illusion of a long face.

3. Paris Hilton’s Style Eyebrows:

Here is another style you can try when doing eyebrows for a square face. Here we see that her arch is not a high arch but a soft arch which comes down neatly. She keeps her eyebrows thick and natural. As far as eyebrows are concerned, going super thick will not always look good. Fill up your eyebrows and keep the arch subtle.

4. Demi Moore’s Thick Eyebrows:

Demi Moore has a square face, so her face looks more strong and angular. She often chooses soft or sharp angled eyebrow shapes to balance her features and to even out her square jaw line. Demi Moore also chooses thick eyebrows.

5. Kareena Kapoor’s High Arched Brows:

Often people get confused whether Kareena Kapoor has a long face or a square one. Well, she has a square face. Earlier she used to keep flat eyebrows. But of late, she often chooses to have curved brow shapes with high arched brows. This transformation has really helped her look more glamorous.

Infographic: 3 Flattering Brow Shapes For Square Faces

Square-shaped faces have a strong jawline, which needs to be balanced. The right eyebrow shapes with well-defined angles and arches can soften those sharp features and divert the attention from the jawline to the eyes. The infographic below summarizes the three perfect eyebrow shapes that can help balance out your facial features. Check it out!

3 flattering brow shapes for square faces(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

If you are blessed with a square face, you can experiment with different eyebrow shapes. The different levels of thickness and angles in the right proportions add symmetry and balance that flatter your facial features. From angled to curved and soft angled eyebrow shapes, the options are many. You can also take your inspiration from celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Angeline Jolie, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, and Kareena Kapoor (our very own “Poo”) to create eyebrows for square faces. Just make sure you know your face shape well and create your brows accordingly. Even while contouring your face or grooming it, your facial features must be kept in mind. Now, without any further delay, get ready to flaunt your brows and receive endless compliments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which eyebrow shape makes you look younger?

A brow shape that suits your face shape with bold and dark pencil can make you look younger. As you grow older, your eyebrows thin out. Therefore, giving it volume will help.

Are lower eyebrows more attractive?

A lower brow for men is considered more attractive as it gives them a deep and intense gaze. However, higher arched brows are considered more attractive in women as they open up the face, add length, and draw the focus to the eyes.

Do eyebrows really make a difference?

Yes, they do. Even the slightest difference in your eyebrows will change the way your entire face looks. From thick unibrows to bleached and no-brow looks, every type of eyebrow has been in trend for how it affects the face.

Which color is best for eyebrows?

For natural looking eyebrows, black and brown are the ideal shades. If your hair shade is lighter, you will have to experiment with shades of brown to find a good fit. Your eyebrow shade must always be darker than your hair for a more natural look.

Key Takeaways

  • Square faces have foreheads and jaws of the same width and square jaw lines.
  • A curved eyebrow has a curved line and rounded angle, which create the illusion of a longer face.
  • Angelina Jolie has medium-thick eyebrows with a soft angled shape that makes her face look long and slim.
  • Kareena Kapoor has curved brow shapes and high-arched brows.
Eyebrows For Square Face

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Unlock the secrets to achieving perfect eyebrows for your face shape. Watch this informative video to decide the best eyebrow shape for you.

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