The Ultimate Guide To Getting Eyelash Extensions

If you thought all eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers, you are wrong.

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Luscious and long eyelashes can add that extra oomph to your look with their fluttery magic. And if you are someone who isn’t born with this asset, eyelash extensions can be an easy, effective, and economical fix for you that will also last long. So, if you are tired of wearing falsies and mascara on a daily basis, this article is for you. We discuss everything you may want to know about eyelash extensions in detail. Scroll down!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent option for giving your lashes the volume and length of your dreams. They are the best solution for anyone who wants to jump out of bed with their lashes already looking dope. The procedure involves applying tiny black fibers (that resemble lashes) onto each individual lash with a special adhesive. Unlike temporary false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are neither a momentary commitment nor a DIY affair.

A full set of lash extensions can take up to 2 hours to apply. They can be maintained year-round, with touch-ups recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. Semi sets or half sets of lashes are a great way to achieve a subtly dramatic effect. They are applied as fillers (to thicken your natural lashes) or applied towards the outer 2/3rds of your eyes.

Eyelash extensions differ on a wide range of factors that are discussed in the next section.

Eyelash Extensions 101: Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are made out of mink, faux mink, sable, silk, and synthetic fibers. If you can’t decide which ones to get, here’s what you need to know about each one of them.

  • Mink Eyelash Extensions
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Mink eyelashes are wildly popular as they look super natural and real. These lashes are made from real hair and are perfect for anyone going for a light, natural look. Since they are made of real hair, they are easier to layer on and create a more dramatic look. They also tend to last longer as they don’t weigh down your natural lashes.

  • Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions
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Faux mink lashes are very similar to mink, except they are synthetic. They provide the same look as minkies – but at a lower price. They are also the perfect vegan option if you don’t want to use real hair. These babies don’t lose their curl even when they get wet. Isn’t that super convenient?

  • Sable Eyelash Extensions
Image: alyssascottjtwo.cents/ Instagram

Sable lash extensions are the thinnest of all. They are made from the fur of sable, a forest animal found in many parts of Siberia and Russia. They are ideal for anyone with naturally thin lashes as they don’t weigh them down. Instead, they leave you with a natural, wispy look.

  • Silk Eyelash Extensions
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If you are vegan, allergic to fur, or simply looking for a more economical option, silk eyelash extensions are the way to go. They tend to be thicker at the base and gradually become thinner towards the end. So, they create the illusion of a fuller lash line. These lashes are also glossier and darker, which makes them perfect for creating a dramatic look.

  • Synthetic Eyelash Extensions
Image: alyssascottjlngraymua/ Instagram

Synthetic eyelash extensions are a go-to for anyone looking for a bold, glamorous look. These lashes are perfect for making your eyes pop. Since they are not made with real fur, they can be found at a significantly lower price.

Here’s the most important question – how long do eyelash extensions last? Find out in the next section.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions usually last through the full growth cycle of your natural lashes. This is typically somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks. However, since everyone’s lash growth tends to vary, specialists recommend lash maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain a full and clean look.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Here’s a heads-up for the newbies: eyelash extensions are an expensive affair. An initial full-set lash application usually costs somewhere between $150 to $200. Then, there’s also monthly maintenance and refills that cost about $65 to $100.

Splurging on expensive lash extensions from a renowned place is always better than going to a cheaper place that can’t be trusted. It’s your eyes, after all! Besides, cheap lash extensions applied by an inexperienced artist can cause problems like incorrect sizing, allergic reaction, a shorter life span, and even long-term damage. Therefore, it’s best you avoid them.

Though eyelash extensions need regular touch-ups to last longer, there are also a few things that you can do at home to extend their life span. Check them out in the next section.

Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

  • Avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours after application. Since the glue is still setting, exposure to water or steam can disturb the lashes and make them fall out early. You can still shower, though! Just make sure you don’t put your head under water. Also, no matter what, don’t rub your eyes.
  • When you are taking off makeup, opt for oil-free cleansing products as oil can weaken the bonds of your eyelash extensions.
  • Use a mascara wand to brush your lashes in the morning and evening to keep them in the right place and looking flawless.
  • Don’t sleep with your face pressed against your pillow. Instead, sleep on your back.
  • Go for touch-ups every 3 to 4 weeks. No matter how careful you are with your lash extensions, you will naturally lose them over a period of time due to your lash cycle.

Longer lashes give you a brighter, feminine, and youthful look, taking the attention away from imperfections on your face. Therefore, it is worth your money to get eyelash extensions. However, you must know that it is not for everyone. You should thoroughly research the makeup artists around you and find out how the extensions are priced in the market. The best quality lashes are expensive, and so are the experienced artists who will charge for the application. The maintenance post-application requires good money, too. We hope this comprehensive guide on eyelash extensions was helpful for you. Be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

Not necessarily. Make sure your extensions are applied by a skilled artist as improper application or low-quality extensions may damage your natural lashes.

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Yes. However, make sure your mascara is not thick or lumpy so as to not damage your lashes.

Key Takeaways

  • Eyelash extensions can be maintained for about a year, with monthly touch-ups.
  • Mink eyelashes lashes are made from real hair and are perfect for anyone going for a light, natural look.
  • Lash extensions can be expensive. Choose an experienced artist to get the best results and avoid eye irritation and damage.
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