65 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate To

Start your healing journey and soothe your heartbreak with these thoughts on fake love.

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Love is a beautiful relationship until dubious people ruin it. Here, we have listed some fake love quotes to help you identify phony people and their vile intentions. When you are in love with someone, it is difficult to know if your partner loves you for real or they are just putting up an emotional show to impress you. Unfortunately, fake love has become quite rampant these days. This insincere behavior is nothing more than a disingenuous and fraudulent act that only serves the hypocritical goals of the offender. Things like money, sex, name, fame, and others make people pretend to love someone. Those days are gone when people loved someone truly and could do anything for them. It isn’t easy to find true love in this modern age. However, like any other counterfeit thing, fake love also doesn’t stay long. To help you overcome the hurt of being cheated by false love, we have compiled quotes that describe fake love. Read on.

65 Heartbroken Fake Love Quotes For Him And Her

Are you on the lookout for some sarcastic quotes about fake love or deep broken heart fake love quotes? I can guarantee that you are absolutely in the right place. Here I am presenting a list of fake love and real love quotes that will help you know the difference between them, some good quotes about fake love, and relatable quotes about fake love relationships.

  • “I thought I found paradise in your embrace. But I never knew that it was just a beautiful illusion crafted by your ruining touch.”

Appearances sure can be deceptive. What may feel like heaven in one’s embrace may actually be an illusion that was created by that person to destroy you.

  • One can always fake a smile, but it’s not that easy to fake your feelings forever.
A woman uncovering her pretentious boyfriends true feelings
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Inevitably, the truth always comes out sooner or later. One cannot wear the mask of deceit forever.

Being with a fake friend is like rearing a snake that has been preparing to feast on you for a long time. Get away from such people and live a peaceful life.

  • “It’s surprising that someone could pretend to love just to become a part of someone else’s life.”

It’s unexpected and disheartening when someone pretends to love another person just to be a part of their life, without genuine feelings or intentions.

  • “As media portrays more versions of love, the genuine kind seems to fade.”

As media shows various forms of love, the real, deep kind can sometimes become less noticeable or less important.

Fake And Real Love Quotes – Their Differences

In this world full of liars and deceptive people, you should go beyond and learn how different fake love is from real love.

  • “Fake love is like a shadow. It follows you in the brightest of days but disappears when darkness sets in.”

In your life, fake love from your partner seems so genuine during times of joy, but all the support fades away when you confront difficulties.

  • “Real love can be seen and felt in both words as well as actions whereas fake love comprises a mere assortment of fake words.”

If your partner is laying down an array of excuses, you need to be warned as there is a greater possibility of you getting played on.

  • “You know what hits you hard? It’s when you realize that fake love turns out to be worse than real hate.”
Fake love is more hurtful than hatred
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You give in. You do everything for their happiness, and it turns out that they were not authentic with you all this while. If this is not hurtful, then what can be?

  • “The worst thing about love is that you cannot detect every time if it’s real or fake.”
People may mask their bad intentions with fake love
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Regardless, even if your love is genuine, you might end up being showered with fake love from your partner.

  • “Fake people and fake love do not bother me anymore because I don’t expect anything authentic from any of them.”

There comes a time when you become so resolute that nothing fake and pretentious affects your mind as you have already given up from expecting any kindness from others.

  • “It’s unfortunate how some people manipulate emotions and pretend to love, all to boost their own self-esteem.”

Some people use emotional manipulation and false affection to make themselves feel better, often at the expense of others’ genuine emotions and well-being.

  • “Genuine love brings happiness until the end, while fake love only leads to never-ending pain.”

Real love gives happiness throughout life, whereas insincere or counterfeit love results in continuous emotional pain. It underscores the stark difference between authentic, fulfilling love and deceptive, hurtful affections.

  • “Don’t come into someone’s life just to take advantage of them because it hurts deeply when they discover the reality.”

It’s painful for both partners, when one person enters another’s life with ulterior motives, only to be found out later.

  • “It’s clear when some people genuinely care about you while others just pretend.”

It’s easy to recognize those who have an authentic concern for you, as opposed to those who feign care for ulterior motives or appearances. Genuine care comes from the heart, while pretense is often superficial.

  • “Real love is something you experience, show, and can see, while fake love is merely expressed in words.”

Real love is more than just saying “I love you”, it’s about demonstrating love through actions and feelings.

Deep Broken Heart Fake Love Quotes

We know you’re sad and broken real bad, which is why we have curated a list of quotes that you can find relatable. Read them below:

  • “A heartbreak is a blessing from the universe. It’s the universe’s way of saying ‘I saved you from the wrong one.'”

If you are heartbroken because the person you loved the most only faked their feelings, maybe it was the universe’s way of protecting you from something that wouldn’t have lasted.

  • “You break my heart with that fake love of yours over and over, and you don’t even care one bit.”

Some people don’t even feel ashamed of exhibiting fake love straight on the face. These people are not rare. You will see their deceiving faces almost everywhere. So, beware!

  • “They say that I steal their thunder. But it’s them who try to put me down.”

Fake people tend to stoop low to any extent with an intent to put you down and rise above you. They are jealous of your potential and success.

  • “When you prioritize someone who hardly values you, it might be time to reconsider your choices.”

If you value someone highly, but they don’t reciprocate that sentiment, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship or priorities.

  • “Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty.”

This quote conveys the lesson that it’s not possible to force or control another person’s loyalty or commitment. Loyalty is a choice individuals make on their own.

Fake Love Quotes For Those Who Have Been Heartbroken

  • “If you never loved me, why did you come into my life?”
Fake love can make it difficult to trust people
Image: IStock

This quote is for the ones who gain access to your life to ruin your peace.

  • “I let my guard down for you, and you took away my everything.”

Realize that it is abuse when someone disrespects you by intruding into your personal life and leaves you without reason.

  • “Sometimes it is wiser to give up on people when it seems they don’t care for you at all.”

Learn to accept reality. You might feel attached to this one person, but it’s all inside your mind. After relentless efforts filled with kindness and affection, if they do not seem to exhibit gratefulness, it is always wiser to pick yourself up and move on without them.

  • “You’re merely feigning affection for me, while the truth is, you never truly loved me, and I was foolish not to see it.”

This quote emphasizes the pain of realizing someone’s deception in a supposed loving relationship. How one person is putting on a false show of love, while in reality, the affection was never genuine.

  • “It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.”

The most painful feelings occur when someone who made you feel important and cherished one day suddenly makes you feel unimportant and unwanted the next day.

  • “In fake relationships, there’s no room for honesty and loyalty.”

In phony or disingenuous relationships, there’s no space for the genuine qualities of honesty and loyalty to exist or thrive.

  • “Trust in a true and real relationship and maintain loyalty. Don’t shatter the heart of someone important for fleeting attractions that are truly insincere.”

This quote advises valuing and staying true to real relationships rather than jeopardizing them for superficial attractions that won’t last.

Fake Love Fake Promises Quotes

  • “Be prepared to be led on by fake love and fake promises in life.”

You can never be sure about people as these beings change their hues with time. Be kind to all but never get too attached or expect them to prioritize you.

  • “You can see a difference between people who care and people who pretend to care about you.”

The true ones who love you will be there for you through thick and thin. Rest are known as hangers-on who stay with you for their own benefit.

  • “An honest and clear rejection deserves respect if compared to fake promises.”

Well, we all know how a fake promise can end everything that seemed beautiful once.

  • “Love isn’t about real or unreal, true or false; it either is or isn’t.”

Love is a unique and powerful emotion that defies labels. It’s either present or absent, transcending the concepts of reality or falseness.

  • “If it’s real, love will endure.”

True love doesn’t have an end; it lasts and endures everything that comes its way.

  • “You can’t make someone love you; genuine love comes from the heart.”

True love isn’t something that can be compelled; it arises naturally from the heart and is pure.

Quotes On Fake Love For Him

  • “Once I am doubtful of his intentions, I won’t trust his words and actions.”

If you seem to doubt his intentions, you have got to let go of him.

  • “It always hurts when you assume him to love you unconditionally, and you end up realizing that he has only used you.”

Being used can be traumatic. Hence, observe well and spot the red flags before getting involved.

  • “I used to think that he was for me, and now it seems I was living in an illusion.”

When everything you ever dreamt of having with your loved one ended up in no time, it leaves you heartbroken.

  • “If a relationship isn’t working, it’s best to part ways without causing pain to someone who believes in you.”

When a relationship isn’t functioning well, ending it is often kinder than staying and hurting someone’s trust in you.

  • “He is never too busy; he just doesn’t prioritize you enough.”

When they are not actually too occupied with other things, instead, they simply don’t consider you as important or don’t make you a priority in their life.

Quotes On Fake Love For Her

  • “I never knew she could hide so much of falsity behind that beautiful smile.”

It shatters your heart after realizing that your assumption about her being the most genuine woman went wrong.

  • “All this while, her love was fake; however, the pain I have been feeling is real.”

It breaks you down when you get to know that your girl never loved you despite your overwhelming love and care.

  • “I don’t even hate her; it’s just that I ended up feeling disappointed.”

Fake and pretentious beings give you nothing except disappointment.

  • If it seems she’s playing you, she probably is.

If it appears that she’s deceiving or taking advantage of you, there’s a good chance that she really is doing so. Trust your instincts when you suspect someone’s insincerity.

  • “You’ve left me with painful fake promises; where are you going now, Miss Heartless?”

It is always sad and painful when people abandon the relationship after making empty promises.

  • “She said, ‘I love you’. I said it too. The only difference is, I didn’t lie to her.

It hurts when you are honest about your feelings, while the other person is not truthful about their love, and is faking it all the time.

Never Love Fake People Quotes

  • “Never delay distancing yourself from fake people.”
Distance yourself from fake love
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Why do you need to act responsibly? Because they tend to drain your energy.

  • “Learn to understand the difference between something regarded as gold and that which is gold-plated.”

Some people portray a personality that seems outstanding outwardly, but on the inside, they represent dishonesty and duplicity.

  • “A happy relationship relies on understanding and trust. If either is absent, love can sour into bitterness.”

The foundation of a joyful relationship is built upon mutual understanding and trust. When these elements are missing, love can deteriorate into disappointment and resentment.

  • “A fake smile is a tool of insincere individuals, employed to shatter the hearts of innocent people who come into their life.”

Insincere people use false smiles as a guise to harm those who trust them, especially those who are genuine.

Fake Love For Money Quotes

  • “Cheap hearts and souls are easily bought with money.”

In reality, you can lure someone with money quite easily, but would you want those temporary people in your life? No! right? So, steer away from these people.

  • “Fake love is mostly attached to money and power.”

Most people will try to bond with you by looking at how rich you are, besides your status.

  • “Love which is real, transgresses money and status.”

Loving someone without considering their status and money is precious enough to find.

  • “Money and deception can easily win hearts, but only honesty and love can earn you the affection of genuine people”

Valuable people need only sincerity and genuine affection and do not need dishonest means to have love.

  • “Choosing money instead of love will leave you spiritually impoverished.”

A materialistic approach takes us nowhere. When it comes to spirituality, emotional connections and love are important to proceed on this path.

Fake Relationship Quotes

It’s best to enlighten you about what a fake relationship looks like so that you don’t fall prey to fake people.

  • “In fake relationships, honesty and loyalty have no place to accommodate.”

Fake people are known to abhor honesty. They flee away from making commitments.

  • “Fake people tend to maintain an image in front of the world. Real ones always act real in front of everyone.”

Indeed, it is what fake individuals do. They try to portray a decent image just to be in everyone’s good books. However, their true colors show up sooner or later.

  • “I fell for the person you pretended to be.”

It is distressing when you fall for the pretentious personality, and it turns out to be something else.

  • “Fake lovers deserve to be cursed and punished.”

It’s nothing to feel bad about because karma will hit them someday.

  • “Fake relationships are merely a waste of time.”

Fake relationships are usually toxic, and there’s nothing good about it for real.

  • “I’d rather be alone than in a phony relationship.”

It is miserable and sad to be in a fake relationship. It’s better to stay single and choose solitude over being in a dishonest or insincere romantic connection.

  • “Invest your time in people who love you without conditions, not in those who only love you when it suits them.”

Focus on relationships with those who offer genuine, unconditional love, rather than conditional affection.

  • “People sometimes pretend to be something they’re not to appear attractive, so be careful.”

Stay away from people who pretend to be different to come across as more appealing.

  • “Either be truthful with me or keep your distance; it’s not difficult.”

This quote is for dishonest people. It emphasizes the importance of honesty in relationships.

  • “Cheating in a relationship has no justification.”

Infidelity in a romantic relationship is unacceptable and can’t be justified.

  • “One issue in modern relationships is people allow loneliness to lead them into the arms of someone they don’t genuinely love.”

Loneliness can sometimes push individuals into unfulfilling relationships with people they don’t truly love.

  • “I didn’t love the real you; I loved the person you pretended to be.”

It hurts to fall in love with the pretentious portrayal of the other person.

Infographic: 10 Fake Love Quotes That Hit Hard

It’s quite difficult to find true love in today’s world, and if you do, don’t break their heart. Meanwhile, be aware of people who are in a relationship with you for vile intentions. They might be all hearts and lovey-dovey, but don’t let their sweet-talking fool you.

10 fake love quotes that hit hard (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

When you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship, you must know how to deal with it tactfully. You must process the whole thing and try for open communication with your partner. The quotes mentioned above about “fake love” would help you voice your emotions effectively without sounding rude or victimized. You must remember that how someone treats you speaks more about their character than yours. These quotes should help you gain perspective and rebuild your self-esteem while helping you see the wrong from right and walk away from a toxic partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do fake love quotes reveal about relationships?

Fake love quotes give you an idea about whether your partner is interested in you or not. These quotes let you know that if they don’t seem to care about your interests, passions, and goals, then it might not be real love.

How do fake love quotes help people cope with heartbreak?

Fake love quotes help one realize the problems of trusting someone blindly and avoiding the red flags in their relationship. It helps you gain a better understanding of yourself, so you learn from your mistakes.

How do fake love quotes differ from quotes about unrequited love?

When one person loves another who doesn’t feel the same, that’s unrequited love. It’s all about having feelings for someone who doesn’t share them. Fake love is an artificial and feigned emotion and when someone acts like they care about you only to actually want something from you. Such insidious strategies are fallacious and treacherous, giving a misleading impression that can only result in suffering and grief. They don’t bother to learn anything about you and only look out for their own needs.

How do fake love quotes help recognize the difference between real and fake love?

If a person really loves someone they love freely and never expect anything in return. Fake love is when one partner acts like they love the other but only want something in return. Also, those who engage in fake love try to use untrue emotions or dishonest language to manipulate others, creating an illusory relationship that is delusive and manipulative. Real love lasts forever, but fake love only lasts until that partner wants something.

Key Takeaways

  • Love is a beautiful feeling but there are many who fake it for vested interests, such as money and fame.
  • Fake love quotes can help you identify it or overcome it if you have been cheated on.
  • These quotes can help you adequately voice and express the hurt you have experienced because of someone who faked love.

Feeling confused about what to do with your fake love and heartbreak? Watch this video for some fake love quotes that will help you through the sting of betrayal.

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