9 Signs That You Might Falling Out Of Love With Your Loved One

Keep an eye out for the signs that indicate your love might be fading away.

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Falling in love is a different experience from struggling to stay in love. Some signs let you know that you or your partner may be quietly falling out of love with each other. At the beginning of the relationship, the entire experience feels magical. But you slowly realize that it was just an attraction that is quickly fading away. This could be because you and your partner have nothing in common, are too busy, or simply aren’t attracted to each other anymore. Some more reasons can be the continuous negative interference of other people or the consequences of difficult situations that the couple has experienced. These can lead to a stiffening towards each other and a drastic drop in the attraction and desire to be together. Keep reading to explore the signs that the love you had for your partner is fading away.

9 Signs You Might Be Falling Out of Love

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1. You Are Apathetic To Your Partner

It does not mean you do not have any feelings for your partner, but there is something amiss. You do not want to initiate any conversation or express your feelings – even anger or jealousy. You stop caring about them and distance yourself from them emotionally. When we love someone, we deeply care about them. So, when indifference sets in, it is a sign that you are falling out of love with your partner.

2. You Stop Spending Time With Your Partner

You are no longer excited to spend time with them. A lack of interest and unwillingness to resolve conflicts can be few possible reasons for such behavior. Limited interaction and stonewalling are a couple of ways that you are avoiding your partner because you no longer feel affection for them.

The spark between you is dim, and it takes a lot of effort to communicate with each other. And, you usually end up disagreeing and fighting. So, you are disinterested in spending time with them.

3. You Are No Longer Attracted To Your Partner

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If there is no chemistry between you both, it is a sure shot sign that you are not in love with each other. It is important to feel attracted to your partner to keep the relationship alive. A lack of attraction points to the fading connection between you and your partner.

4. You Do Not Respect Your Partner

If you do not show respect to your partner, then the relationship will go downhill. It is important to have trust, love, and respect in a healthy relationship. Lack of respect is indicative of underlying trust issues and problems. Being overly critical of your partner is also a red flag.

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You could be falling out of love if you constantly compare your partner with someone else’s, wonder if you could’ve done better without them, or think you could have reached your full potential if you were with someone else.

5. You Do Not Miss Your Partner

Another giveaway of falling out of love is when you stop thinking about your partner as often as you used to. This shows that they are not on your mind and, hence, no longer so important. If you go about your day and do not have a desire to share it with your partner, it is a sign that you are falling out of love.

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Trying to exclude them from your future plans is another sign you are trying to cut them out of your long-term plans. In such cases, you adopt and prefer an ‘I’ mentality over a ‘we’ mindset.

6. You Do Not Want To Work It Out

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Unwillingness to resolve conflicts is a red flag. It signals that you do not want to be in this relationship. Disagreements are part and parcel of any relationship. However, if you no longer want to solve the issue, it indicates that you no longer care about or love your partner.

7. You Are Turned Off By Your Partner

If spending time with your partner seems like a chore or a burden, it means that you are no longer invested in the relationship. Detachment is a big sign that the relationship is no longer of interest or of importance to you. If you have to put in too much effort to be around them, it is a sign that you are not interested in them and probably wish for a breakup. There are moments in every relationship when you are annoyed or irritated by your partner. However, if you are constantly triggered by even the tiniest things, it means you are falling out of love. Any sign of contempt for your partner does not bode well for a relationship.

8. You Do Not Communicate Genuinely With Your Partner

Lack of meaningful conversations is a sign that you may be falling out of love. You no longer invest your time, effort, or emotions into your relationship.

9.You Pretend Around Your Partner

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It is important to be your genuine and authentic self with your partner. If you have to pretend or go through the emotions in front of them, then the relationship is on shaky ground. Just staying together for the kids, convenience, familiarity, societal pressure, or being afraid of another heartbreak are some of the reasons people maintain a facade of a normal relationship.

It is natural to experience some of the above signs when you are in a relationship, but moving on is not the only solution. Keep reading to find out how to rekindle your relationship when you start noticing any of these signs.

What To Do When You Are Falling Out Of Love With Your Partner?

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  • Both the partners should be on the same page regarding getting back together. That willingness on both ends is important to fix a relationship.
  • Be open to each other’s feedback. Constantly staying in a state of anger, loneliness, depression or sadness is not going to be of any help. Open and authentic communication is absolutely essential for talking about your problems and finding solutions for them.
  •  Listen to each other and work on breaking the old toxic habits. When you have been in a relationship for a while, you start taking your partner for granted. It is important to break those toxic habits that are destroying your relationship and replace them with new, healthy habits.
  •  Be genuine – about your problems and about how much you love them. This is the only way to move forward with fixing any relationship.
  •  Do not make promises you can’t keep. Be realistic about the things you both can do to reignite your spark and fall back in love with each other.
  •  Prioritize each other and be emotionally available. When you are in a relationship, your partner must take precedence in your life.
  •  Spend quality time together. This could be as simple as making sure you have at least one meal a day together.
  •  Have meaningful conversations. Talk about the mundane as well as interesting parts of your day. This will help you connect with your partner daily.
  •  Communicate with honesty and transparency.
  •  Even when you disagree, be gracious and respect each other’s opinions. This will prevent any resentment on either side.
  •  Do new things (hobbies, activities, and dates) together to revive the spark.
  •  Start wooing each other. Go on dates and flirt with each other to rekindle your love.
  •  Be passionate and enjoy each other’s company.
  •  At any point during this process if you feel unauthentic or if the relationship feels forced, it’s time you rethink your relationship. Express your feelings to your partner and make a feasible decision together.

Infographic: Signs Your Relationship Is Unsalvageable

You may notice some of the above-mentioned signs in your bond. While you can always try some ways to keep your relationship from falling apart, you shouldn’t avoid certain dealbreakers. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the specific signs that may indicate that your relationship is beyond repair.

signs your relationship is unsalvageable (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Feelings and emotions are something that we do not have much control over. You cannot dictate whom you love or hate, and these things are mostly based on some intangible aspects beyond reason. So it does not come as a surprise if you fall out of love with someone you dearly wanted at an earlier point. For example, if you don’t enjoy spending time with your partner anymore or do not respect them, it could signify that love has left your relationship. Other signs that point toward you falling out of love are that you are turned off by your partner and are apathetic towards them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to fall out of love in a relationship?

While it is not normal, it may happen over time for a few couples. It is important to be able to discern whether it is just a temporary rough patch or you both have actually lost any common grounds altogether.

Is falling out of love a reason to break up?

It is difficult to sustain a relationship without love, trust, or respect. It is better to part ways and move on with good memories of together times than to linger on and add bitterness to your relationship.

Can love fade away and come back?

Yes, hectic schedules, major life changes, trying circumstances, and lack of quality time together can all lead to a temporary rough patch in your relationship. Healthy communication and the willingness to make it work is important to get things into the right perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • Subtle signs such as being apathetic with each other’s feelings and opinions and lack of respect can imply that you and your partner may be falling out of love with each other.
  • You can work out things by breaking the old toxic habits and finding solutions for the issues.
  • However, if you both feel unhappy in the relationship, it might be time to call it quits.
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Feeling distant, not wanting to talk, and avoiding physical contact with your partner? You may be falling out of love. Watch this video to identify the signs and realize your truth.

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