37 Best Family Reunion Games To Have A Memorable Time

These fun-filled gaming ideas make the time you spend with your family more joyful.

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Vacations are meant for reuniting with your loved ones. From cousins coming down from another city or state to visiting your grandparents, it is the time to create memories. And, this time, add a fun twist to these family gatherings with fun family reunion games. Whether you met for a family dinner or got together after years, these games will make the occasion extra special. It is natural to start thinking of games the moment the family reunion idea struck your mind.

A perfect family reunion is incomplete without some fun. To plan a fun night with some games, you need to include something that everyone in your family can enjoy and participate. That may not be as easy as it sounds. Therefore, we are here to help you with it. This article lists some fun games you can play with your family to make the reunion a memorable affair. Scroll down and check them out.

Best Family Reunion Game Ideas

1. Egg And Spoon Race

What You Need: Eggs and Spoons

One of the most popular games of them all, the egg and spoon race, is ideal for a big group of people. While it may get messy, it is definitely worth a try!

Start with each member choosing a partner and standing about 30 feet apart, facing each other. Then, all participants have to put spoons in their mouths. This is followed by the first player putting an egg on their spoon and running to their teammate standing across from them. They will then need to transfer the egg from their spoon onto their partner’s without letting it drop. After this, the other teammate has to run back to the other side with the spoon to win.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also add lemon to the spoon instead of an egg to make it a bit unique.

If you are up for a competition, you can also add a few obstacle courses in between and make the game a bit challenging.

2. Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Water and Balloons

This is a perfect family reunion game idea for a hot summer day. For this game, every player needs to pick a partner and stand 2 feet apart, facing each other. You have to start tossing the water balloon, and after each toss, you need to take a step backward. The team that throws the balloon to the fattest distance without letting it pop is the winner. You can make the game more competitive by awarding prizes to the winning team.

3. Scavenger Hunt

What You Need: Timer and Items to hide

As the name suggests, a scavenger hunt is about solving hints to reach a treasure or searching for specific items in the challenge to beat the other teams. You can either play as individuals or break into groups of two and solve the puzzles.

You can start by making a list of items from your house and designing clues for the players to find those items. Hide this stuff in the backyard, lawn, or the corners of your home. The first team or player to solve the clues and find the treasure will be the winner.

protip_icon Quick Tip
For scavenger hunt you can set parameters for kids that they have to stay within the eyesight of the house.

4. Ping Pong Toss

What You Need: Ping pong balls, 10 plastic cups, Water, and Permanent marker

This is one of the most famous carnival games for family reunions. You can begin by labeling cups with different value points – 1cup labeled #4, 2 cups with the #3, 3 cups with the #2, and 4 cups with #1.

Proceed by filling up plastic cups with water, wherein #1 cups have the least amount of water, #2 with comparatively more water, and so on until #4 has the most amount of water.

Place these cups in a triangular formation on one end of a large table or any other flat surface. Designate the spot across the table for each participant to throw the ball from.

The players need to try and bounce the ball off the table to land in one of the cups. Every participant gets 5 chances. Once the ball lands into the cup, they will get the number of points marked on it. They have to ensure that the ball lands inside the cups to gain points. At the end of 5 tosses, whoever has the highest number of accumulated points wins!

5. Bingo

Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Bingo sheet, Pencils, Small pieces of paper, A hat, and Prizes

Playing Bingo with your family never gets old. It is a highly flexible game, and the best part is that you don’t need a lot of running around and can rather be laid back while engaging in a fun and relaxing game.

You can customize the Bingo and play it using family names. Start by writing each participant’s name on a piece of paper and keep them inside the hat. Proceed by handing everyone the bingo sheet with a 12 square grid and asking them to fill it.

The game begins as soon as the squares on everyone’s grid are full. You can then pull one paper chit from the hat and call out the name.Put that name aside and repeat the process. You can use gifts and prizes to hand out to the winners making the game even better.

6. Burlap Potato Sack Race

What You Need: Potato sack

As the name suggests, it is a race that involves every player putting both legs into a sack and race each other. This game is even more fun when played with a big group of people divided into teams. Each player must hop to reach a marked point and back to the starting point, followed by tagging the next player in line. This is then repeated by the next person taking it forward to the course. The first person or team to reach the finish line will be the winner.

7. Tug Of War

What You Need: A long thick rope, Whistle, Children’s pool, and Ared flag (to mark the middle point)

One of the most excruciating yet fun games of all, the tug of war is a classic. You can keep it simple by competing with just a rope or make it even more exciting by introducing a children’s pool filled with soapy water right in the middle of the two teams.

Divide the family members into two groups and have them line up on either end of the rope. Blow the whistle once both teams have settled down respective positions. The battle will now begin where both teams will tug the rope, pulling the other team to their side. The team that pulls all the opposite team members to their side or whichever team tugs harder and doesn’t end up inside the pool wins!

8. Monopoly

Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Monopoly board game

There would hardly be anyone in this world who has not played Monopoly. This board game is the perfect way to enjoy nice and quiet family time indoors. However, don’t confuse it with being relaxing because it is highly competitive.

The game involves players starting with a bit of money divided equally amongst all. They take their turns across the board, followed by purchasing, renting, and selling their acquired properties in an attempt to become the richest. You come across several challenges along the way, such as going to jail. The game will end once everyone is bankrupt.

9. Kan-Jam

What You Need: Kan-Jam game set

This is a rather exciting and eventful game of frisbee. Player can participate in teams of 2, and they have to stand across the field next to a specific target, for instance, a trash can. The game starts with both you and your teammate taking turns throwing the frisbee onto the opposite target, while the other one helps you make it to the target with a swat of one hand.

If you swat the disc at once and hit the target, you will get 1 point; if you hit the target without any assistance, you score 2 points, and if your partner jams it into the target, you get 3. But, if you throw the disc and hit the slot at one go, you are an instant winner. The first team that scores 21 points wins.

10. Pictionary

What You Need: Pictionary game, Markers, Board, and Duster

From your youngest cousin to your oldest granny, Pictionary is loved and enjoyed by all ages. To play this game, divide the players into two teams, depending on the total number of people. Each player has to draw pictures on the board using the markers and have their teammates guess the word or phrase. Whichever team guesses correctly wins. You can then continue the game by switching players until you have exhausted all options. In the end, tally the total points acquired to know who won.

11. Never Have I Ever!

Never have I ever
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Shot glasses, Abig bowl, A drink, and A few pieces of paper

Get ready to reveal the wild secrets of your family! This game is best played with the adults and young adults of the family and can involve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of your choice.

Start by writing down a few questions on different pieces of paper, fold them into chits, and put them inside the bowl. These questions can be on the lines of, “Never Have I Ever been embarrassed in public,” “Never Have I Ever cried during a movie,” “Never Have I Ever stolen money from dad’s wallet,” and so on.

The players shall sit in a circle with shot glasses full of drink in their hands. Each player has to pick out a chit from the bowl. Every participant who has done whatever is said in the question has to take a shot. The game gets fun when people have a few shots and sometimes even get drunk!

12. Hot Lava

What You Need: Chairs, Couch, and Tables

If you and your family are into active indoor games that can be played right from the comfort of your living room, there is nothing better than Hot Lava. Even though this might get tiring, it can certainly be an exciting thing to do with the family.

Begin by marking the endpoints in your living room and have the players take their positions at the starting line. Now, as the name suggests, the floor is hot lava, so players aren’t allowed to step onto the floor but instead jump on from one couch, table, or chair onto the others around the room to get to the finish line.

Remember, any player who steps on the floor instantly loses. However, the player who stays away from the lava the longest and reaches the endpoint first wins!

13. Outdoor Giant Jenga

What You Need: Outdoor Giant Jenga game

We all love Jenga, don’t we? Well, a family reunion calls for a giant version of this classic. Enter: outdoor giant Jenga. Now, if you cannot buy a gigantic Jenga, all you need are a few DIY skills to create one yourself. It begins by building a tower, which you can do using the given instructions. Now, each member will start pulling out one block from either level of that tower and place it on the top, thereby completing their turn. The game will end once the tower falls.

14. Mad Libs

What You Need: Mad libs and Pencils or pens

Another party favorite, Mad Libs, is loved by almost everyone. It includes making up a story and leaving out blanks for specifying the types of words, such as verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Participants will have to fill in the blanks according to their choice with words from a list. Once all the blanks are filled, the players will read out the sentences aloud, and the first person to win 3 points will win the game.

15. Uno

Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Uno card game

Uno has bagged itself the title of the prime game night choice. The goal of this game is to be the first one to get out. It starts by dealing 7 cards to each member and flipping over the first card on the drawing stack. Then, each player should play a card that matches the symbol, number, or color of the stack’s top card. You have fun options like playing the wild card to change the color, reverse card to change the game’s direction, and block card to make the next player skip his/her chance. If you combine a few card decks, you can include as many members in the game as you want.

16. Minute to Win It

What You Need: Food/Balloons/Green Chili

This game involves giving your family members a task to complete in 60 seconds. You can play it individually or in teams of two. Whether it is stuffing snacks, popping balloons, naming the most number of children in the family, or even eating a bowl full of chilis, there are endless possibilities to get creative with tasks in this one.

17. Who Am I?

What You Need: Pieces of paper, Pens, and Hat or bowl

This is a highly interactive game that acts as an excellent icebreaker, especially if you have a family member who you haven’t met in a long time.It is a guessing game where you can use a person’s characteristics and traits to help others guess the said person’s name.

You can start the game by placing each family member’s name in a hat or bowl.Each player must then draw out the name and tape it on another member’s forehead in a way that they don’t get to see it. Now, this member with the sticker will go across the room asking questions to others to correctly guess that particular family member’s identity. These questions can be on the lines of, “How many sisters do I have?”“Do I have grandchildren?” or “Do I like wearing formals?”

18. Charades

What You Need: Hats, Small strips of paper, and Pens

This is one of the most funny family reunion games that focus on team building, and you can play it with a large group of people. Begin by dividing the group into teams, giving each team one hat, 5 strips of paper per person, and a few pens or pencils.

Now, team members can write down some words, phrases, movies, or book names for the others to guess and place them in their hats. Then, each team will swap their hats, and players will take turns taking out the chits. They will then act them out to their team and make them guess correctly.

The main rule to remember is that actors cannot spell out the words and talk to the other members. After a few rounds, the team with the most right guesses will win the game.

19. Family Jigsaw Puzzle

Family jigsaw puzzle
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: A 200-500 pieces jigsaw puzzle

A family jigsaw puzzle is a fun reunion game that fosters abundant love and affection between all. The fun banter, relaxed conversations, and experiences shared set the mood and the vibe gets all joyful.

The jigsaw puzzle typically has a large image based on a particular theme that has been divided into many small, interlocking pieces. Start by setting the puzzle on the floor or table and sit together to assemble the pieces one by one to recreate the original image.
Additionally, you can even get customized jigsaw puzzles by getting a family photo designed into puzzle pieces. This will add a more personalized touch to the game!

20. Baby Picture Contest

What You Need: Large frames with baby pictures, A bulletin board, Pins, and A marker

This light-hearted and cute game will bring all the members together and make them relive their childhoods. The game creates a sense of nostalgia and connection among the participants who laugh, guess, and enact on the go!

The rule is that everyone must bring a baby picture frame with their names and numbers labeled on the back. Every participant gets a different picture, which they pin onto a bulletin board and let the other family members guess who that baby is. The one who guesses the most correct answer is the winner.

21. Hula Hoop Relay Race

What You Need: A few hoola hoops and A timer

Add a fun twist to traditional relay races. This is an inclusive and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Divide the family members into teams of two. Assign a start and finish line and set the timer. The idea is, that the first player has to spin the hula hoop around their arm and then pass it on to the next player who will finish the race. The team that completes the race successfully with minimal falls and in the shortest time wins!

It will be a sight of laughter and fun to see the participants struggle with hoops and manage to reach the endpoint.

22. Ice Cream Eating Contest

What You Need: A table, Different ice cream cups, Toppings, Spoons, and A timer

Ice cream eating contest is one the best games that tops the family reunion activities list. This is perfect for the summers and ensures long-lasting fun and a sweet treat together as a family. This one is a great way to create forever memories and spread some laughs.
Lay down a table with different ice cream cups along with toppings. The players have to spread over the toppings and eat the ice cream as soon as the timer starts. The one who finishes the cup faster wins the game. And the prize – some more ice cream for the day!

23. Ludo

Ludo board game
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Ludo board game

Ludo is a classic board game that has been played and enjoyed for a long time. Playing it with the family would definitely provide you with hours of joy and entertainment.

Players have to roll out the dice in turns and get 6 to start their games and move their tokens from the house to the tracks. The four players have different colored houses assigned and they need to get all their tokens to enter the home. Players have to roll the dice to keep their tokens moving along the track.

The game involves a lot of capturing and striking the tokens back if the number clashes. The one who gets all their tokens moved to the home square first wins the game. Remember, it is all the luck, wit, and strategy to pass through the capturing and seamlessly win the game!

24. Word Scramble

What You Need: Word scrambles, Sheets, Pens, and A timer

Get your minds at work with this word scramble game! This one is a fantastic family activity that puts your vocabulary and problem-solving skills to the test.

Divide the family into teams. The organizer has to showcase a list of scrambled words which each team has to decode within 1-2 minutes as per the timer setup. The participants have to jot down the unscrambled words on the sheet. The team that identifies the most number of correct words wins the game. Follow this with a few more rounds for the ultimate fun!

25. Poker

What You Need: A deck of playing cards and A set of playing chips

Put on your poker faces and misguide everyone around as you don’t want to reveal what you have in hand! Everyone deals with 2 cards face-down, followed by a round of betting. The player deals 3 cards on the board, continued by more betting. The dealer deals a 4th card and a 5th card further with subsequent betting. The player who can make the best 5-card hand between their 2 cards and the 5 on the table wins the game. This one ensures guaranteed family fun!

26. Four Corners

What You Need: Just a spacious room

This one is an exciting game for families and involves a lot of luck, a sneaky attitude, loads of wit, and a hell lot of fun!

Divide the members into teams of four with an extra person to stand in the center. The four players have to replace their positions with each other without getting seen by the person in the center. The moment the person standing in the center sees an empty corner with the player trying to switch places, they can occupy the empty corner. This can go on for hours and give a massive rush of teamwork and strategy!

27. Song Roulette

Song roulette
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Karaoke setup, Paper chits, Pen, and A bowl

A family that sings together stays together! This one is an innovative way to rekindle family bonds and enjoy a gala time together!

Divide the family members into teams. Set up the karaoke settings and provide mics to the teams. Ask all the family members to write down a song in paper chits, fold them, and put the chits into the bowl. Ask the teams to pick a chit out of the bowl and sing that song. Encourage them with cheerful motivation and clapping to set a happy mood!

28. Two Truths And One Lie

What You Need: A comfortable seating space

Wear your Sherlock Holmes masks and unveil the truths and lies! This fun game calls for collective participation and a lot of storytelling to nurture familial bonds. It works largely on the basis of creativity and convincing power to conceal the lie between the two truths and make it difficult yet interesting to get that announced!

Choose a person to go first. They have to make three statements about them, of which one is a lie and the rest two are truths. After this, the other members get one chance to identify which one is a false statement. The person who gives the correct answer wins the game, continued by other players in the same way. If no one is able to guess the right answer, the player reveals it and even shares the back story!

29. Guess That Tune

What You Need: A smartphone, A buzzer, A sheet, and A pen

This musical game is much like song trivia, and is an excellent way to test the knowledge of songs and artists while enjoying some friendly competition with family members.

You may divide the family members into teams or they can play individually. Start by playing a tune on your smartphone. Let it play for a few seconds. The one who wishes to answer has to press the buzzer and sing the correct song. Every correct answer gets one point. After multiple rounds, the one with maximum points is declared the final winner and rewarded accordingly.

30. Would You Rather

What You Need: A spacious seating space

This versatile game is enjoyed by people of all ages and includes a lot of engagement and discussion. The game invites a lot of counterpoints and makes everyone know each other a lot better on different levels.

Sit in a close-knit circle. The host starts by asking the first family member a question that begins with “Would you rather…” followed by two different scenarios. The participant has to choose only one option. They can either stop at choosing the options or explain their point of view (or the interesting backstory behind that choice). The host may continue asking questions to the next family member or the first participant may ask a question to the person sitting next to them, and so on.

The funny and witty replies would echo the room with amusement and joy and may even spark some interesting conversations.

31. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: Some chairs and Music speakers

This one is a widely-played and well-known family game that exudes extreme fun and light competition as well! This game will boost the spirits of the reunion and spread excitement all around.

Arrange the chairs in a circle with the seats facing outward. Ensure there is one less chair than the total number of players. For example, if you have 7 players, use 6 chairs. Play a fun song and let the players walk around the chairs freely. After 40-50 seconds, turn the music off. Those who manage to grab their seats will continue playing and the one who couldn’t get eliminated. Repeat this by reducing the number of chairs to get the winner as the last person remaining.

32. No Hands Watermelon Eating Challenge

What You Need: A table and Ripe watermelon slices

Messy eating, loads of laughter, massive participation, and wholesome time together! This “No Hands Watermelon Eating Challenge” is a complete package in itself! It’s a great game to binge on a delicious summer treat while cherishing a playful twist.

Lay down a wide table with multiple watermelon slices on it. The participants have to eat and finish the pieces without touching them with their hands. The first person who finishes the slice wins the game.

Capture some photos and record videos to relive these family moments in the future.

33. Family Talent Hunt

What You Need: A large space, Music speakers, and Fun props

Unleash the doors of creativity to let talent and innovation flow. A family talent hunt show would be an amazing reunion activity that would foster creativity and make the bonds stronger than before.

Pre-decide a few themes or categories such as dance off, sing your heart out, mimic anyone, and more. Get all the family members involved in different activities and see how they recognize their talents and display them amongst everybody. Assign various awards like – the best-dressed person, smile of the day, the center of attraction, etc.

The family bonding activity is a beautiful way to spend quality time with each other and create memories that will be cherished for a long time.

34. Decorate The Cake

What You Need: Small unfrosted cakes (or cupcakes), Frosting, Sprinkles and toppings, and Food colors

This food-themed game is going to have everyone unleash their creativity as they decorate their cakes. Divide the family members into teams and hand them an unfrosted cake or cupcake, wherever you are using. Set the timer and let them decorate the cake with frosting and toppings they want. Whoever decorates the best cake within the given time, wins! And everyone gets to enjoy the cakes they decorated.

35. Art And Craft Show

Art and craft show
Image: Shutterstock

What You Need: A lot of different art and craft supplies

Hosting an “Art and Craft Show” is an engaging way for family members to showcase their hidden talents and gather praise for their artistic expressions. This is an inclusive activity that allows everyone to enhance their diverse skills.

Decide a theme and let the participants create their own art and craft projects within a given time. Collect all the pieces and arrange a show for everyone to see the masterpieces. Let everyone vote for the best one.

36. Truth And Dare

What You Need: Two separate containers with truth and dare questions written in paper chits, and An empty bottle

Why stick to conventional truth and dare and introduce a new familial twist in the game? The game opens space for cute discussions, storytelling, and light-hearted challenges.

Write down a few questions for truth and dare in paper chits and put them in separate containers. As usual, spin the bottle, and wherever it stops, ask the person to pick a chit from any of the containers marked – Truth or Dare. Ask them a question or give them a funny task to finish – either way, you will see what fun it unfolds.

37. Doodle With Noodles

What You Need: Boiled noodles or spaghetti pasta and Art supplies

This unique and never-heard-before game can surely gather all the smiles and fun at a family reunion. Who knew that noodles not only tasted good but even could make a fun game out of it?

Start by dividing the members into teams and providing them with art supplies. Assign different themes to each team. The teams have to use the noddles and art supplies to craft a beautiful piece. Whoever creates the best noodle art within the given time wins the game. The game would foster togetherness and make everybody unravel their creative sides!

Now that you know about the best family reunion games, it might be time to get out and give these a try. You can customize these games and contests by adding your own set of rules, making it all the more competitive. In fact, boost the teams’ morale by setting up a few prizes for the winners of each game and have a family reunion that will be unforgettable!

M Munir Ahmed, a blogger, shares his experience of having a family outdoor session with games and lots of quality time. He says, “Interacting with relatives/friends/family members/new people give us a chance to maintain a work/life balance. I will continue to have such kind of social gathering (i).”

Infographic: The 5 Best Family Reunion Games To Have Amazing Fun

Be it a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, every occasion calls for celebration. And what better way to celebrate than inviting family members to join in? Such family gatherings can help you all get closer and strengthen your relationships. So, if you are looking for some family reunion ideas to add fun to these family reunions, check out the infographic below that lists some exciting games.

the 5 best family reunion games to have amazing fun (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

In today’s fast-paced world, it is seldom that family members can gather together in one place and enjoy some bonding time together. Therefore, making the most of your time with your loved ones becomes important. One good way of keeping everyone involved and engaged is to introduce family reunion games that people of all ages can play. For instance, organizing games like Tug of War, Floor is Lava, and Potato Sack Race are great options to take the celebrations outdoors. Monopoly, Bingo, and Uno are great options for those who prefer indoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular family game?

Monopoly is one of the most popular family games. Other games like Uno, Pictionary, Bingo, and Charades are also fairly popular.

How do you make a family reunion special?

You can make a reunion special by playing fun games, preparing yummy snacks and refreshments, including light entertainment, decorating the venue with old photographs, sharing old stories, or doing fun activities like fishing or cooking together.

Key Takeaways

  • Family reunion games are best to add extra fun to your get-together and create wonderful and lasting memories.
  • Games like a scavenger hunt, ping pong toss, bingo, and charades can elicit laughter and bring everyone closer.
  • You can make your own rules as per your traditions to customize the games and make them more exciting.

Spend some quality time with your family. Check this video for 6 super fun reunion games to fill your family time with love and laughter!

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