Your Ultimate Guide To A Moving Father Of The Bride Speech

Bring your daughters to tears as you let her know just how much you love her.

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According to tradition, the bride’s father delivers the first speech at the wedding reception. Thus, the ‘father of the bride’ speech sets the tone for the evening and is one of the most anticipated events of the evening. As the bride’s dad, it is your responsibility to formulate a well-rounded speech that speaks volumes about your love for her and conveys your good wishes for the couple. To help you write the perfect speech, we have compiled a list of things to mention and avoid, with some examples. Keep scrolling!

Father Of The Bride Speech Template

1. Introduce Yourself And Welcome The Guests

Most people in the room will know who you are, especially if you walked the bride down the aisle, but it is worth a quick introduction. You can start with a joke to break the ice. However, you don’t need to thank all the guests; it is the groom’s job. It will suffice to convey your gratitude in a sentence or two.

protip_icon Quick Tip
If yours is not the first speech of the event, you need not welcome the guests. You can skip it and introduce yourself.

2. Reminisce Stories From The Bride’s Childhood

Father and daughter enjoying a lovely camping trip in the woods.
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As a father, delivering a heartfelt father-of-the-bride speech is not only a special moment among celebrations on the wedding day but also a way of showing support and expressing gratitude for the journey of fatherhood.

It is your daughter’s day. So, she should also dominate your speech. Think about some fond memories from her childhood that reflect her personality today. For example, she was sensitive and caring as a child and has grown into a kind-hearted individual. Yes, you can roast her, but avoid tales that can be too embarrassing for her.

3. Praise Your Daughter

Building on the memories from the golden days of her childhood, you can elaborate on how she has always and still makes you proud. The wedding reception is not the time to hold back your admiration for your daughter but shower her with all the love and praises that she can handle. You can expect a tear or two; keep tissues handy!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Many people present at the wedding may not know your daughter personally. So, it is important to praise your daughter’s qualities and mention a few cherished memories you share with her.

4. Acknowledge Your Daughter’s Spouse

The father acknowledges his daughter's spouse.
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The father of the bride speech is the ideal occasion to welcome your son-in-law to the family. If you know them well, focus on the positive aspects of their personality. If you are not too close to your daughter’s new spouse yet, you can base your speech on how your daughter feels about them.

5. Add A Funny Story About The Couple

At this point, you can include a humorous story about the couple. It could be a funny take on how they met or your first meeting with your daughter’s spouse. Remember not to make it too uncomfortable or humiliating for the newlyweds.

6. Thank Bride’s Mother And New In-Laws

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It is a good practice to include the bride’s mother and in-laws in your speech. You can thank the mother for playing an important role in raising a daughter who makes you so proud. Thank the in-laws for being a part of the wedding and welcome them to the family.

7. Sprinkle Some Parting Wisdom

It doesn’t matter if you are married, divorced, or happily single. As the eldest of the speakers, you may include some wisdom and marital advice for the newlyweds. It could be about maintaining a healthy marriage or living a happy life. It is the ultimate moment for dad talk, so enjoy it to the hilt.

If you are somewhat au fait with public speeches, take cues from the above template and formulate your piece. Otherwise, head to the next section for some engaging and well-structured father of the bride speeches.

Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

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  • Traditional Speech

“Hi, I am (your name), (bride’s name) father, and waiting for this moment is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. Although it is overwhelming to give my daughter away, knowing that she is marrying a great man is reassuring.

(Bride’s name) has always found good qualities in everyone. Even as a little girl, her compassion blew me away. From the time she was old enough to go to school, (bride’s name) made friends with every person in her class. It didn’t matter if someone was popular or too quiet; she found the best in every classmate.

Since she has always had that quality, it didn’t surprise me when she became a nurse. She took pride in how she could help people and save their lives. But she worked more for her patients than herself. So, I always wished she would find a husband who could help her pay attention to herself.

When I introduced (groom’s name) to (bride’s name), he had just started working for my company. I found him just as warm-hearted as her. He also had a great work ethic and a sense of determination. So even though (bride’s name) was appalled that I, her father, had set her up on a date, I think she can thank me for it now. After all, I am the perfect matchmaker!

(Bride’s name), although I have been nervous about letting you go, I could not be happier for my little girl. I have watched you go through school, around-the-clock internships, and emotional turmoil, and now I know it was all worth it. I only wish the best for both of you, and I know you will have a beautiful marriage that will never once waiver.

(Groom’s name), I am confident that you will take care of my daughter. You have been a dear friend and co-worker for years now. Thank you for treating my daughter like gold. I know in my heart that he is her perfect match, regardless of what happens later in life.

For this reason, I would like to make a toast. (bride and groom’s names), may the future bring you happiness, wisdom, and children so I can be a grandfather! But in all seriousness, I give you my wholehearted blessing, and I know you two will last a lifetime. I am so happy that this day has finally come.

Congratulations, (bride and groom’s names)!”

  • Short Speech

“As (bride’s name) proud father, it is my honor to give the first speech. I am a little anxious today, so please bear with me.

What a magnificent venue (bride and groom’s name) have chosen today. It was impossible to get her out of her Cinderella dress as a kid, so it is a dream come true for her to marry at this beautiful castle today.

(Bride’s name) will always be my princess, but I am grateful she found her prince charming. The bravery with which he handles her demands for chicken nuggets at 1 A.M. and his polite acceptance of all her Amazon deliveries at his work told me he was the one! And thankfully, (bride’s name) realized it too!

(Groom’s name), welcome to the family. You are joining a large, loving, and loyal family. I am not losing a daughter, but instead, I am gaining a brawny son-in-law who will clean my car and cut my grass when I get older.

I don’t want to embarrass my daughter any further — it is reserved for the dance floor — so please raise a glass with me to the new Mr and Mrs!”

  • Funny Speech

“Welcome, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us on this incredibly happy day as I walked my daughter down the aisle.

When (groom’s name) asked permission to marry (bride’s name), I went to his local police station to carry out some background checks and asked if he was well-behaved. And the sergeant was very reassuring. Apparently, he never bothered them whenever he spent the night there. Of course, I am joking, (groom’s name) is a great man, and (bride’s name) makes a beautiful bride, and I wish them every happiness for the future.

Marriage is an important commitment, and I was looking forward to the day (bride’s name) finds the person who makes her happy. Marriage takes love, trust, and respect. It needs patience and compromise, and I should know; I have been patiently compromising for years! Still, if they are any bit as happy as my wife and I, they will be very happy. So, ladies and gentlemen, please be raise your glasses for the bride and groom!”

In keeping with tradition, your speech should end with a toast. Just say a few short sentences congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them a happy life together. Then, ask everyone to stand with you and raise glasses to the couple. In the next section, we have listed some examples of wedding toasts.

How To End Father Of The Bride Speech

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  • Example 1

Please stand with me and raise your glass to toast the happy couple. (Bride’s name) has been the light of my life, and today I hand her over to (groom’s name). I know he will love and cherish her every bit as much as I do. Here is a toast to a happy and healthy life full of endless love and laughter!

  • Example 2

Please join me in a toast to (bride and groom’s name). (Groom’s name), you have become like a son to me, and I am entrusting (bride’s name) to you. Cherish every moment you have together. Let us all wish the happy couple a lifetime of joy!

  • Example 3

When (bride’s name) was only 13, she told me she wanted to marry (groom’s name). I watched them grow from carefree teenagers to loving and caring adults. Let us offer a toast to many years of wedded bliss!

  • Example 4

When (groom’s name) first showed up at our door, I couldn’t have known he would be the one to steal my baby’s heart. But here we are today, and I couldn’t be happier for them. Let us raise our glass to (bride and groom’s name) and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  • Example 5

Please join me as I raise my glass to the beautiful, kind, and loving couple. (Groom’s name), we welcome you to our family and look forward to many years of holiday dinners, family vacations, and late-night phone calls. Cheers to (bride and groom’s name)!

Naba Barkakati, a YouTube vlogger, shared the video of his speech at his daughter’s wedding. It was fun and entertaining, gaining a lot of laughs from the audience. He ended the speech on a sweet note, saying, “Take vacations every year and that should see you through a long and happy life. Before I close, may I propose a toast to the most important couple in the room… Ladies and gentlemen, Emily and Anran. May you both have a long and happy married life (i).” How sweet is that!

We understand you must be all jittery about the father of the speech. However, you must follow the dos and don’ts mentioned in the next section, and you will be set for a heart-warming speech.

Father Of The Bride Speech: Dos And Don’ts


  • Include a brilliant anecdote. Brainstorm with your wife and family members and fish out a gem from the best memories.
  • Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your speech repeatedly before a mirror or audience.
  • A simple and honest speech will be easy to remember and will feel more natural.
  • Speak slowly and allow time for laughs.
  • Use cue cards or a prompt, but don’t read your speech. Instead, just look at them for reference points.
  • You must hold on to your emotions during the speech. Otherwise, all that guests will be able to hear is some gibberish.
  • Cut out the clichéd jokes but be funny. Serve unique humor with funny takes on personal memories.
  • Speak about the love you have for your daughter, but also include some compliments for the groom. It’s his wedding, too!


  • Leave the big jokes to the best man and stick with short quips or one-liners.
  • Avoid anything too embarrassing. Now is not the time to discuss ex-boyfriends or crude and inside jokes.
  • You may not adore the groom much, but don’t include anything negative about him in the speech.
  • You may be a key element of the wedding, but it’s their show. Try not to steal the spotlight!
  • While you may be tempted to make a joke about how you lost your life saving on organizing the wedding, do not talk about money. It will only make guests uncomfortable.

Infographic: 4 Essential Sections In The Father Of The Bride Speech

Preparing a speech for your daughter’s wedding can be exciting and scary. You may be confused about what to include and what to pass off as an off-hand remark. Do not fret! As you take a deep dive into the ocean of memories with your loving daughter, here is a map to help you navigate the complete breakdown of your speech. Check out the infographic below to know more.

4 essential sections in the father of the bride speech (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you find the above suggestions useful and deliver a moving father of the bride speech that all will remember for years to come. However, if you get stuck, use a moment to clear your throat, take a sip of water or kiss your daughter. This pause might seem like a lifetime to you, but it will feel like a natural pause to your audience, giving you a much-needed breather. Take your time, don’t panic, and try to enjoy your moment of fame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to read a father of the bride speech?

Yes. It is alright to read a father of the bride speech if you aren’t confident about memorizing it. However, you should familiarize yourself with the script beforehand to some extent.

How long should a father of the bride speech last?

A father-of-the-bride speech should ideally be 6-8 minutes long, with 3 minutes being the lower and 10 being the upper threshold.

Who speaks first at weddings?

According to the formal order, the bride’s father should speak first at the wedding.

What are a few top tips for delivering a brilliant father-of-the-bride speech?

Writing a good father-of-the-bride speech is only one part of the effort; a perfect rendition requires practice. Reading it out loud will help you get the pronunciations and pauses right. You can also consider recording yourself to evaluate your performance and make the necessary changes. Make sure you are not cramming in the words. You do not have to memorize, but make sure that you are acquainted with the speech and that each word comes from the heart.

Where is the mother-of-the-bride when the father-of-the-bride gives his speech?

The mother-of-the-bride may choose to stand beside the father while he is giving the speech or be seated. Usually, if the mother is giving a speech following the father’s, she may choose to stand next to her partner. It is the personal choice of the mother-of-the-bride and the daughter to decide if she wants to give a speech or not.

Key Takeaways

  • It is a good idea to begin your speech with a quip to break the idea. However, stay away from embarrassing or elaborate jokes.
  • It will be a confidence-booster to memorize your speech instead of reading it from a cue card.
  • Focus on your daughter, praise her, and reminisce adorable stories from her childhood.
  • Keep the speech crisp and short, but don’t forget to mention the groom and the in-laws.
  • It’s OK if you need to take a pause. If emotions get in the way, just take a deep breath and keep going.
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Take a look at this heartwarming father-of-the-bride speech video that beautifully describes the relationship and the father’s emotions as he watches his daughter become a bride.

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