Fight White Hair With These 13 Yoga Poses

It's time to get on your yoga mat to slow down the appearance of silver locks.

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Aging gracefully is one thing, but premature graying of hair is a nightmare, especially for those still in their twenties. Given the genetic problems and not so healthy lifestyle, it is tough to prevent or treat. But, practicing yoga for white hair prevention can be a good idea. Besides, certain yoga asanas are also said to prevent hair fall, hair breakage, etc. All you need to do is include these yoga poses in your physical fitness regime and witness the results for yourself within a short span.

In this article, we have listed some of the best yoga poses to prevent and treat the above-mentioned hair issues, focusing on graying hair. Scroll down to check them all out in detail and get started on your journey to beautiful, healthy hair!

Why Does Hair Turn White?

Age plays a significant role in developing white hair. Melanin, the pigment responsible for our hair, skin, and eye color, is produced by melanocytes in the hair follicles. As we age, the melanocytes gradually produce lesser melanin. Eventually, the hair follicles lose their color entirely, resulting in white or gray hair.

Genetics also plays a significant role in this and may cause premature hair graying. Apart from this, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune diseases may also cause premature graying. Factors such as stress and smoking are also linked to premature graying (1).

While you cannot reverse gray hair, yoga may help slow down the risk of premature graying. Check out the next section for the different yoga asanas you can incorporate into your routine.

Poses In Yoga For White Hair Prevention

1. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Woman performing Ustrasana yoga for white hair prevention
Image: Shutterstock
  • Kneel down on the ground keeping your knees at least 6 inches apart.
  • Use both your hands to reach backwards and grab the right ankle with your right hand and left ankle with your left hand while looking towards the ceiling.
  • Keeping your thighs straight, push your abdomen in forward motion.
  • Hold this position for a few breaths, release your hands and return to the starting position.

If you are suffering from high or low blood pressure, migraine or any back and neck injury, avoid this asana.

2. Halasana (Plough Pose)

  • Lie down on the floor with your back and place your hands by your side, palms facing downwards.
  • Slowly lift your legs keeping it at a right angle to the floor, bend it backwards over your head such that your toes are touching the ground beyond your head and press your chin against your throat.
  • To retain this posture for long, support your back with your elbows on the ground.
  • Breathe normally as long as you hold this posture, return to your original position and repeat again.

3. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Woman performing Trikonasana yoga for white hair prevention
Image: Shutterstock
  • Stand with your legs about 3 feet apart.
  • Now raise both your hands keeping your hands in a straight line with your shoulders.
  • Bending towards the right side, touch the toes of your right leg with the fingers of your right hand. Alternatively, some yoga schools may also teach you to touch the toes of your right leg with the fingers of your left hand.
  • Raise the left hand towards the ceiling and look up towards your left hand.
  • Hold position for a minute.
  • Repeat the same with the left side.

4. Apanasana (Knees To Chest Pose)

  • Lie flat on the floor on a yoga mat.
  • Now fold legs at your knees and bring them close to your chest.
  • Hold your knee caps with both palms. As you hold knees with your palms, your fingers should be facing the feet.
  • Now inhale straightening your arms and taking legs away from you. As you exhale bring legs close to you.
  • Continue with this breathing and knee movement pattern for a minute or two as per your convenience.
  • When done, move legs away from your body and do a side twist with folded knees; once to your right and then to your left.
  • Then straighten your legs keeping hands by your side with palms facing downwards to do savasana. Keep your breathing normal.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Avoid Apanasana pose if you have any injury in your spine, neck, hips, and knees as it puts pressure on those areas.

5. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

  • Lie flat on the ground with your belly, legs kept together with toes pointing outwards and keeping hands on either side of your chest with palms facing the floor.
  • Pressing on both palms, raise your forehead and look upwards. Inhale allowing the weight to rest on your chest.
  • Extending your arms further, straighten your elbows and lift your chest and rest on your abdomen.
  • Maintain for some more time and exhale as you release from this posture.

6. Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

Adho Mukha Savasana for white hair
Image: Shutterstock
  • Sit on the fours with the knees and palms on the ground.
  • While exhaling, lift your knees off the floor and pull yourself backwards stretching your arms and supporting your legs on your toes.
  • Now pull your hips upwards towards the ceiling so that your body is in the shape of an inverted V and if required, support with palms and feet.
  • Let your head hang downwards and stretch your arms further.

7. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Woman performing Matsyasana yoga for white hair prevention
Image: Shutterstock
  • Lie down flat on the mat keeping hands beside your thighs with palms facing downwards.
  • Now slide hands beneath your buttocks.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your chest and head. Drop your head back and look at the wall behind you. Your buttocks should be on the floor.
  • Rest your torso on your elbows and the crown of your head.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds as per your comfort level.
  • To release from this posture. First, straighten your head carefully.

8. Pawanmuktasana(Wind Releasing Pose)

Constipation is also another reason for bad hair. This asana is meant to normalize your bowel movements. Easy to do, it is greatly helpful for your overall cardiovascular health too.

  • Lie flat on the ground with palms beside your thighs.
  • Now fold your right leg at the knees.
  • Clasp the knee with both your arms.
  • Life the leg and bring it close to your chest still clasping your knee with your hand.
  • Exhale to raise your head and shoulders and bring your nose close to the knee as much as possible.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat with your left legin the same way. You can also try with both legs.

The other asanas that will work positively for your hair are headstand and shoulder stand. Any asanas performed with head against gravity improve blood flow to the scalp that perks up hair and scalp health. Here are some pranayamas that will improve the condition of your hair and help in hair maintenance and retains its original color for longer years.

9. Rubbing Nails

  • Fold the fingers of both your palms and bring them together.
  • Rub the surface of fingernails of both hands vigorously leaving out the thumbs.
  • Practice this every day for at least three times.

This asana strengthens the nerves of your fingernails that are connected to your scalp; thereby rubbing them stimulates blood flow to prevent pre-mature graying of hair and increasing hair growth.

Other than these, there are also some pranayama techniques that stop your hair from getting grey before time.

10. Sukhasana

Woman performing Sukhasana yoga for white hair prevention
Image: Shutterstock
  • Keep a folded blanket on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you.
  • Fold both legs from your knees keeping your feet beneath the opposite knee and sit with your spine straight.
  • Keep your eyes open in this meditation pose and breathe normally for 5-10 minutes.

11. Kapalbhati (Fire Of Breath)

  • To do this breathing exercise, sit in padmasana with both legs crossed.
  • Exhale forcefully through your nose maintaining a rhythm.
  • The inhalation happens effortlessly in between your exhalation.
  • Start with 3 minutes and then gradually increase the time.

This asana increases blood flow to your scalp that prevents premature graying of hair.

12. Bhastrika Pranayama

  • Seated comfortably on a yoga mat in Padmasana or Vajrasana. Keep your hands on your knees. Breathe normally and feel relaxed.
  • Inhale deeply through your nostrils with full force till your lungs are filled with air.
  • Exhale forcefully through nostrils making a hissing sound till you have breathed out all the air emptying your lungs.
  • Remember that in Bhastrika Pranayama, your abdomen should not contract or blow up. Use your chest.
  • Repeat for another 10-15 times.

13. Bhramari Pranayama

  • Sit on a yoga mat or a soft blanket. Breathe and straighten your spine. Relax.
  • Breathe in deeply filling your lungs with enough air.
  • With both the thumbs, close your ears.
  • Close your eyes and using the middle fingers, press your eyes lightly.
  • Press either side of your forehead with the index fingers.
  • With the remaining fingers, press the sides of the bridge of your nose.
  • Exhale through your nose, making a humming sound while chanting OM mentally. Inhaling will happen automatically.
  • Perform this exercise either 11 or 21 times as per your comfort level.
protip_icon Trivia
The Sanskrit word “yoga” is a cognate of the English term “yoke,” which means to put together.

Infographic: 5 Must-Practice Yoga Poses For Prevention Of White Hair

The appearance of white hair as you age is normal. However, premature graying of hair is no less than a nightmare. Sadly, it has become a common occurrence today due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and excessive stress. If you are tired of coloring your premature white hair and finding ways to hide it, yoga can come to your rescue. Check out the infographic below for some effective yoga asanas that may help.

5 must practice yoga poses for prevention of white hair (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Yoga for white hair prevention is usually unheard of, but is there anything that mindfulness practices of yoga cannot do? Yoga poses, starting from AdhoMukhaSvanasana to Pranayama, help nourish your scalp and hair by improving blood circulation. Yoga poses involving placing the head against gravity will benefit the scalp and hair health. Surprisingly, even rubbing your fingernails strengthen the nerves that reach your scalp, and this will, in turn, increase blood flow to the scalp and help prevent premature hair graying. Some of these poses with proper nutrition and hydration can also help treat conditions like indigestion and constipation and even improve immune system, hormonal balance, and sleep quality, which also impact hair health. So, pick your yoga mats and stretch your body for luscious and healthy locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Balayam work on white hair?

It might. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Balayam can prevent hair fall or graying. However, there is no scientific research to substantiate this claim.

Does Sarvangasana work on white hair?

It might. Sarvangasana increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps in stress reduction, which may reduce the premature graying of hair.

Is Shirshasana good for white hair?

There is no evidence to prove the benefits of Shirshasana for white hair. However, proponents of yoga claim that this asana may stimulate hair growth, calm your mind, help in relaxation and establish a mind-body connection, and prevent premature graying of hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Yoga may prevent premature graying of hair.
  • Asanas such as camel pose, and fish pose may help improve circulation.
  • Rubbing nails will stimulate blood flow and may promote hair growth as the nerves in our fingernails are connected to our scalp.
  • Pawanmukta asana may help regulate your bowel movement since constipation is also related to premature graying.
Yoga For White Hair Prevention

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Learn how to manage hair fall, grey hair, migraines, and headaches at home with simple yoga techniques. Watch the video below to get rid of all your worries and stay healthy with yoga! Check it out now!


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  1. Sudden whitening of the hair: an historical fiction?
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