Fine Hair Vs. Thin Hair: What Is The Difference?

by Sucharita Mishra

Are you wondering if you have fine hair or thin hair? We understand. Both hair types are difficult to tell apart. But understanding the difference may help you better maintain your hair health. Here, we discuss how you can differentiate thin hair from fine hair and how you can style both to look your best. Keep reading. 

What Is The Difference Between Fine Hair And Thin Hair?

Thin Hair

Thin hair is all about density. An individual with thin hair will have comparatively more distance between two hair follicles. Their scalp will be more noticeable. Genetics is one major cause of thin hair.

Fine Hair

Individuals with fine hair have hair strands much smaller than other hair types. Fine hair lacks volume but has a smooth texture. Its smaller size makes it more prone to breakage. Fine hair is considered difficult to manage but easier to heat style.

It is easier to confuse fine hair with thin hair. Identifying your exact hair type is important.

How To Identify Your Hair Type?

Fine hair is generally smooth and silky but can be laid flat quite easily, covering the scalp. Thin hair, on the other hand, makes your scalp more visible. Observing your hair in the mirror should give you an idea.

Both hair types need a similar process of styling. The following tips can help style your hair better.

Tips To Style Fine Hair Or Thin Hair

  1. Both hair types require volume. You may use volumizing hair products to build volume. Use lightweight hair products to ensure they do not weigh your hair down.
  1. Avoid applying conditioner to your scalp. A conditioner may make your hair look oily after a few hours of washing.
  1. The key to making your fine or thin hair look good is to avoid weighing it down. However, product buildup in your hair or on your scalp may make this difficult. Use a good clarifying shampoo to wash away any impurities and buildup.
  1. Using rollers to make your fine or thin hair wavy might make your hair look more voluminous.
  1. Find a good dry shampoo for your hair. It is not recommended to wash fine or thin hair too often. Hence, dry shampoo helps.
  1. Do not brush your hair when wet as it may cause breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair when it is about 70% dry after showering.
  1. Avoid using shampoos with moisturizing ingredients as they may weigh your hair down. You may instead use a shampoo that cleans your hair and gives it volume.


Not only are fine hair and thin hair hard to tell apart, but they are hard to style as well. But the good news is that a deeper understanding of your hair type and a few changes to your routine can allow you to rock a beautiful hairstyle. We believe this article has helped you understand everything about fine hair and thin hair. Follow the tips mentioned and have a good hair day, every day.

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