20 Amazing Finger Wave Styles For Women To Try

Written by Anjali Sayee

Chic and classy, Finger Waves never disappoint! But they can be notoriously difficult to style. So, we are sharing the best finger wave styles to inspire you!

Many celebs, like Zendaya, Janelle Monae, and Rihanna, have stolen the spotlight on several occasions with the finger waves. These flawlessly sculpted waves are a part of African hairstyles and have been around since the late ‘40s to early ‘50s. Keep reading to explore 20 amazing ways you can style your hair in finger waves. Scroll down now and get waving!

20 Suave Finger Wave Styles You Will Love

1. Glossy Finger Waves

We’ve always associated good hair with shine. Flaunt your pixie locks with this amazing finger wave style that is uber glossy! Use a hair gel while doing this style to flatten the finger waves against your head completely.

2. Golden Finger Waves

kisscolors / Instagram

Who wouldn’t want their hair to look as golden as the sun? Ever since this finger wave style has come around, short-haired women all over the world are rejoicing.

3. ‘S’ Finger Waves

kisscolors / Instagram

The ’S’ finger wave style has a more laid-back, beachy vibe. While finger waves are more defined and pointed at their curves, this ‘S’ finger wave style is ruling with its soft curves.

4. Partial Finger Waves

_londoninn_ / Instagram

Adding a dash of finger waves to your regular hairstyles can jazz them up. It always gives your hair a faux undercut feel. Opt for this look if you want a sharp, sleek hairstyle.

5. Mild Finger Waves

parizvedellnyc / Instagram

If this is your first time trying finger waves, opt for this milder style. You can sport this look on long hair as well as a pixie cut.

6. Baby Finger Waves

_micah.itsme_ / Instagram

Styling baby hair is often a problem. That’s where finger waves come in! All you need is some oil or mousse and a comb. You can also use a toothbrush to style your baby bangs in finger waves.

7. Smooth Finger Waves

jc.makeup.artist / Instagram

Smooth criminal, indeed! While sharp finger waves add definition, smooth finger waves look more like the ocean. They look glossy and add joie de vivre to your hairstyle.

8. Hollywood Finger Waves

lilys_hairsalon / Instagram

Hollywood – the place where imagination comes to life! Let your imagination run wild with these stunning Hollywood waves. I’m sure you’ve seen many a celeb sporting this stunning hairstyle. It is red carpet-approved. What more could you want?

9. Flapper Finger Waves

eulavaldesph / Instagram

The ‘20s were big on finger waves and flapper hairdos. So, why not mix the two? It looks glamorous and works for any formal event. Fabulous!

10. Kinky Finger Waves

afrohaircom / Instagram

Kinky hair and waves go hand in hand. So, it’s no surprise that styling your kinky hair in some sculpted finger waves can take your hair look up a good few notches.

11. Shadow Root Finger Waves

shorthairxpress / Instagram

The shadow root is a new fad that has taken the world by storm. It looks extremely cool and suave. Accentuate it and take it to the next level with these stunning finger waves.

12. Tri-Finger Waves

weave_addictions / Instagram

Sometimes, two is too little, and four is just too much. So, opt for these tri-finger waves instead! You can switch the sizes of the waves to suit your style.

13. Undercut Finger Waves

gaynaleandco / Instagram

The undercut is a badass look! It looks edgy, cool, and seemingly impossible to outdo. You can take it a notch higher by adding some finger waves to the undercut. Talk about a badass hair look!

14. Soft Set Finger Waves

num1stylist / Instagram

Soft set finger waves look very beautiful. They are soft, so they don’t need to look too sculpted or be done with very small sections. Tease your hair before you do these finger waves to add height to your hairstyle.

15. Wine Finger Waves

salon_ollae / Instagram

Who doesn’t like a good glass of wine to relax at the end of the day? Take it to the next level with these stunning wine-colored finger waves. Don’t they look enticing? I can almost smell the wine in the air when looking at this style!

16. Ombre Finger Waves

locksbythalia / Instagram

Finger waves are a brilliant way to show off your new ombre. They accentuate the fading shades perfectly! If you have hair that is thicker at the bottom, opt for step finger waves.

17. Finger Waves Bangs

gigichroniclesnyc / Instagram

Why opt for normal bangs when you can take things up a notch with these stunning finger waves? Sculpt your hair in these waves depending on the length of your bangs. I’m sure you’ll catch everyone’s attention!

18. Side Finger Waves

icannyeartistry / Instagram

Sometimes, all you need is a little swag on the side to make you look even more stylish. That is where these stunning side finger waves come in. They add just the right amount of edge to your look.

19. Elegant Finger Waves

amydaymua / Instagram

Adding some big finger waves to your updo can dial the heat up perfectly. It also makes your hairstyle look super classy and graceful! You don’t just have to pair it with a low bun. You can also try out this look with a high bun to create a truly sophisticated style.

20. Finger Waves Sideburns

patrice_bowie / Instagram

Curly hair looks flawless. But whenever you style your curly hair, I’m sure the baby hair sticks out. This is one way to style your baby hair. Add definition to it by sculpting it in some stunning finger waves.

Finger waves styles are the best way to get a classy look. These are a part of African hairstyles. There are many ways to style finger waves. Glossy finger waves, golden finger waves, partial finger waves, mild finger waves, baby finger waves, smooth finger waves, Hollywood finger waves, flapper finger waves, kinky finger waves, shadow root finger waves, and undercut finger waves are a few ways to style finger waves. These finger waves are suitable for any hair type. Choose any finger waves to flaunt your style.

Key Takeaways

  • Chic and classy, finger waves are a part of African hairstyles and have been around since the late ‘40s to early ‘50s.
  • Sharp finger waves add definition, and smooth finger waves make a calmer and milder statement.
  • There are multiple ways to wear a finger waves hairstyle and it can be done on a variety of hair types.

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