30 Romantic Ideas To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Written by Harini Natarajan

Good times make you feel like the time has gone by really quickly. It may seem like just yesterday when you had the jitters of walking down the aisle to get married to the person of your dreams, and here you are– looking for ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary!

Did you know that the first anniversary is the ‘Paper Anniversary’ and the couple must give each other paper-based gifts? It symbolizes the blank pages on which you write the new chapter of your life. Like this tradition, there are just so many unique, quirky, innovative, and amazing anniversary ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Let’s check out some great ideas for this memorable occasion.

30 Romantic And Unique Things To Do On Your First Wedding Anniversary

If you have not been able to zero in on your plan for a romantic anniversary, check out the following romantic anniversary ideas you can use:

1. Time Travel

Take a walk down memory lane. From your dating or courting days to your wedding day – you have had a memorable journey together. Revisiting the old memories helps you realize how much you have grown in all these years.

How about booking a room or planning a date at the hotel you got married in? Or have dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date? This is a great way to treasure those precious memories one more time and spend a romantic first anniversary.

2. Savor Your Wedding Cake


It is a tradition to save (and freeze) the top tier of the wedding cake for the first anniversary. This tradition came from Great Britain and symbolized good luck and prosperity. If you have preserved the top tier of your wedding cake, nothing is as romantic as cutting it again on your first anniversary. Choose a romantic spot that has some lovely memories associated with you both and indulge!

3. Gift An Anniversary Journal

This is your first wedding anniversary, and there is a lifetime of them to come. Get your partner an anniversary journal as a keepsake gift to capture all your anniversary moments. This gift will capture the essence of your whole lives together and will have an emotional connect always.

4. Romantic Treasure Hunt

Set up a romantic treasure hunt for your partner using paper clues. All the clues can lead to a romantic location where you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful date. This is one of the many fun anniversary ideas you can choose to make your first anniversary memorable

5. Plan Your Second Honeymoon

Who said honeymoons are only for newlyweds? While you may take many trips together with your spouse, plan a second honeymoon to make your first wedding anniversary a really special one. It does not have to be the same place or as grand as your honeymoon, but it is good to make some lovely memories to kickstart your second year of marriage with a romantic trip.

6. Organize A Party


If you believe in celebrating your special day with your loved ones, organizing and hosting an anniversary party is sure going to tick a few boxes for you. It is a great occasion to bring out the sass and some cocktails. Theme parties work well for such occasions as all your loved ones can gather and have fun.

7. A Luxurious Night-In

If you think dressing up and painting the town red with your partner is not your thing, how about spending a luxurious night at home? At-home spa therapy with homemade scrubs, essential oils, some beautifully scented candles, sexy lingerie, peaceful music, and tasty food– the perfect romantic idea for celebrating the first anniversary.

8. Take A Cooking Class Together

If you and your partner like to learn and do things together, your first wedding anniversary may be a great time to take a cooking class together. Sign up, elevate your cooking skills and get set to don the chef’s hat at home– together!

9. Get Couple Tattoos

If you and your partner have been looking to get couple tattoos for a long, your first wedding anniversary may be a great time to do this! You can also surprise your partner and fix up the appointment to get your couple tattoos to make this day and your love eternal.

10. Book A Spa Date


Our daily routines consume us, and quite often, we spend more time working than spending it with our spouses. Make your first wedding anniversary special by booking a couple spa date. Unwind, rejuvenate and reconnect your souls while you enjoy some relaxing massages and spa treatments. This is one of the best ways to get away from work and pampering yourself. It can be followed by a long drive or a romantic dinner!

11. Go Camping!

If you and your partner are outdoorsy, your first wedding anniversary is a great time to plan a camping trip! Right from hiring a trailer, booking a cabin in the woods, or a luxurious campsite, there are so many options to make your first anniversary a romantic yet adventurous one!

12. A First-Anniversary Puzzle

If you and your partner love indoor games and puzzles, how about gifting them a wedding day puzzle. There are plenty of options to customize your puzzle that also makes for a frame-worthy picture later.

13. Set Sail

There is something uber-romantic about sailing. If you are looking to surprise or treat your partner to a romantic first-anniversary date, book a small boat and set up a wonderful evening date with your loved ones.

14. Anniversary Shoot


Photographs help us relive our most wonderful moments in life. Your first wedding anniversary is one such special day that needs to be captured for posterity. Gift your partner a first-anniversary photoshoot. Take them to all the places around town, recreate many of your past dates, and capture the moments. Romantic, right?

15. Plan A Road Trip

If you and your partner love road trips, take one on your first wedding anniversary. It could be a spontaneous one where you just hit the road and follow where it takes you or a planned one where you can have different experiences.

16. Plan A Wine Tasting Tour

Are you and your partner wine lovers? If yes, plan a trip to a wine county or vineyards like the Napa Valley. Enjoy a romantic time with your spouse surrounded by beautiful, mesmerizing vineyards sipping on wine–a drink that has often been associated with love and luxury.

17. Plan A Staycation

If you feel that a mini vacation is too mainstream, how about surprising your partner with a staycation. Book a luxury room in the chicest hotel in town, indulge in your favorite foods and drinks, and enjoy your privacy and the company of your spouse to make your first anniversary a sweet and memorable one.

18. Plan An Al-Fresco Dinner


Sleeping under the stars and talking with your partner is just textbook romantic, is it not? How about you take this a step further and plan an Al-Fresco dinner for your loved one! Arrange for all your favorite foods and bring them out to dine under the beautiful starry sky, and make your first wedding anniversary a magical one.

19. Luxurious Bed Breakfast

Begin your day by treating your partner to a luxurious breakfast in bed. Pancakes, waffles, French toast, fresh juice, and a piping hot cup of coffee– the perfect way to begin your first wedding anniversary celebrations. Want to make it more special? Follow it up with some action in bed!

20. Recreate Your First Date

Now that you are married and looking forward to your first wedding anniversary, do you remember the butterflies you had in your tummy when you went on your first date? Special moments, right? How about surprising your partner by recreating your first date as part of your anniversary celebrations and relive those tender loving moments again?

21. Treat Yourselves

Wedding expenses can be heavy on your pocket, but your first wedding anniversary is equally deserving. Couples can treat themselves by buying an expensive gadget, their first car, or home to mark their first wedding anniversary.

22. Adopt A Pet


If you and your partner are ready to take the next step in your relationship, adopting a pet on your first wedding anniversary is the best way to do so! Being a pet parent comes with great responsibility and is a big step for any couple. But, there is no cuter way to bring home a new member in the family!

23. Be A Plant Parent

If you and your partner love plants but are still looking for the perfect plants to bring home, take that step today! Surprise your partner by bringing home some wonderful indoor plants to spruce up your home. Fern and succulent terrariums, the lucky jade plant, bonsai, and other air-purifying plants are beautiful and are a great way to commemorate your first wedding anniversary.

24. Relive Your Wedding Night

This will certainly make your wedding night a memorable one for a lifetime. Book the same room in the same hotel you spent your wedding night at and surprise your partner with the keys to the room after your romantic dinner. This is a great way to make your wedding anniversary a memorable one.

25. Romantic Movie Night

If you and your spouse enjoy movies, keep your first wedding anniversary as simple as a movie night with your favorite food and a relaxing atmosphere. There is no better way to enjoy a memorable day like your wedding anniversary together at home doing what you both love!

26. Comedy Club


If you are looking for fun anniversary ideas, this one is for you! If you and your partner love stand-up comedy, surprise them with an evening of laughter by booking a show of their favorite comedian to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Lots of fun, laughter, and love will ensure you get some great action in bed to end the day.

27. Dancing Night

If you and your partner love to hit the dance floor, how about planning a dancing date night at the most popular dance floors in your city, followed by a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant is a peppy and fun way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

28. Take A Romantic Bath Together

There is something very romantic and sensual about taking a bath with your spouse. Set up some candles, dim the lights and prepare a bubble bath, and ready your favorite drink to spend a wonderful time with your spouse in the bath! This is one of the most romantic things to do for the anniversary. It is relaxing, rejuvenating, and helps you have some beautiful conversations with your better half on this memorable day.

29. Name A Star After Your Partner

Show your partner that they mean not just the world but the universe to you by naming a star after them as a gift on your first wedding anniversary. All you need to do is sign up on one of the many portals offering this service and get a star named after your partner, and get the certificate framed to gift your partner.

30. Find That ‘Wow-ing’ Gift


If you want to make your first wedding anniversary romantic and a special one, gifting is an important part of the plan. Here are some memorable gifts to give your loved one on the occasion of your first wedding anniversary:

  • A Message In A Bottle: Keeping up with the tradition of gifting your spouse a paper-based gift for your first anniversary, write down the sweetest message for them and roll it up in a bottle. This is a romantic, sweet, and keepsake gift to make your anniversary a memorable one.
  • Favorite Place Clock: Every couple has a special place where they frequent or wish to holiday in. Make this place a memorable one by getting a photo of it customized on a wall clock!
  • A Fancy Piece Of Jewelry: If your partner loves jewelry, splurging on getting them a show stopper piece to commemorate your first wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to show how important they are to you.
  • Smartwatch: A smartwatch with advanced technological specifications like health apps, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth connectivity is a great gift for a partner who is a fitness enthusiast and makes for an apt first-anniversary wedding gift.
  • Cufflinks: If your partner likes to suit up often, gift them fancy cufflinks that are just right for their work meetings or a formal dinner. Want to add more? Well, match the cufflinks with a stylish watch!
  • Wedding Venue Illustration: Your wedding venue will always have a special place in your heart. An illustrated and framed wedding venue makes for a very sentimental surprise gift for your partner on your first wedding anniversary.
  • Get Your Naughty Game On: Do you and your partner like to play naughty games? Gift them a series of naughty games on your wedding anniversary and enjoy playing them together!
  • A Crate Full Of Love: Unable to choose what to gift your partner for your first wedding anniversary? How about a customized crate full of all that they love? Well, keep this a surprise and see their eyes light up when you gift them.
  • Personalized Bar Set: If you and your partner love bar accessories and are always collecting them when you travel, getting them a personalized bar set and accessories. This is a great way to commemorate your first wedding anniversary.

Wrapping It Up

There are tons of anniversary ideas to make your first wedding anniversary a special and memorable one. A great way to make it special for your spouse is by understanding what they are looking to do on this special day. While surprises make the day exciting and thrilling, planning your anniversary together is equally fun. Take ideas from the activities we discussed in the article and make your day memorable.

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