Fitness Facts – Shilpa Shetty’s Secret Behind That Brilliant Body

Fitness Facts – Shilpa Shetty’s Secret Behind That Brilliant Body October 27, 2017

Fitness is the latest of obsessions! Not just with the celebrities but also us regular people. It is a noted fact that when we speak of fit celebrities, the first name that comes to our is that of Shilpa Shetty!


Well obviously! A body like her is something we all would crave for! She isn’t among the youngest of our stars but she is definitely one of the hottest. How does she pull this wondrous feat off? I am sure you are all wondering what these remarkable Shilpa Shetty fitness secrets are too?

Fortunately for us, Shilpa Shetty doesnt hestiate from sharing her secrets and routine behind maintain such a brilliantly toned body despite the age and a baby.

Here it goes.

Shilpa Shetty Fitness Tips:

Shilpa’s philospphy is something we simply love! She says that work outs aren’t to look good but to feel good. Looking good is just an extension of the benefits. A balance always has to be struck between mental and physical health to be fit at all times.
Her routine also seems to reflect this balance in totality. She combines Weight training with yoga and meditation to achieve this.

  • Weight training she believes is the key to keeping her body toned at all times. Light weights will help you achieve a fit look without getting too bulky she says.  Most women are lead to believe that weight training adds body mass and results in a more masculine look. She proves to us that the right amount of weights combined with the right regime is what is needed!
  • Yoga is the way to give your body the flexibility and agility that will complement the toned shape perfectly. Apart from that yoga is also a wonderful way to make sure that your entire system is well taken care off!
  • Meditate to give your mind the calm it needs for your body to stay healthy. A healthy mind is a healthy body after all.
  • Good and regular sleeping habits are also a key factor.
  • Dieting is one thing she doesn’t follow and which doesnt list in her fitness mantra.She believes a good diet that is balanced with regular eating habits is what the body needs and not starvation!

So there it is a healthy mind and body at the same time to look beautiful at times. And we can’t help but believe her for it is a known fact that is began yoga as a recommendation from her physiotherapist to recover from a neck problem.

But if your one of those people with too much to do in a day, then skip the elevators and take the stairs or start walking to places as replacement to keep some physical activity she advices. And never snack between meals, it only adds to calories or take to fizzy drinks. They won’t help in anyway. Of course, drink a lot of water. Keeps your system clean.

There you go! Get started with Shilpa Shetty’s fitness suggestions to stay fit and toned right away!