25 Unforgettable Flapper Hairstyles That Will Make You Wish It Was The ‘20s

Written by Anjali Sayee

Women carried feathered handbags, held long cigarettes, wore shimmery dresses, earned a salary, and danced away the night in the 1920s.

And along with that freedom came the glorious start of Flapper hairstyles!

These women who sported short shiny dresses and shorter edgier hair were called Flappers. They went against the grain and depended on themselves instead of men. These flappers essentially started a feminist wave that still carries on today.

To make a living, flappers performed in clubs. A sure sign of a flapper was their short hair! In the 20s, most homely women sported long locks while the flappers flaunted their brave short tresses. If you want to let your fierce side loose, there is nothing quite like trying a glamorous flapper hairstyle. Keep reading to check out how you can achieve this flawless wavy finger curl hairstyle!

How To Get The Perfect Flapper Finger Curls

What You Need
  • Curling iron
  • Hair mousse
  • Comb
  • Hair clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic bands
  • Hairspray
How To Do
  1. Wash your hair and let it air-dry for a bit. You can also use a blow dryer, but use it on a low setting because your hair needs to be damp.
  2. Apply some mousse and comb it through your hair so that it seeps in thoroughly.
  3. Part your hair on one side.
  4. Divide your hair into two sections: top and bottom. Clip up the top section of hair.
  5. Braid the bottom section of hair into a low center braid. Wrap this braid and pin it at the back of your head to keep it flat.
  6. Unclip the top section of hair. Clip up the hair on the side of the parting that has less hair.
  7. On the side of the parting with more hair, curl your hair in small sections. To make it easier, you can divide this section into half and start with the lower section.
  8. Unclip the rest of the sections in the top section of hair and curl them in the same manner.
  9. Insert clips along the curl pattern of the front section of hair to add definition to the curls.
  10. Spritz on some hairspray to set the curls in place.
  11. If your hair is long, backcomb the ends a bit to lift them and make your hair look shorter. If needed, use bobby pins to fold and pin your hair underneath the curls.
  12. Remove the setting hair clips and spritz on a final touch of hairspray. Put on a bejeweled headband and flaunt your flapper look like a queen!

Retro hairstyles are often mistaken to be flapper hairstyles. Well, not anymore, because we’ve compiled the most stunning flapper hairstyles that you need to check out!

25 Unforgettable Flapper Hairstyles

1. The Daisy Buchanan

The Great Gatsby – a tale of love, desperation, and everything in between. The hairdo Carey Mulligan sports is one of the most common and sought-after flapper hairstyles. Just go for silky straight hair with bangs and layers in the front and top it off with a bejeweled headband. You’re flapperlicious now!

2. Ear-Length Bob

The ear-length bob is another flapper favorite. The ‘20s saw the rise of not only feminism but also angled bobs. The thick front fringe in this hairstyle helps in framing your face and defining specific facial features, like the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

3. Rolled-In Curls


This classic hairstyle is also called the faux curled bob. Curl your hair following the tutorial mentioned above. It’s the perfect flapper hairstyle for those long-haired ladies who don’t want to chop their tresses off.

4. Flowy Curls


Soft curls were the sophisticated flapper ‘do of the wealthy. In most Hollywood movies set in the ‘20s, you’d see the spoilt rich girl sporting this hairstyle. Christina Aguilera flaunts this hairstyle perfectly!

5. Inward Curl Bob


Curl your hair inwards with a curling iron to give yourself this fab ‘20s flapper look. The inward hair spirals will make your hair look thick and bouncy. Curl your bangs as well to nail the entire look.

6. Sophisticated Curls


This look was sported by those women who had a classy and suave sense of style. This curled hairdo is all about sophistication. It became a hit in the late ‘20s, gradually becoming the hairstyle most homemakers would choose.

7. Sculpted Curls


Big perfectly sculpted curls were a huge deal in the ‘20s. Christina Hendricks looks stunning in this vintage hairdo. It’s no wonder they choose her to star in Mad Men. To achieve this look, you’ll need to curl the lower half of your hair in big sections.

8. Headband Updo


Christina Hendricks bedazzled us once again with this lovely flapper hairstyle. Wrap your hair in a low side bun. Keep the bun messy to add to its appeal. Accessorize with an eccentric hat or a big hair clip to complete the flapper attire.

9. Chin-Length Bob

Chin-length bob with blunt baby bangs was a big hit with flappers. This hairstyle is great for framing your face. It is also perfect for streamlining a round face.

10. Silky Straight Bob


This the “It” hairstyle among flappers. While poker straight hair is a big hit now, it was silky straight bobs that wowed women back then. Style it with an over-the-top feather headband to let your inner flapper goddess out.

11. Rope Braid Headband


Rope braided headbands were a big trend among flappers. Paired with those perfect curls held in place with multiple pins, this flapper hairdo is to die for. If you have long hair and want to mimic this hairstyle, simply tuck your hair into the headband or tie it in a low bun.

12. Finger Waves

If you have short hair and want to achieve this flawless finger curls flapper hairdo, you don’t need to use a curling iron. I’ve found an alternative for you. Apply some mousse to your hair and divide your hair into small sections according to the size of curls you want. Take the first section of hair and place it over the round brush near the top. Blow dry this section while adding some pressure to the round brush to keep it in place. After a few seconds, move the brush lower and tuck the hair under it. Add pressure and blow dry your hair. Keep doing this while alternating between outward and inward curls to make your finger waves perfect.

13. Faux Curled-In Updo

This one’s for all the long-haired women out there. This hairstyle is really easy to achieve. Brush your hair and put on a headband around your crown. Start folding and tucking the top section of your hair within the headband, creating big twists as you go along. Wrap the lower half of your hair into a neat bun. Curl the loose strands in the front to add a romantic vibe to the look.

14. Soft Curled Ends

If you have short hair, you’re in for a heavenly hair ride. After all, the ‘20s was THE age for short hair. This is what flappers were about. Curl the ends of your hair and spritz on some hairspray. Wait for your curls to cool down before brushing them out gently.

15. Contrast Updos

The flapper age was a time when curls blossomed. This means if you have long hair and want a flapper look, you’ll have to curl your locks. You can opt for stunning updos like this one that showcase your naturally straight locks at the roots as well as your perfect curls at the ends.

16. The Feathered Barrette

As iconic as short curls were in the ‘20s, so was the feathered barrette. Every flapper sported them, and every woman who was obsessed with American culture had one. They look stunning, don’t they? Wouldn’t be a mistake to keep one handy!

17. Lifted Bangs

Lifted bangs have to be one of the classiest vintage hairstyles ever. Add lifted bangs to any hairstyle to transform it into a classic hairdo. You can achieve this look with a round brush, a blow dryer, and some hairspray.

18. Curled Bun

Curl your hair and divide it into multiple sections. Roll each section up towards your head to form a bun. Wrap the last section of hair around the bun and pin it underneath to secure the updo in place.

19. The Hairline Bob

Many flapper hairstyles are making a comeback. While all them might not work with today’s trends, this hairline bob sure does. Make sure your bangs are thick and cut above your eyebrows to complete the flapper visage.

20. Wave Curls

These wavy curls are flawless! Style your long hair in waves, but only halfway down. Use pins to keep the curls in place and spritz on loads of hairspray. Unclip the curls gently and brush them down. Voila! Your hair is magnifique!

21. Big Curls

This hairstyle is big on attitude. You can achieve this look with a mix of rollers and finger curls. I love the bright red lip shade that ties the whole look together. Total flapper vibes coming at you!

22. Perfect Finger Waves

This flapper style is definitely for those edgier souls out there. It is perfect for anyone who has a pixie cut. Pair this hair look with an all-black, lacy outfit to look like a badass night queen.

23. The Head Wrap

The boho headscarf is a style statement that will never fade. It’s perfect for bad hair days. In the ‘20s, women tied a head wrap around their finger waves when they went out in the sun. I’m glad this chic hair look is still around!

24. Bejeweled Headband

The bejeweled headband was such a big flapper style statement that it deserves its own spot on this list. You can pair it with a bob, a low bun, or long loose hair. Get ready to be transported to the ‘20s when flappers danced and jazz ruled!

25. The Classic Low Bun

A low bun paired with vintage side-swept bangs was one of the more laid-back yet stylish hairstyles that flappers flaunted. Curl your hair and wrap the ends in a loose bun. Instead of opting for crisp curls, go for a more brushed-down, wavy look. Finish off with side-swept bangs to complete the look.

There you have it, ladies! That was our rundown of the best flapper hairstyles out there. Which flapper look did you like best? And which event do you think would be best-suited to flaunt these looks? Let me know in the comments section below.

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