How To Choose An Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Type & Tips

Because the perfect face-framing brows can highlight and flatter your facial features.

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A right eyebrow shape can make you appear royal. It also helps to make your facial features prominent. However, before plucking your brows, you should know all about the different eyebrow shapes and which one might suit you. Everyone has their first-time story; you must have ended up plucking brows excessively or given them a dramatic arch. However, once you know about the shapes, you can flaunt your eyebrows in style. You would bwever, before plucking your brows, you should know all about the different eyebrow shape surprised to know that your face shape pwever, before plucking your brows, you should know all about the different eyebrow shaplays an important role in making your eyebrows appear elegant and vice versa. So, keep reading to know the eyebrow shape that suits your face shape the best. Scroll down!

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Disinfect: If you’re plucking or threading, apply some witch hazel or alcohol using a cotton ball to clean the area and avoid infections.
  • Lubricate: Apply facial oil to avoid breakage when plucking the hairs from the roots.
  • Tweezers: Choose a high-quality tweezer that provides proper grip, and is slanted and sharp for easy plucking.
  • Peach Fuzz: Use a shaping razor to eliminate fine hair

Types Of Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrows come in various shapes, each framing the face differently.

First up, we have the classic ‘soft arch’. This shape gently slopes upwards before softly tapering off. It offers a balanced and natural appearance. Then, there is the ‘high arch’, known for its dramatic lift as it frames the eyes with an elegant, defined curve.

You have the ‘angled’ shape for the ones seeking an assertive look. It suits those seeking a bold statement as it has a sharp, angled arch. Conversely, the ‘rounded’ shape brings a softer touch. It is ideal for those who prefer a gentle, curved appearance.

Lastly, the ‘straight’ shape which boasts a horizontal line, lends a modern and chic vibe to the face.

How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape

There are quite a few shapes that you can choose for your eyebrows. Fuller eyebrows with a higher arch, thinner eyebrows with a sharper arch, straight eyebrows, soft arches – there are many options. Here are the three things you need to keep in mind when shaping your eyebrows:

  1. The inner corner of your eyebrow should align with the outer corner of your nostril.
  2. The arch of your eyebrow should be after the arch of your eye. Marin McCarthy, a professional makeup artist and founder of Marin Eve Makeup, shares a tip to get it right: “Use a makeup brush or pencil to measure from your nostril to the front of your brow- diagonally through your nostril to your pupil to the arch.”
  3. The outer corners of your eyebrows should be a tad bit after the ends of your eyes. “Measure diagonally from your nostril to the bottom of your iris to the tail of the brow. For a more lifted look, extend the tail outwards instead of downwards”, suggests Marin.

There are many face shapes, like round, diamond, square, oblong, heart, and oval. Just like certain styles of bangs suit particular face shapes, some eyebrow styles and shapes work better with certain face shapes. Learn which eyebrow shapes flatter which face shapes below.

1. Eyebrows For Round Faces

Face Shape: Round faces are wide at the cheeks. This face shape is more rounded with a soft jawline.

Brow Shape: Sharp, angled brows add definition to a round face. Make sure you go for full, thick eyebrows if you have a bigger face as it pairs well with the inward forehead and outward cheekbones. If you have a smaller face, opt for thinner eyebrows.

2. Eyebrows For Oval-Shaped Faces

Face Shape: Oval faces are wide at the cheekbones with a greater face length. Oval faces look more egg-shaped as they are not as wide as round faces.

Brow Shape: The best thing about an oval face is that any type of brow shape works well with it. Oval faces tend to be more balanced or symmetrical and, hence, work with all eyebrow shapes.

protip_icon Trivia
Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts, Bella Hadid, and Chloe Bridges are a few celebrities with an oval face shape.

3. Eyebrows For Heart-Shaped Faces

Face Shape: Your face is wide at the forehead and narrow at the jaw.

Brow Shape: Brows with soft arches and full thickness look great with heart-shaped faces. The full thickness works well with a wider forehead. The soft arch flows from the forehead to the eyeline seamlessly and without looking too dramatic.

4. Eyebrows For Square Faces

Face Shape: The width of the forehead and the start of the jaw is almost the same size. While the chin does get thinner, it is still wider and more angular than regular face shapes.

Brow Shape: A curved arch set a little high suits square faces well. Its height adds an elongated appearance to the face. The curved arches of the brows soften the outline of the face. The ends of the eyebrows should not be set too low as they can make your eyes look droopy.

5. Eyebrows For Diamond Faces

Face Shape: Similar to a diamond, this face shape is narrow at the top and bottom. Diamond faces are narrower at the chin, wide at the cheeks, and slightly narrow at the forehead.

Brow Shape: Curved eyebrows give your forehead a wider appearance to balance out your wide cheekbones. Pair them with angled arches to smoothen your facial outline.

6. Eyebrows For Oblong/Long Faces

Face Shape: An oblong face is long and generally looks narrow.

Brow Shape: Soft or straight arches work best to make an oblong face look a bit wider. If you opt for straight brows, give them a very slight curve with soft ends. Soft brows soften any harsh face outlines. Thicker eyebrows will make your forehead look wider, giving a more heart-shaped appearance to your oblong face.

Now that you know which brow shape will flatter your face shape, let’s talk about thin brows. Here’s how you can increase your brow thickness so you can experiment with shaping them!

How To Increase Eyebrow Thickness

  1. Apply castor oil or lash serum to your eyebrows to naturally increase their thickness.
  1. You can also apply cream or pomade and style them with an angled brush to give the appearance of thicker, bushy eyebrows.
  1. Brush your eyebrows upwards and outwards gently to give them a fuller, groomed look. Brush against the natural growth of your eyebrows to make them look thicker.
  1. Use your finger and some cream to make your eyebrows look thicker. Move your finger against the natural flow of the eyebrows and follow the shape you want to create.
  1. Your diet can affect your brow hair growth. Make sure you eat a balanced diet to grow thicker eyebrows.
  1. Massage your eyebrows with some oil before you go to sleep at night. Massaging your eyebrows increases blood flow and boost hair growth.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also comb your brows daily with a spoolie after massaging. This will further help improve circulation and encourage eyebrow growth.

So you know which brow shape suits your face and how to thicken thin eyebrows, but there are some more pointers that can help you achieve the best brow shape. Check them out below!

Tips To Maintain Perfect Eyebrows – The Do’s And Don’ts

  1. Take however long you need to decide and finalize your eyebrow shape. Decide your go-to eyebrow shape and take time to perfect it. It will come in handy when you are in a rush.
  1. While each brow shape suits a particular face shape, don’t be afraid to try out other shapes as well. Sometimes, how you apply your makeup or your hairstyle can change which eyebrow shape suits your face. Just make sure that you don’t a new shape when you are in a rush to avoid any mistakes.
  1. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. Know when to stop plucking your eyebrows before they get too thin or too arched.

Alessya Farrugia recalls her personal experience of trying and rating various eyebrow shapes on the basis of how they suited her face type and shape. She presents a visual representation of constantly changing eyebrow shapes. For extremely thin eyebrows, she comments, “They arch too much for my face- 4/10 (i).”

  1. Use the right tools and products to shape your eyebrows. The right tools and products will make it easier to style your eyebrows.
  1. When in doubt, opt for threading. It enhances and defines your natural brow shape.
  1. Use an eyebrow stencil to achieve the perfect shape.
  1. When shaping your eyebrows, move with the flow of the hair on the brows. If you have thin eyebrows and are trying to fluff them up, move your finger lightly in the opposite direction. According to Marin, “A spoolie or lash brush works great for this, so does a lash comb or toothbrush.”

Don’t thin out or arch the tail-end of your brows too much. Stop before your arch gets too tapered or pointy.

  1. Harsher and asymmetrical eyebrow outlines make your facial features look harsher.
  1. Brush your eyebrows to make them look neat.
  1. If you have three or four eyebrow strands in the inner corners that stand out, remove them with a tweezer.
  1. If you have any sparse area in the middle or toward the ends of your brows, use a brush and cream to fill them in.
  1. Use a concealer to brighten up the eyebrow area. A highlighter adds too much attention to the eyebrows, with a stark difference in skin tone as well. However, if you don’t mind the attention, you can go for a subtle highlight to transform your look.
  1. When using any product on the eyebrows, start with less and build it up as you go.
  1. Make sure you don’t get any color on the skin around the eyebrows.
  1. Apply product to the center of your eyebrows to focus on the arch, then spread it out toward the inner and outer corners.
  1. There may be some brow tones for which you might not find the desired shade. Feel free to mix and match products to achieve the right shade.
  1. Outline your eyebrow shape with a pencil, then fill it in with a spoolie brush.

Infographic: Different Types Of Eyebrow Styling Tools

Well-groomed eyebrows can frame your facial features beautifully. Therefore, knowing which brow shape suits your face shape will help you achieve the perfect look. Additionally, you should know the right products and tools you need to use to style your eyebrows. Check out the infographic below to learn about the different types of eyebrow styling tools you need in your makeup kit.

different types of eyebrow styling tools (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Eyebrows that complement your face shape and structure can elevate your look. This complete guide for flattering eyebrow shapes can help you identify which shape will suit your facial structure and contour, and accordingly, you can groom your eyebrows and care for them. So go ahead and try the tips and hacks for perfectly plucked eyebrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular eyebrow shape?

Fuller eyebrows are most popular these days. Thick brows have made an iconic comeback from Audrey Hepburn days made popular today by top celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Cara Delevingne, Billie Eilish, and so on.

What shape eyebrows make you look younger?

Thicker and fluffier eyebrow styles make you look younger. Thinning eyebrows often result from aging.

What is the latest eyebrow trend?

Brow lamination is the latest eyebrow trend, sported by many popular models. It is a semi-permanent treatment of natural eyebrows where the brows are brushed upward to give a spiky look. This look lasts for months. A temporary lamination can also be done using soap, hair gel, or a clear brow pomade. Among untreated eyebrow styles, a lot of people today are embracing their natural brows and going with it.

Which eyebrow shape makes eyes look bigger?

Curved eyebrows with a defined arch can make the eyes look bigger.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep the eyebrows thick if you have a big face. Sharply angled brows suit a round face.
  • People with oval faces can flaunt any eyebrow shape as they have a symmetrical face shape.
  • The heart-shaped face is broad at the forehead, which looks good with fuller and softly arched eyebrows.
  • For square and diamond faces., a curved eyebrow arch creates the illusion of a broad forehead.
  • Thick eyebrows with soft arch work best for an oblong face shape.
eyebrow shapes

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Learn how to shape your eyebrows perfectly with this video! Get tips on the different types of eyebrow shapes and how to thread them for the perfect look.

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