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6 Stunning Bangs And Fringes For You To Try This Season

6 Stunning Bangs And Fringes For You To Try This Season Hyderabd040-395603080 April 10, 2018

A fringe or a bang, when properly cut, can do wonders for your face.

Bangs are the best fashion statement for your hair. These usually end above the eyebrow. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton have regularly sported bangs to add style to their looks. These styles work on all hair lengths, long, short and medium, as well as on all hair textures like straight, wavy or curly.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind:

Long Face Shape

  • Bangs will make your face appear shorter
  • Bangs will help create more width if you have straight hair

Round Face Shape

  • Long, side swept bangs will help create angles on a round face
  • The bangs should come down till the cheekbones

Square Face Shape

  • Avoid heavy blunt bangs
  • Go for bangs that are longer on the sides

Wavy Hair

  • Get bangs that are long and side swept

For all Face Shapes:

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Hot Fringe Bangs Hairstyles:

Here are some hairstyles which are really hot this season for you to check out!

1. Bangs Hairstyle:

bangs hairstyle Pinit

Image: shutterstock

Get your bang to fall just above or till the eyebrow.

Remember that bangs tend to get shorter than you may anticipate. It is best to cut them longer than you want and slowly decrease the length.

2. Side Bangs:

side bangs Pinit

Image: shutterstock

These bangs end right above the eyebrow too. Instead of falling over the eyes in a straight line, they fall to the side.

This style of bangs is great to give your face an angled look and highlight the cheekbones.

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3. Fringe Hairstyle:

fringe hairstyle Pinit

Image: shutterstock

A fringe is longer than a bang.

A fringe should ideally start from the highest point of the cheekbone and end around the jaw line. It tends to suit most people more than bangs. Women with long hair can add an extra dimension and more volume to their look by trying out these kind of bang fringe hairstyles.

4. Heavy Fringes and Bangs:

heavy fringes and bangs Pinit

Image: shutterstock

A heavy fringe or bang will ensure that most of your forehead is covered.

This look can work particularly well for those who have a wide forehead or a wide face shape. Getting heavy bangs or a fringe along with a hair style of your choice can make your face appear more long and narrow than it actually is. It is also a great hair styling trick if you have thin hair around the hair line and want to take away attention from it.

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5. Light Fringes and Bangs:

light fringes and bangs Pinit

Image: shutterstock

Do not want to cut your hair short? Then this is one of the best short haircuts with fringe bangs for you.

Get yourself a light fringe or bangs instead of a heavy one. It is also good for those who are getting this kind of a look for the first time and do not want to make a major change in their looks. If you like what you see, get a heavy fringe or bangs the next time.

6. Curly Hair with Bangs:

curly hair with bangs Pinit

Image: shutterstock

Bangs go great with waves or curls too.

For those with naturally wavy or curly hair, you can choose to leave the bangs in the same texture. You can also artificially straighten it to give it a contrasting effect. For those who have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to curl your hair or create light waves. Either ways, curls add that extra oomph you are looking for.

These fringe bangs hairstyles and cuts take away years from your face. It is a guarantee that you will look more youthful and fresh. Make sure you select the type of bang or fringe cut depending on your face cut and shape.

Once you have your new makeover, do let us know in the comments section below about which of the above you tried out.

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