10 Interesting Party Games For Teens

Written by Harini Natarajan

Teenagers are always full of curiosity. They look for challenges and adventures to break the daily monotony. If you have a teenage child, it is almost impossible to tame their mind. Keeping your teenager occupied is an excellent choice, but they also require a little pampering! Throwing a surprise birthday or slumber party for them can be fun as at this age they admire such activities. Besides good music and dancing, you can plan certain teenage games to make the party a hit.

But remember that your child and their teenage friends must enjoy the games and equally participate. To make it all easier for you, we have listed here the 10 best party games for teenagers! Check ‘em out!

10 Interesting Party Games For Teens

1. Guess The Tune

Teenagers are quite inclined towards music, and this game can be a sweet surprise for them. You can plan this game by making a CD or installing some trending teenage songs on your mobile or pen drive. Follow the below steps to play.

Step 1: Begin the game by playing either the starting tune, the ending notes, or the lyrics from the middle of any song on your list.

Step 2: Ask the kids to guess the song and sing a few lines from it. Here is the rule – only one person at a time can guess.

Step 3: Whoever guesses most of the songs right wins!

This game is ideal for 3 to 4 people. An add-on to the entertainment could be a goody bag or a pack of chocolates presented to the winner.

2. Pass The Pillow

Pass The Pillow is another entertaining and fun party game for teens. While you could be familiar with it already, no harm in brushing it up again! This game is played in a large group and requires music in the background. Consider yourself a music jockey for that day and let the music play.

Step 1: Tell the kids to gather in a circle and start consecutively passing the pillow.

Step 2: When you stop the music, whosoever is caught with the pillow goes out of the game. But before they leave the game, they will have to give a performance for everyone else.

Step 3: You can keep a bowl full of chits in advance with some entertaining activities, like dancing, singing, or mimicking.

Step 4: The person who goes out of the game must pick a chit of his choice and perform whatever it suggests. Lastly, when the game ends, the winner receives a surprising goodie bag.

3. The Chocolate Game

You can plan a surprising chocolate game for your child’s party. All you need are large bars of chocolate. You can break the bars into equal pieces and put them on separate plates.

Step 1: Place 5 to 6 chocolate bars on each plate for each kid to have.

Step 2: The kids will have to eat one chocolate piece at a time from each plate without using their hands.

Step 3: Whoever finishes eating first will be declared the winner of the game.

You can conduct this game in as many rounds as required.

4. Medusa

Medusa is a group game that can be played with 8 to 10 players. This is one of the Halloween games for teens that requires no specific setting. You just need to gather all the players in a circle.

Step 1: Tell the kids to stand closer in a circle with their arms on their neighbors’ shoulder.

Step 2: At the beginning, the kids will keep their heads bowed. On some indication, like clapping, they will look at another player.

Step 3: When two players are caught staring at each other, they scream and get out of the game.

Step 4: The game goes on until two players are left.

5. Dance To The Tune

Dancing is fun and enjoyed by teenage groups. Then why not make them play a joyful dancing game! This dancing game needs no special preparations and is pretty simple to play. You just need a good collection of dancing tracks popular amongst teenagers and a bowl full of chits with the players’ names.

Step 1: Tell the kids to make a circle, leaving enough space for each other to stand and move around.

Step 2: Get the bowl with the players’ names. Shake it up and ask each player to pick one chit.

Step 3: Call the child whose name is there on the chit and play any random dancing track.

Step 4: The child will have to perform the dancing track.

Step 5: The game continues until the last name is left in the bowl.

You can also choose the one best dancer based on everyone’s votes and gift him a surprise.

6. Sleeping Beauty Game

The Sleeping Beauty Game makes a perfect choice for teenage girls. It is ideal for slumber parties and is played with 5 to 6 players. The game is all about not giving up.

Step 1: Each girl will have to take turns being a sleeping beauty.

Step 2: At once, only one girl will lie down in bed, acting like she is sleeping without moving or talking.

Step 3: The other girls will have to wake the sleeping girl up and make her laugh without touching her.

Step 4: Whoever continues to sleep is declared a sleeping beauty of the game.

The fun about this game is that the girls can say anything funny or silly to wake up the sleeping beauty.

7. The Makeover Game

The Makeover Game is another fun game for your teenage girl’s slumber party. Here, you give the girls a chance to present their makeup skills and creativity. You can use lipsticks, hairbrushes, blush, hair accessories, clips, scarves, hair ties, perfumes, and more to get the model ready.

Step 1: Divide the girls into two groups.

Step 2: Tell each team to choose a makeover artist and one model.

Step 3: Each team will get 5 minutes to do the makeover of the chosen model.

Step 4: After they are done, choose the winning team who got everything right.

This game is ideally played with four players. But if there are more girls and you feel this game will rock amongst the girls, you may think of a twist:

You can divide the girls into two different teams and follow these steps.

Step 1: Provide the girls with all the accessories and makeup tools, like the blush, highlighter, lipstick, etc.

Step 2: Tell each team to select one makeover artist and a model. The twist is that the makeover artist will be blindfolded and must still get things done right.

Step 3: The rest of the girls can guide the makeover artist to apply the makeup and accessories in the right places.

Step 4: You can select the winning team based on accuracy.

Such makeover games can offer a fun experience to the girls. However, they could be dangerous with the wrong selection of accessories and makeup tools. Hence, avoid offering eye makeup tools like kohl and mascara and other accessories with sharp edges.

8. Eat The Donut

This game can be a delicious surprise for all those with a sweet tooth. This game requires a little effort, but the outcome is worth appreciating. You will need donuts equal to the number of kids at the party and a lengthy string. Tie the string along the ceiling tightly and hang some donuts onto the string. Ensure the distance is appropriate for the kids to move around freely. The donuts must also be at the right distance from the ground. You can perform single or multiple rounds of this game based on the number of players involved.

Step 1: Ask the participants to stand under each donut.

Step 2: Count to three before the participants can begin eating.

Step 3: The players will have to finish the donut without touching it with their hands.

Step 4: The one who finishes the donut first will win the game.

9. Guess The Leader

This game is enjoyed by different age groups of teenagers. It is fun and engaging and requires the participants to spot the leader.

Step 1: Begin this game by making a large circle with every player standing at an optimum distance from another.

Step 2: Choose one random player and tell them to leave the room for a while until called back.

Step 3: Now, tell the remaining kids to choose one leader who will perform some actions, dance steps, and other moves. They will be required to follow him without letting the denner (the one asked to leave the room) know who the leader is.

Step 4: Call the denner in and ask them to guess the leader. Let the denner suspect everyone with their moves and guess the leader.

Step 5: If the denner guesses the leader right, the leader goes out of the room, and the denner continues with the game.

The most appealing part about this game is that you can see your teenager and their friends performing weird and funny moves, postures, and gestures!

10. Act Your Buddy Out!

Act Your Buddy Out is a mingling game that lets one know how well they know their friends. This game will need some prior preparations – you will have to make chits with the names of your teenage child’s friends attending the party. Mention two names in each chit. The child with the first name will enact the child with the second name. Remember that you have to call out only the child with the first name to act. You can keep these chits in a bowl and use them later in the game.

Step 1: Tell the kids to gather in a circle and maintain some distance.

Step 2: Pick one chit from the bowl randomly and call the name.

Step 3: The child whose name is called will stand in the center and enact the child with the second name.

Step 4: Let everyone else guess the name.

Step 5: The game continues until all the chits have been picked.

Make sure you mention all the names so that no one misses to act. This game will leave everyone laughing with tears when someone performs the act.


These are some of the best games for teen parties. These games bring unforgettable fun and enjoyment to your teenager and their friends. Besides, such party games redefine the bond between parents and their kids. However, it is important to ensure no one feels hurt or embarrassed during the activities. The games must also involve all participants equally. We hope this article has given you enough game options to pick from. Start making your plans today – we are sure your children will have the best times of their lives!

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