26 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends (Weekends Or Summer)

All about finding silly excuses to make good memories that stay with you forever

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From late-night hangouts and quick get-togethers to outings, there are many things to do with your besties. But if you are tired of doing the same things and looking for fun-filled activities, this post is for you. In this article, we have listed 26 cool and fun things to do with your friends so that you never feel bored when you are with these special humans. So now, brace yourself and enjoy these fun activities to do with your friends. Check them out!

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

Things To Do With Your Friends In Summer

Enjoy summer with your friends
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Are you wondering, “what to do with friends this summer?” Scroll down below to check out some affordable and chill activities you can do with your friends while creating unforgettable memories.

1. Plan A Road Trip

What can be better than hitting a road trip with your gang of friends? So unwind yourself this summer and plan a road trip with your friends. Choose a suitable location and plan everything that you would love to experience with your friends. Meet new people, explore local cuisine, and interact with native communities.

Road tripping is a great way to get closer to your friends and learn more about them. While you share nights in each other’s company, you also share the deepest secrets and strengthen your bond.

2. Arrange A Pool Party

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool at home! Instead, place an inflatable pool on your lawn to do justice to your planning. Pool parties work exceptionally to beat the summer heat. Get ready in your swimsuits to take a dip in a mini pool with your close friends. Play good music and arrange your favorite drinks and dishes to enjoy the party until you are done and dusted.

3. Have A Movie Night

Who doesn’t like watching movies? Especially when you have so many online streaming options. So call over your friends and choose an exciting film to watch with them. You can also go for a series and continue binge-watching with some popcorn, snacks, and drinks.

4. Go For A Picnic

Picnics are always fun, and nothing can beat the adventure of a summer picnic. So, choose a pretty little spot nearby your house with lush greenery and blossoming flowers to add appeal. Don’t forget to carry a picnic basket filled with yummy treats and drinks. You can also take your favorite novel, a camera for capturing beautiful memories, a guitar, or some outdoor game props.

5. Go Beach-ing

A group of friends having fun at the beach
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Call yourself lucky if you dwell in a place with a beach nearby. Well, you don’t really need to think of anything better when you can unleash yourself amidst breezy air and splashy waves. So, go beach-ing with your friends and adorn your favorite bikini to get some respite from the scorching summer heat.

6. Local Sightseeing

When was the last time you visited the most sought-after place in your city? You don’t remember, right! Well then, call your friends and take a tour of your town. Visit the famous sites and check out the pristine artifacts dating back to several centuries. Hop on a bike to explore your city’s rich history and praise the craftsmanship.

7. Enjoy Cooking Together

Do you enjoy eating lavish dishes? If yes, join cooking classes with your friends and enhance your cooking skills. You can choose from global cuisines such as French, Italian, Thai, or Chinese. Enjoy relishing dishes cooked by your friends while offering them a delectable meal every time. You can also think of cocktail-making classes if you are keen to learn how to prepare those attractive, colorful drinks at home.

8. Redecorate Your Room

If you are looking for some change this summer, think about redoing your own space. Shop for things you need to deck up your space with your friends. You can choose a theme from your favorite novel or movie and involve your friends in this creative activity. Explore the internet and look for the hot deals and some DIY ideas to redecorate your room.

9. Participate In Social Services

What can be better and bigger than serving society? If you ever thought of participating in community service, go for it and ask your friends to join. Collect donations or do something productive to help grow the society. Offer your support to local schools or orphanages and make the children learn something interesting such as painting, music, or clay modeling.

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You also can organize neighborhood clean-up drives, which can be a good way to introduce your friends to community service.

10. Indulge In Physical Activities

Staying in proper shape and keeping your weight in check are fundamentals of a healthy life. So, ask your friends to join fitness sessions or sports clubs. You can go for badminton, swimming, yoga, or gymming. And never let go of the company of your friends even while you are involved in physical activities.

Things To Do With Your Friends At Night

Enjoy a drink with yo ur friends at night
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1. Enjoy A Game Night

What can be a better way to enjoy the night than gaming with your buddies. So, set up your Xbox or Playstation to engage in adventurous games like Fifa, Halo, or PubG in your friend’s company. You can also go for a gaming battle and learn gaming tips from your friends.

2. Arrange A Pajama Party

Let the fun never end with a fun-filled pajama party. Call your friends and bounce at someone’s place for a slumber party. Keep the essentials ready – beanbags, midnight snacks, drinks, games, and music to make your party a big hit. Such parties are an excellent platform to strengthen your friendship and give it a new turn by sharing secrets and discussing peppy things.

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One of the many activities you can plan during a pajama party is tie-dyeing a t-shirt. For this, all you need are a white t-shirt, rubber bands, and some dyes – and you can enjoy making new patterns of tie-dye and laugh out loud.

3. Dine Together

End your day with your friends by preparing a pleasurable meal. Grab a bottle of wine and invite your friends to cook savory dishes. You can play music, chit-chat with each other, and crack jokes to take someone’s case in a fun way while cooking and baking all that you and your friends like.

4. Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

A group of friends watching their favorite TV show
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What can be more engaging than binge-watching your favorite series with your pals? Well, you don’t need any preparation – Netflix and something to munch on can get you going until you are done with all the series.

5. Bonfire

Have a backyard bonfire with your friends accompanied by soothing music, drinks, and your favorite dishes from the grill. Bonfire can help you unwind from your tiring, hectic life. So invite your friends and tell them what you have in your mind to end the week in a refreshing way while stargazing.

6. Go Camping

You don’t need to find a campsite for camping; your lawn is just fine. Install a camping tent with a bonfire, food, music, and drinks to have a blast with all your friends. Again, you don’t have to dress up or make any special arrangements – be in your night suit and enjoy some relaxing music to experience camping right outside your house.

7. Clubbing

If you are interested in having fun at night, clubbing with your friends makes the best choice. Adorn your favorite dress and wear a stylish hairstyle to hit the most famous club in your city and make the day happening.

8. Take A Peaceful Stroll

Sum up your day after a lavish dinner by taking a stroll near your place. Tell your friends to join and go on discussing your future plans. A peaceful stroll at night, under a starry sky, and fresh, breezy air flowing through the city lights will fill your heart with the utmost joy.

What Can You Do On The Weekend With Your Friends?

Enjoy your weekends with youre friends
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1. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway with your friends to relax and chill. Choose a feasible location from the map and head on towards it. If you don’t mind driving your ride, enjoy the journey and destination in the company of your closest friends.

2. Go Hiking

If you and your friends are fond of adventurous activities, go hiking! Carry your essentials and refreshments in a backpack and gear up in comfortable sweatpants and T-shirts to enjoy the aerial view of your city.

3. Enjoy Shopping

Meet your gang for a shopping spree on the weekend and buy some trendy shoes and dresses. You can take your friends’ advice for the bags, accessories, and attire you pick. Buy similar garments for every member of your gang to make a unique statement.

4. Visit An Amusement Park

End your weekend with a blast while bringing up your childhood memories. Plan a trip to an amusement park to take some adventurous, fun rides. Indulge in spicy, finger-licking street food like hotdogs and noodles, and end your day with a chocolaty dessert or an ice cream.

5. Throw A Party

Go crazy and wild with your friends by throwing a gorgeous house party. Call up your old and close buddies and adorn your favorite dress – all decked up to take stunning pictures. Ask your friends to contribute anything they would like ; from drinks and food to movies or decorations to other kinds of enjoyment, and have the most happening party over the weekend.

6. Have A Lavish Date

A date doesn’t necessarily have to be with a crush or potential love interest! Meet your friends at your favorite restaurant and make a night of it.

7. Movie Marathon

Nothing can beat the comfort of watching your favorite movie at home in pajamas and snacking unlimitedly. So call your friends for a weekend-long movie marathon. List the movies you and your friends want to watch and keep yourself glued in front of the screen.

8. Attend A Stand-up Comedy Show

There is no dearth in the cities and towns when it comes to stand-up comedy. Check online for the shows happening this weekend in your city. Gather your friends to take a dive into the world of humor and happiness.

Infographic: 8 Things You Can Do With Your Friends This Weekend

Whether you enjoy going to fancy dinners or eating comfort food with your pals gathered around the table, going on a weekend getaway, or indulging in a movie marathon, there are numerous things you can do this weekend to make it fun, exciting, and an affair to remember. If you want to make the most of every moment, there are many interesting activities you can indulge in with them. Check out the infographic below for some fun things you can do with your best buddies this weekend!

8 things you can do with your friends this weekend (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

There are so many fun things to do with your friends all year round. Socializing with friends knows no limits. In summer, you can chill at pool parties, go on adventurous road trips, visit the beach and laze around, watch your favorite movies together or arrange a cute picnic. You can even do more productive yet cool and fun stuff like cooking up meals together, bonding over DIY projects or home decors, and volunteering. Similarly, nighttime entertainment is more suitable for pajama parties, bonfires, game nights, and camping. Get to know about each other’s favorite pastimes and plan accordingly. All the fun recreation ideas shared above can help you and your friends bond and have a great time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some crazy things to do with friends?

Skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, and scuba diving are a few crazy things to do with friends.

How can I have fun without spending money?

Spend your leisure time camping, visiting historical places or parks with free entry, and hiking! Geocaching and volunteering are also a few fun things to do without spending money.

What are some virtual activities to do with friends who are far away?

You can have a virtual game night where you play a multiplayer video game of your choice together, host online movie nights, play in a virtual escape room, or join an online fitness or art class together.

What are some fun and educational things to do with friends?

You can visit a museum or art gallery together, attend workshops on subjects of your interest, participate in a cultural event, or join a book club and discuss new topics together.

Key Takeaways

  • Call over your friends and choose an exciting film to watch with them.
  • Visit the famous sites and check out the pristine artifacts dating back to several centuries.
  • Collect donations or do something productive to help society grow.

Have some fun with your friends! Watch this video and try out the 23 awesome activities listed in it, or pick the ones you wish to do during the weekend.

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