52 Sassy Short Punk Hairstyles

Flaunt your tresses in these edgy, defined, and messy hairdos to look stylish and sassy.

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If you are tired of your daily boring look and want to notch up things and get into edgier hairdos, we have just the thing!

Say hello to your new friends – short punk haircuts! Many celebs like P!nk, Kristen Stewart, and Miley Cyrus have brought back the punk hairdo craze, but with a short twist. So, we have 52 edgy and modern punk hairstyles for short hair that will let you release your wild side like never before.

Scroll down and get some edge in your hair! Keep reading to pick out your favorite punk hairstyles.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Short punk hairstyles like a pixie or a buzz cut are easier to maintain and require fewer hair products.
  • Round faces should avoid short chin-length punk cuts as they only magnify the roundness.
  • Colored short hairstyles require extra care to keep the tresses hydrated and healthy.

52 Sassy Short Punk Hairstyles!

1. Wavy Mohawk

Wavy Mohawk
Image: Shutterstock

At the 71st Cannes Film Festival, Kristen Stewart’s two-toned faux hawk cut had volume added at the top by her short, delicate waves that were pulled up and the sides of the hair pinned in the back. The unkempt, wavy mohawk is definitely one of her highlights.

2. Side Swept Shag

Side Swept Shag
Image: Shutterstock

Kelly Osbourne walks the runway at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection with a shaggy, multilayered punk haircut. The asymmetrical style with longer hair on one side seems so sassy! Her purple hair only enhances her look. Don’t you agree?

3. Basic Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

You know P!nk had to be my first choice! The mohawk is one of the punkest looks you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Use gel or mousse to create this mohawk look. If you want a messier look, use your fingers to tousle and arrange the mohawk.

4. Punk Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

Any hairstyle P!nk sports is punk. And she pulls this rebellious look off so well! Take a leaf from her book and channel your inner punk with this sassy look. Don’t forget to pair it with a brilliant red lipstick!

5. Slick Back

Image: Gettyimages

Miley Cyrus has given us some killer punk hairdos over the past few years. The best part about having a pixie or a buzz cut that is growing out is being able to pull off a stunner like this one. All you need is some hair gel to achieve this look.

6. Mild Undercut

Image: Gettyimages

An undercut is as punk as it gets. But if this is your first time trying it, opt for a mild undercut. Also, check with your hairstylist if this punk haircut will suit your face shape.

7. Killer Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

What would this list be without a quiff style? And who better to mimic than the stunning Miley Cyrus! Apply some gel to your hair and slick down the sides. Use a comb to style it into a quiff.

8. Textured Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

The textured mohawk is a versatile punk hairstyle. You can opt for a simple one or go for something a bit more modern like this look. It is sure to stun and bring your inner rocker out to play!

9. Dark Rooted Pompadour

Image: Gettyimages

If you have an oval face, this hair look is for you. You can achieve this look with the help of a comb and some hair gel. I love the lines left behind in her hair by the comb. They give this hairstyle a more defined look.

10. Pointed Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pointed mohawk? And Smiley Miley pulls it off so well! You can achieve this look by just messing with your hair with some hair gel rubbed between your palms. Yes, it’s that easy!

11. Spiky Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

Spikes were big in the ‘90s, but the spiky mohawk has been around for much longer. Instead of styling your mohawk in long sections, opt for this modern stunner.

12. Curly Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

This looks so badass! P!nk really knows how to rock the punk style. I love the pastel pink shade of her hair, and the curls turn this normal mohawk into a perfect ten.

13. Long Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

If you have thick hair, you’ll want to flaunt it. This is perfect hair look for it! Let your overgrown hair shine this punk season with this long quiff hairstyle.

14. Messy Punk

Image: Gettyimages

Messy is the new “in” thing with hair, so, of course, I added it to this list. Punk hairstyles started out with slick gelled looks, but over time, they’ve become more artistic with spectacular looks – like this curly look.

15. Subtle Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

If you are new to the punk scene, opt for a subtle mohawk. Why? Because the mohawk is the punkiest hairstyle there is. You get on board with that, and you’re definitely a punkster!

16. Punk’d Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

P!nk channels a lumberjack look here with flawless feminine finesse. She is a queen, and if punk is your thing, she should be your queen too. I love how edgy this look is!

17. Rad Sidecut

Image: Gettyimages

That’s right! The side cut is one of the coolest punk looks right now. If you don’t want to take the plunge and shave off all your hair, you can always opt for a faux undercut hairstyle by braiding your hair on the sides.

18. Victory Rolls

Image: Gettyimages

A deep side parting, curled ends, and a stunning dress – that’s how they used to roll in the ‘20s. You too can look that fabulous. Just style your pixie in some victory rolls to make it punk.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also style the victory rolls with a bright colorful satin or silk scarf or a large flower to support the large victory rolls on the top. It elongates the facial structures for a square-shaped face.

19. Slick Straight

Image: Gettyimages

Sleek and uber chic! Fashion meets punk in this stunning side-parted pixie hairstyle. It is perfect for showcasing your punk side at major events.

20. Faux Undercut

Image: Gettyimages

Looking for a hairstyle that shows off your face shape and your hair texture? This is it! The undercut draws attention to your face while showing off your haircut.

21. Spiky Long Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

What’s a punk hairdo list without a long, spiky mohawk? I bet this was the first hairstyle you thought of when you saw the title of this article.

22. Sculpted Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

Sculpted hairstyles look glamorous and are perfect for red-carpet affairs. If your style leans more towards the punk side, opt for a sculpted quiff to any fancy event. You’ll have everyone staring at you all day long!

23. Upright Hair

Image: Gettyimages

If bobs and pixies are more your styles, try this upright mohawk look. It is easy to achieve and super punk. Pair it with a leather jacket and nude makeup, and you are good to go.

24. Curved Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

In all honesty, not all face shapes can pull off this curved quiff hairstyle. Wide cheeks can look wider with this look, but an oval face will be accentuated. Keep the ends feathered to draw attention to your jawline.

25. Candy Roll

Image: Gettyimages

Punk hairstyles are all about the colors. And who says that you can’t go candy when you go punk? Take a leaf out of P!nk’s hair lookbook and dazzle with this stunning candy pink rolled mohawk.

26. Curled-Back Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

The curled-back quiff looks amazing, and I’m not sure anyone could’ve pulled it off better than P!nk. I love how she always brings shows off her personality with her hair.

27. Lifted And Gelled

Image: Gettyimages

The gelled-up lifted hair look has been a part of the punk hairstyle community for some time now. It adds volume to your hair and is perfect if you have a round face.

28. Bristle Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

Short and bristled. If this hairstyle is not a punk look, I don’t know what is. This look can be achieved with some gel and a brush and not a comb because it will add unwanted slickness to the look.

29. Blue Dash

Image: Gettyimages

If you love grungy styles, go for this look. It will not let you down. You don’t need to worry about the top of your hair getting too messy as the fringe adds to the cool vibe of the look. And that dash of blue dash is just so punk rad!

30. Chic Pompadour

Image: Gettyimages

This is what I call a sophisticated punk hairstyle. Opt for this stunning curly lob if you want to draw attention to your jawline and cheekbones while adding height to your face. This look is also perfect if your pixie is growing out.

31. Moussed Down

Image: Gettyimages

If you have a wide or short face, you know how difficult it is to sport the “wet” look. But if you have an oval face, you don’t need to worry about that. Apply some gel to your pixie and slick it down in a side parting to achieve this look.

32. Messy Punk

Image: Gettyimages

This look suits all face shapes, but it looks especially great on an oval face. Add in layers to draw attention to your face. The layers create a horizontal focus that brings out your eyes, lips, and cheekbones. “A matte paste or wax is great for styling this look with your fingers,” recommends Danielle Wilkinson Brucklacher, a licensed cosmetologist.

33. Punk Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

Does it get any punker than this? I think not! Opt for this mohawk if you love edgy and punk styles. It is a perfect blend of the two. You will definitely be the center of attention wherever you go.

34. Combed Bangs

Image: Gettyimages

Apply some gel or mousse (depending on your hair texture) to your comb and slick down your pixie in a side parting. This way, the product really gets into your hair, and your hairstyle stays put for a good amount of time.

35. Messy Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

The messy mohawk is a punk favorite, and Miley Cyrus pulls it off like the punk queen she is. If you have an undercut hairstyle and your hair is growing out, this look is for you.

36. Long Bangs

Image: Gettyimages

Miley is a true punk icon! She’s known for trying different looks and experimenting with her hair. But when she was hit with hair loss, she handled it well. She chopped off her locks and rocked styles like this one.

37. Side Bent Quiff

Image: Gettyimages

Here’s a look for you if you like edgy layers. The messy, choppy, and heavy layers of this pixie cut can be flaunted beautifully on an oval face. Style it in a quiff to draw attention to your jawline and cheekbones. Danielle Wilkinson Brucklacher, a licensed cosmetologist, adds a word of advice saying, “Set your style with a strong hold humidity control hairspray.”

38. Full-On Punk

Image: Gettyimages

Are you a punk fiend? If so, this is perfect hair look for you. It will make you look like a punk rockstar and turn everyone green with envy. Pair this hairstyle with a simple graphic tee, black jeans, and boots, and you are ready to slay!

39. Long Side Bangs

Image: Gettyimages

If your short hair is growing out, cut it in a slick long pixie like this one. Though it is a punk look, it also looks sophisticated enough to sport to work. Just part it on one side to finish off this look.

40. Shadow Root

Image: Gettyimages

Shadow roots are all the rage right now, and the punk world is embracing them as well. Keep your hair short and do it up in a shadow root style to let your inner punk shine. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

41. Gelled-Back Hair

Image: Gettyimages

Kristen Stewart sports edgy hairstyles like nobody else. This gelled-back hair look is proof of that. This hairstyle looks great on oval- and diamond-shaped faces. Go for pink eye makeup and nude lips to finish off this look.

42. Messy Bangs

Image: Gettyimages

Bangs can make or break a hairstyle. If you love a good punk hairdo, go for this long pixie look with sculpted bangs. You’ll be surprised by how punk it makes you look. Pair it with a cold lip color to amp up the look.

43. Buzz Cut

Image: Gettyimages

If you are in a daring mood, chop your hair into a buzz cut. Kristen Stewart brings us this stunning short buzz cut that will make every punk soul happy. Opt for contrasting colors if you plan on coloring your locks.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Alternatively, you can rock the side-patterned buzz cut with different designs like zig-zag, stars, or circles. This offers an edgy variation to stand out in the crowd at any event.

44. Platinum Punk

Image: Gettyimages

Wondering how you can make your super short pixie cut more punk? With platinum blonde, of course. But remember, you need to keep your skin’s undertone in mind when choosing the shade for your hair.

45. Finger Pouf

Image: Gettyimages

Style your hair with your fingers and some hair gel to achieve this look. I love how Kristen Stewart has been embracing punker and grungier looks these days compared to when she was playing Bella Swan in the Twilight series.

46. Wavy Punk

Image: Gettyimages

This hairstyle looks so badass! The light waves are on point. If you love grungy styles, go for this look. It will not let you down. It looks especially great over an all-black outfit.

47. Twirly Bangs

Image: Gettyimages

A small twist can make a big change. Twirl your bangs to add a nice punk twist to any hairstyle. It will draw attention to your eyes and mouth. Pair it with oversized sunglasses and nude lipstick to look punk-ready.

48. Accessorized Curls

Image: Gettyimages

Here’s Gwen Stefani showing us that accessories can be punk too. Gather all your hair in a messy bun, allowing the curls to hang loose all over. Clip on a punk accessory (a spiky metal barrette, maybe?) to finish off the look.

49. Curly Pompadour

Image: Gettyimages

You know when Alicia Keys flaunts a hairstyle, it has to be gold. Follow in her footsteps with this stunning punk hairdo. I absolutely love this look. It is edgy but perfect for formal events as well.

50. Fiery Punk

Image: Gettyimages

Fierceness and punk go hand in hand. Add some red highlights to your locks to create a punk look. The shade of red is up to you, but opt for something slightly electric and bright.

51. Lilac Undercut

Image: Gettyimages

Lilac has turned the world upside down. It’s great to see the punk world embracing it as well. It just shows that all colors are for everyone! Style your lilac hair in an undercut to create the perfect punk-chic look.

52. Edgy Mohawk

Image: Gettyimages

The meanings of ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’ have been redefined by Kelly Osborne. If you want to go all out punk, there is no better look than this mohawk braid with completely shaved off sides.

Infographic: Most Popular Short Punk Hairstyles

If you want to go for an edgier bold look, say hello to short punk hairstyles. They will help you show your wild side and add that oomph to your personality. Some of the short, sassy, punk hairstyles are discussed in the article above, but to know about the most popular ones among them, check out the infographic below!

most popular short punk hairstyles (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Let your hidden punk star shine through with these short punk hairstyles. These styles are perfect for those looking to express their rebellion and edgy side out. Whether you are looking for bangs, side-swept styles, or cool mohawk ideas, this collection has something for everyone. You can also get your hair dyed to a brilliant tone to go with your new punk hairdo for an added punch. Experiment, all you want! You can style your mane with gel to slick your hair to a particular parting to achieve the desired look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does punk hairstyle mean?

The punk hairstyle is a unique and edgy hairstyle that was popular in the seventies and eighties. It is characterized by bright colors, mohawks, spikes, short, or shaved hairstyles.

What are liberty spikes?

Liberty spikes are a popular punk hairstyle that is characterized by upright and thick spikes. It is named after the spikes worn by Lady Libertas on the Statue of Liberty.

Who invented punk style?

Punk style emerged in the UK in the 70s as an aggressive anti-fashion movement. It was then made popular by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. They drew inspiration from the movement and made clothes that they sold in McLaren’s shop in New York City, ultimately laying the foundation for punk style as we know it today.

What are some considerations to keep in mind before getting a short punk haircut?

You have to think about the maintenance and upkeep when choosing a short punk haircut. You need an experienced stylist who can precisely cut and shape the hair. If you are not looking for an edgy hairstyle, a punk hairdo might not be for you. Also, consider the potential impact of the unconventional style on your professional life.

How do I determine if a short punk hairstyle is right for me?

This depends on your face shape and fashion sense. Consult a hairstylist to check if the short punk hairstyle you want will look good on you or not.

How do I find the right stylist for a short punk haircut?

A few things you can do to find the right stylist to give you a short punk haircut are to ask your friends or family who have rocked this look before for recommendations, search online for stylists with good reviews, and set up a consultation with them.

Can short punk hairstyles be versatile and styled for different occasions?

Yes, short punk hairstyles can be styled in multiple ways for different occasions. You can use gels, cremes, or wax and hair accessories to create multiple styles.

How can I accessorize my short punk hairstyle to enhance the look?

You can pick accessories that suit your hairstyle and personal style. To add a touch of femininity or playfulness, consider using headbands, hair clips, or hairpins. You can also go bold and edgy by adding temporary hair dye or hair extensions. For those wanting more of a dramatic look, beads and metallic pins or studs can make it look more authentic punk.

Break free from the boring and embrace your uniqueness with these 25 electrifying punk hairstyles. Choose from an eclectic array of bold and vibrant haircuts in this video!

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