19 Cute And Funny Valentine’s Day Poems To Express Your Feelings

Because it is a great way to express your true love to your special someone.

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A perfect gift on Valentine’s Day can make your loved one feel special. So, why not compliment it with a few funny Valentine’s poems. There will be no bounds of happiness for your partner.

If you can pen some verses yourself, there is nothing like it. However, you do not have to worry much, even if you are not good with words. We are here to help you with amazing satirical love poems, with lighthearted romance and amusing love quotes. Our witty love poetry can give you a perfect mix of love and laughter.

In this article, we have put together a list of funny Valentine’s poems that are ideal for describing your love for your Valentine. Use them appropriately and see the reactions for yourself. So, let us get started.

8 Valentine’s Day Poems For Friends

1. For Your True Valentine Friend

They love you
When you defend them
They run
When you need a helping hand

Real ones are there in total silence
Called the silent ones
To massage the pain
Of a wounded soul
They were there long ago
They are there now in the snow
Holding hands
Never letting go

Wiping tears
Striking fears
Praying for good cheer
Please me lord
Serve me one more beer.

– Arthur Vaso

2. To Make Your Friend Feel Special This Valentine’s

People come and people go,
In and out of your life and so,
When one shines bright among the rest,
And is there when needed, you’re truly blessed.
That is how I see you, friend of mine,
And why I’m sending this Valentine.

– Karl Fuchs

3. To Show How Amazing Your Life Is When You Have Friend

My closest friends, who number three
I heed not thus for loyalty
And neither camaraderie
But simply in proximity

They live not down my alleyway
Nor porch, nor in my house per se
But underneath my fringed toupee
They’re in my head, well stowed away!

– Delysia Hendricks

4. When Your Friendship Is Immortal

I have a pair of friends I’ve had for years
Should we part I would surely drown in tears
Together we’ve trod byways
Although we’ve seen better day
My scruffy old shoes that I bought at Sears.

– Robert Hinshaw

5. When Your Friend Is Your Ultimate Companion

A good friend
Like you is worth a million dollars,
So if you don’t mind;
Can I sell you?

– Bill Lindasy

6. A Cute And Short Poem For Your Lifelong Friend

Trees like friends are always around
They allow me to nestle beneath their shade
When it seems like good friends can never be found
I counted twenty-something tree friends I’ve already made!

– Gwendolen Song

7. When You Spend Your Day Around Your Best Friends

Every night I see old Sand Man and he and I box a round or two.
And every morning I go fart around with old stinky John Loo.

Then it’s time to relax and wake up with my best friend old Joe Black.
Then round about noon it’s lunch with a fat fellow named Big Mac.

When it’s cold or when it rains.
I see old Arthur Rightus he’s really a pain.

Sometimes when life is rough old Jack Daniels comes to call.
When he’s here I laugh and feel tall.

When he is gone I go to bed and fall in.
Then I fight with old Sand Man and hope that he wins.

– Bobb Marly

8. When Your Friendship Is Just Treasured

Theeeeere’s a Monkey on my face and on my eyes and on my nose
a’ there’s a Monkey on my chest and on my clothes!
a’ there’s a Monkey huggin’ me
and there’s a Monkey up a tree
and Monkeys are my bestest friends, thought you should know!

– Kelsi Nichols

7 Valentine’s Day Poems For Boyfriend

1. When You Love Someone From Deep Within Your Heart

Once you were a guy who was single,
And at a party, we began to mingle.
Long story short, you grew on me like a wart,
And now every time we touch, I tingle!

– Kelly Roper

2. These Wonderful Confessions

Take a walk with me, my sweet Gummy Bear
To a land where Nerds and Sweet Tarts are found everywhere

Fly over the Milky Way with me and let us Zero in on the moon.
I’ll lick your Butterfingers and shake your Pop Rocks too.

For 100 Grand I would not give you away,
Or trade you in for a sweet and salty Payday.

In your arms, I find Sweet Bliss.
You’re better than a cup of chocolaty Swiss Miss.

My Lifesaver, my sweetest love,
I hope you never leave me my chocolate Dove.

– Monica Patrick

3. When Love Grows With Time

As time goes by from year to year,
One thing is surely true, my dear;
Though decades come and decades go,
Just seeing you sets me aglow.

Time shifts my body; I start to sag,
When I pass a mirror, it can make me gag.
My joints all ache; I can hardly move;
Still a smile from you, and I’m in the groove.

Getting older can be a pain,
But with you along, I can’t complain.
Despite the things that we go through,
I know I’ll never stop loving you.

Your loving heart turns life to play,
As we laugh at time from day to day.
So I write this poem, and I’ll hang my sign,
Saying, “Always Be My Valentine.”

– Karl and Joanna Fuchs

4. This Creative Creation For Beloved

If I were a key, I would lock you;
If lightning, I would shock you;
If I were a pier, I would dock you;
If I had a band, I would rock you.

If I were a spoon, I would feed you;
If I were a house, I would deed you;
On Valentine’s Day, I must plead you,
Valentine, I really need you!

– Joanna Fuchs

5. For The Blooming Love

This Valentine poem is for you my sweetheart
My love for you will never depart.
May we be together until the end of time.
I would never trade you, not for a million dimes.
With each passing year our love continues to grow
It is more beautiful than fresh fallen snow.
So let this poem be a reminder to you
I love you more each year through and through.

– Catherine Pulsifier

6. A Wonderful Description Of Love

What does love mean on this Valentine’s day?
Love is doing more for another than for self
Love is encouraging and supportive
Love is patient
Love is kindness for one another
Love is helping and laughter too
Love is appreciating all you do
Love is sharing interests
Love is a comfort
Love is always there
Love is meant to be shared
Love is beauty in the eyes of the beholder
Love is showing that you care.
Love is you and all you do
Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

– Kate Summers

7. When Your Valentine Is Your Life

Every time I look into your eyes,
I wonder how I’ll ever look away again.
The feeling that I see in your soul
Fills me with strength.

Every time I look into your eyes,
I remember why I fell in love.
And I hope that you see
That same love reflecting from me.

You are the one,
My only love,
My strongest means of life.

I need you to breathe.
I need you to live.
I need you to love.

– Michele Meleen

2 Valentine’s Day Poems For Father

1. When You Can’t Stop Admiring Your Dad

Sunday mornings I would reach
high into his dark closet while standing
on a chair and tiptoeing reach
higher, touching, sometimes fumbling
the soft crowns and imagine
I was in a forest, wind hymning
through pines, where the musky scent
of rain clinging to damp earth was
his scent I loved, lingering on
bands, leather, and on the inner silk
crowns where I would smell his
hair and almost think I was being
held, or climbing a tree, touching
the yellow fruit, leaves whose scent
was that of a clove in the godsome
air, as now, thinking of his fabulous
sleep, I stand on this canyon floor
and watch light slowly close
on the water I’m not sure is there.

– Mark Irwin

2. When You Have Memories To Cherish

Hello, Daddy!
Time to play,
I missed you,
off at work all day.

We’ll seek and hide
and skip and jog,
and when we’re done
we’ll look for frogs.

Today I helped Mommy
sweep the rugs,
maybe after dinner
you can help me catch bugs.

Maybe I’ll help
out in the yard,
fixing the truck
won’t be so hard.

I cherish this time
you share with me,
I love you, Daddy,
I know you love me.

– Leila Devlin

2 Funny Valentine’s Day Poems For Kids

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1. Happy Valentine’s Day to My Mom

On Valentine’s day, I think of you, Mom;
I love you really a lot.
In my life that’s full of many good things,
You’re the very best thing I’ve got!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I want to say,
I’m the luckiest kid anywhere;
You’re the sweetest, greatest, best mom around
And I want you to know I care!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!

– Joanna Fuchs

2. Happy Valentine’s Day to My Grandma

Dear Grandma, you’re so special
You do such nice things for me;
You love me just the way I am;
You make me happy as can be!

I’ve got the best grandma in the world!
I love you.

– Joanna Fuchs

Poems are a beautiful method to express yourself and share your feelings. These funny and cheesy Valentine’s poems are a great way to convey your love to your close ones. There is something for everyone here, whether you are looking for one for your best pals or family members. These touching poems are ideal for sharing with your dear ones on Valentine’s Day. Send one of these compositions to them to show them how important they are to you. Go ahead, dedicate these cute Valentine’s poems to brighten their day and uplift their spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for writing a funny Valentine’s Day poem?

To write a cheeky Valentine’s Day poem, keep your poem lighthearted and playful, decide on the poem style, and try to incorporate some humor in your write-up.

How can one write a funny Valentine’s Day poem without it becoming cheesy?

If you want to write a funny Valentine’s Day poem without it becoming cheesy, then use humor in a subtle way and avoid clichés, be creative, and play with words.

Is there a way to create a Valentine’s Day poem that is both funny and heartfelt?

If you want to create a Valentine’s Day poem that is both funny and heartfelt, then try humorous love poetry based on your special moments with your loved one to give a personal touch to the poem. Sometimes comical verses with clever wordplays, like poems with puns, can make your words different from others. Who doesn’t like a sweet mixture of love and humor?

What types of language are used to make funny Valentine’s Day poems lighthearted?

You can use figurative language such as metaphors, puns, rhyme, and sarcasm to make your funny Valentine’s Day poem lighthearted. Rhyming poems and parody poems are the most common poetry items, as these are usually easy to understand and always make people giggle.

Key Takeaways

  • Valentine’s Day wishes, quotes, and poems are known to be romantic and touching. However, with just a touch of wit and humor, you can surprise your loved ones into a fit of giggles while also making them feel loved.
  • These poems can be used for a lighthearted Valentine’s Day wish for your romantic partner as well as close friends and family.
  • You can tweak these poems according to your preferences or take inspiration from them to pen down witty poems of your own.
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