Fun And Exciting Games To Play On A Road Trip

Written by Harini Natarajan

Road trips are fun and exciting. But long journeys with family or friends can sometimes become monotonous and tiring. To kill boredom and enjoy your vacation, try playing some road trip games. Whether it’s the kids playing “who am I?” or friends messing around with crazy “would you rather” propositions, everyone will enjoy a good chuckle. In this article, we have compiled amusing games to play in the car for kids and adults. Take a look.

Fun Road Trip Games For Kids In The Car

Fun Road Trip Games For Kids In The Car


If you are on a family vacation and want to keep your kids’ minds occupied in the car, check out these road trip games for kids to have a memorable time.

1. I Spy

This is one of the ideal games to play in the car for kids during a road trip. We can all recall spotting something with our small eyes that our siblings couldn’t have guessed.

For those who require a revision on the rules, one person discreetly spies something that others can see but won’t immediately guess. Keep in mind that the object must be visible for some time. The player says, “I spy with my little eye, something that is…” and delivers a hint – color, initial letter, or shape of the item. The other participants will ask yes-no questions until someone makes the right guess.

2. Who Am I?

Who am I? is another all-time favorite game that encourages kids to put on their detective hats and use logical reasoning.

Whoever begins the game imagines an animal or person. The other participants take turns to ask questions to figure out who or what that person is. Players can ask anything that can be answered with a yes or no. They will then have to come up with an answer with the help of clues from the answers.

A fun way to play this game is to form teams. Each team can ask a defined number of questions. They get a maximum of three chances to guess the right answer. This increases the challenge level while teaching kids how to collaborate.

3. Don’t Say It

Here’s a tip to make a long ride more exciting. This road trip game for kids will keep them awake and on their toes throughout the ride. Players (or creative parents) can come up with 3-5 words or phrases that are forbidden for the rest of the trip or until an event occurs. At the end of the ride, the player with the lowest penalty wins.

4. I Packed My Bag

Whether or not your children are old enough to pack their luggage, they will have to do so in this game. This memory game produces large lists of packed objects. The kids will choose an imaginary vacation spot and take turns stating, “I packed my bag and in it is…” and adding an item after reciting what has already been said by other players in the correct order.

5. A Treasure Hunt

Scavenger hunt, like ‘I spy’, involves spotting objects. Prepare a list of riches for the youngsters to find or spot along the way while traveling. The person who finds all of the objects first wins. You can keep track of the score on a piece of paper.

6. 20 Questions To Ponder

It sometimes seems like the questions never end, especially with younger children. An exciting and fun method to get it out of their system is by asking them 20 questions. You may have played it before, but here’s a quick refresher – one player imagines a person, location, or thing, and the others take turns asking yes-or-no questions. They get a guess as to what, where, or who it is after each question. The players lose if they don’t solve the guessing game after 20 questions.

Family time can be fun with some cool and exciting car games to play on a road trip. You can enjoy the games listed in the next section with your entire family, including kids, elders, and youngsters. Scroll down to take a look.

Best Road Trip Games For Family

Best Road Trip Games For Family


1. Game Of The Alphabets

Players attempt to find words beginning with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. You can choose to play in teams, with each player building on the group’s progress, or individually, with each person working through their alphabet.

When players find their next word, they scream out the letter and the word so that everyone can keep track. Some players follow the rule that all the players must return to ‘A’ if they see a graveyard.

2. Guess The Song

Turn on the radio or shuffle your Spotify, radio channel, or CD player. The first person to scream out the song’s name as soon as the music begins will win.

3. The Infinite Word Game

In this fun game for a family road trip, one person begins with a word of their choice. The other players will say a word that begins with the initial letter. What’s the catch? Every time a player says a word, a letter is added to the starting sequence. So, the players cannot use a word that has already been named. Let’s see how far you can go with a bit of cooperation! (Hint: don’t start with long words.)

4. The Trail Of Words

The rules of this game are simple. Players take turns naming compound words that begin with the last word of the previous compound word. For example, the series would go like this: animal barn – barnyard – yardstick – stick figure…and so on.

Traveling with friends on vacation? It is almost impossible to keep quiet when you are in the car with your friends for a vacation. Try these games on your next road trip and enjoy every moment.

Games To Play On A Road Trip With Friends

Games To Play On A Road Trip With Friends


1. Two Truths And A Lie

This game is fun for both old and new friends, depending on the truths and lie you choose to tell about your life. Three statements are made by each player, one of which is a lie. The others have to figure out which statement is a lie. You can be delicate in your mixture of truth and fantasy, retell a former incident that your co-travelers were a part of, and include one small lie.

2. Never Have I Ever

This is probably the most revealing of all the games to play on a road trip with friends. Players take turns saying things that begin with the phrase “never have I ever…” The rest then make guesses as to whether or not the assertion is true. The more rounds you play, the more funny the statements become.

3. While You Were Sleeping

When people start falling asleep on a long car trip, it is the best time to play this game. After ensuring that the person is fast asleep, players make up a story about what happened while sleeping. Everyone awake contributes to the story. When the person gets up, others try to persuade them with their fabricated story. Whoever breaks character first or is discovered speaking a false story gets a dare to perform or a penalty work.

4. Retell A Story From The Past

Consider this a game of “who can lie better?” One player begins by narrating an incident about their life, which can include dating stories. Other players have to guess if the person is telling the truth or fabricating a story. Each player is given two follow-up questions, which they can use to guess whether the story is true or false. Finally, the loser has to reveal an actual, embarrassing incident of their life.

You will never get bored in the car with these fun games to play on a road trip. Get everyone involved in them and have a good time together while traveling. Time will fly faster while enjoying with your kids, family, and friends, and you will surely not get bored!

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