30 Interesting And Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Indulge in some fun activities to get your relationship back on track and rekindle the flame.

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If you search for games to play with your boyfriend, we have got you covered. Men can sometimes get obsessed with their gadgets or video games, but it can also be a great way to break the ice in a new relationship. That’s when some fun game ideas are useful. Be it to spice up your old relationship or understand your new partner better, games can help with bonding on a deeper level. They kill the monotony and develop your intellect. These stressbusters will also help you have an eventful weekend or date night with your boyfriend. Swipe up to explore the 30 game ideas that we have listed to make your task easier.

Question Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

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Here are some thought-provoking questions that you can ask your boyfriend to understand him better and increase communication between both of you.

1. Who Was Your First Crush And What Did It Feel Like?

You can use this question as an icebreaker. It will give you an insight into what your boyfriend was like during his college or school days. It will also induce a nostalgic feeling of comfort to begin the game.

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You may also ask him about the lessons he has learned from his breakups or about personality traits that tick him off to get a deeper insight into his preferences.

2. What Do You Find Attractive In Me?

You started off by delving into his past. Now, it’s time to drive the focus onto you. This will make you realize your attributes and qualities that he is attracted to – an amazing way to boost self-confidence.

3. What’s Your Idea Of A Perfect Date?

Try to figure out what your boyfriend’s idea of a perfect date is. Is it a long walk on the beach, a romantic dinner, or a movie? Maybe a night on a mountain or a bike ride would be ideal for him. This question will also help you plan the perfect date in the future, say, for his birthday or on your anniversary to spend quality time with him.

4. What’s Your Favorite Part Of Our Relationship?

When it comes to reflecting on your relationship, you may realize the best thing about being in love is the trust and togetherness. These aspects bind you both together. You can also find out why this relationship is special for him.

5. Do You Get Jealous When I Spend Time With A Male Friend?

A touchy question that almost brushes his ego, but it is always good to know whether he trusts you or not. If the answer is yes, you can become a little sensitive to his insecurity. Also, keep in mind to be cooperative in working towards getting over his negative feelings.

6. Where Would You Like To Go On A Holiday?

Everybody needs a vacation (periodically!), and there’s nothing like it if you and your boyfriend share similar ideas about a holiday. If it turns out that you both are beach bums, plan a holiday (a surprise, perhaps?) on the coasts.

7. If There Was One Super Power You Could Have, What Would That Be?

It is always fun to include some goofy questions in the routine – you will get to know his quirky, childish side.

8. Do You Have Any Fantasies That You Haven’t Shared With Me Yet?

This intimate question will turn the heat on. Shift the game to your bedroom whenever you feel the time is right. You can dig deep into your boyfriend’s desires and try to recreate them in a fun and flirty way to impress him.

9. Do You See Us Getting Married In The Future?

It is a hasty question to ask, and if you sense any discomfort or anxiety from pressure, lighten up the mood or move to the next question. It’s your call if you would like to date a person who has no interest in marrying you. Do not react badly to a “no” even if it disappoints you.

10. Name One Thing That You Can Never Give Up

Even the most altruistic of men have habits or possessions they wouldn’t sacrifice. Therefore, it is always good to know what is dear to him.

That was a fun questions game session. Sometimes, you need to loosen up and let go of inhibitions while you play these games. Drinking games can help you relax a little more, cheer up the environment and be a great source of entertainment. You can incorporate some shots into any of these traditional games and convert them into a drinking game.

10 Drinking Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Drinking games to play with your boyfriend
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1. Never Have I Ever

The player admits to doing something or says – ‘Never have I ever.’ It could be hiking or skinny dipping or something even more embarrassing. If it is something he has done, he will have to take a shot.

2. Drunken Artists

The drunken artist is a ‘booze’ version of Pictionary. You and your boyfriend will take turns being the guesser and the artist. The artist will draw a picture, and the other party has to guess what they think the picture is supposed to be. The artist has to take a drink for every 20 seconds before the other can figure out what they were drawing.

Zoe Kuehn, a blogger, shared a game she enjoyed playing with her boyfriend. She said, “My boyfriend came up with this game, it’s totally original, he 100% came up with it before anyone else. In the game, one person starts a drawing, does half of the work, and another person finishes it (i).” The blogger thinks that this game is great for both those who can and cannot draw.

Licensed therapist, Laura Silverstein, advises, “Always drink responsibly and take into consideration an addiction that might require the use of non-alcoholic beverages.”

3. Straight Face

You have to write down jokes, inappropriate phrases, and funny riddles, while the other person must try to not laugh or giggle while reading them. Whoever laughs or fails to keep a straight face has to down a drink.

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Add a twist to this conventional game – whoever loses will take a sip. This drinking experience will blur your senses until a point where you get everything wrong.

5. Charades

While this game is perfect for teams, you can make an exception here and include intimate details in the puzzle while enacting for each other. It can be naughty phrases or nicknames you use or even your favorite song, movie, or actor. The one you guess it wrong have to take a sip of their drink. On the other hand, if you get it right, your partner has to take a sip.

6. Twister

Yes, you heard it right. This indoor game is for adults too! It makes you bend, stretch, and come up with postures you have never been in for ages. Each time you fail to get the right posture, take a sip. And you will realize that it gets only harder! Make sure you don’t end up with a neck twist or a sprain.

7. Striptease Dice

Let’s get steamy here. Roll the dice. For an even number, you have to take a shot. For an odd number, you take off a piece of clothing.

8. Flip, Sip, Strip

Flip a coin and ask your boyfriend to guess the side. If he guesses it wrong the first time, he has to take a sip, and the second time, he has to remove a piece of clothing.

9. Ask Me Anything

Ask your boyfriend any simple or detailed question about yourself. If he gets it right, you take a sip, and if he gets it wrong, he takes a sip of his drink.

10. Snakes And Ladders

We all played this board game when we were young. Time to add a sexy, competitive twist! Up the ladder calls for a shot, down the snake means you have to remove a piece of clothing.

Now that you have loosened up and relaxed a bit, let’s throw in some truth or dare questions. Include as many personal and intimate questions as possible for the truths, and go for quirky tasks for the dare part. Here are some tough truth questions followed by tougher dare tasks that you can spring at your boyfriend.

Truth Or Dare Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

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1. Truth: What Is The Worst Gift You Have Ever Received From Me?

This is a smart question that will probably get him into trouble if he answers and knows that! So, he will probably opt for the dare option.

2. Dare: Give Me A Foot Massage

This is a convenient dare task. So, put your feet up, and enjoy the massage!

3. Truth: Who Was Your First Kiss?

This is the perfect time to dig up skeletons from the past. It will also soften up your boyfriend with nostalgic feelings and give you an idea about what he was like in the past.

4. Dare: Do 25 Push-ups

It sounds more like a punishment for the first kiss, but it is just a physical task that gives him a chance to look hot and for you to drool over.

5. Truth: What’s The Most Embarrassing Moment In Your Life?

Let’s hear it out and see if it’s more embarrassing than yours. Now that you have come this far, he should be comfortable sharing anything with you.

6. Dare: Walk Naked Around The House

You are calling for more embarrassing moments for him, but this should set the mood right and start turning the heat up a bit.

7. Truth: Are You Closer To Your Best Friend Or Me?

The answer can be hurtful if he picks his friend. Make sure you don’t react to it and move on to the next question.

8. Dare: Perform A Pole Dance For Me

This is the ultimate sexy dare task and will definitely move things in the right direction.

9. Truth: Would You Like To Marry Me?

This catch 22 question can lead to a hasty response. A ’no’ would be disappointing, and a ’yes’ cannot be an impulsive answer.

10. Dare: Cook A Great Meal For Me

This task is a little demanding, but a man who can cook well has a direct entry into your heart. Join him in this act – pour yourselves some wine and enjoy the meal together.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You add a simple twist to the Truth and Dare game. If your partner picks “dare” but doesn’t want to complete the task, he must take a shot! The same rule applies when any of you pick “truth” but don’t want to share.

Infographic: 5 Fun Drinking Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Playing games helps break the ice in a new relationship or makes you feel closer to your boyfriend. Add some drinks to the equation and it is a great way to unwind and stay away from screens during the weekend. Check out this infographic for some fun drinking games you can play with your boyfriend.

5 fun drinking games to play with your boyfriend (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

It is important to keep the charm and romance alive in a relationship. And games always help in this regard while reminding you of the importance of teamwork. Playing question games is not only fun but they also give you a platform you can use to know your partner better. The same goes for drinking and truth-or-dare games. So, take your inspiration from the above games to play with your boyfriend and have a fun time with your man. It is these little things that make a bond stronger. But always remember, you should not offend anyone in the process. The idea is to enjoy the moment and not make anyone feel uncomfortable. So, keep this in mind while you are at it and make some amazing memories with your BAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What couple games can you play with your boyfriend over the phone?

If you have a long-distance relationship, you can play some popular games like Truth Or Dare, Never Have I Ever, and 20 Questions.

Are there any games that I should not play with my boyfriend?

Some games may not be suitable to play with your boyfriend as they may infringe on your level of comfort, trust, intimacy, and personal preferences. Avoid any games that make you or your partner uncomfortable due to violence, past trauma, alcohol or drug abuse, or cruelty, as they perpetuate a hostile or toxic environment.

What are some games that my boyfriend and I can play in public or at a party with friends?

You can play card games, trivia-based games, charades, word association games, or activity-based outdoor games with your partner and friends at a party.

Key Takeaways

  • Games are a fun way to break the ice or spice things up with your boyfriend.
  • Games often bring out the wild, fun side of your personality, helping you open up and bond better.
  • Q&As, truth and dare, or an impromptu striptease, can all guarantee a good time with your boyfriend over loads of laughter and fun.
games to play with your boyfriend

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From classic games to new and creative ideas, this video provides you with fun and exciting games to play with your boyfriend over the phone. Start gaming now!

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