31 Amazing Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Wow Everyone

by Harini Natarajan

Hey new mama! You have a bundle of joy growing inside you, and the day isn’t far off when you will get to hold him or her. But that’s the real question – is it a baby boy or a girl?

I bet half of your excitement is about finding out which one it is! Don’t be boring, do it in style! Find out the gender of your baby and throw a gala bash to celebrate it. Gather all your loved ones at a place and make beautiful memories that you can share with your little one when they grow up.

But, first things first. It is universally accepted that blue stands for boy, and pink stands for girl. So, whatever you decide on, stick to these colors to avoid mass confusion. You can also go for colors similar to pink and blue if you want something different – like peach and teal, pastel lavender and denim blue.

Someone close to the family, like your best friend, sister, or your partner’s sister or mom has to take care of the preparations so that none of you get to accidentally know what the gender of your bundle of joy is.

Let’s look at some ideas now!

Top 31 Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Bake The Cake


Ask the baker to bake a pink or blue cake and top it with chocolate or vanilla or some colored frosting that’s not the same as the cake inside it. It has to cover the cake completely so that no one gets a sneak peek, including you!

You could also ask the baker to put blue or pink candies inside that will fall out when you cut the cake. Gather everyone around the table, and you and your partner make that first slice. Tadaaaa – now you know what you are going to have!

This method of revealing gender is cost-effective because the cake can also be served to your guests.

2. Cupcakes Or Cake Pops


Getting customized cupcakes and cake pops is also a great way to announce the gender of your baby while serving all the guests some yummy sweet treats. Fill the inside of the cupcakes or cake pops with either blue or pink cream/frosting. The guests can all gather around and take a bite from their sweet treat at the same time.

This is actually more fun than the cake idea because everybody gets to participate. You can make it more fun by putting pink and blue icing on the cupcakes and letting the guests guess the gender by choosing one. Later, when they cut the cake, they can check the icing inside and see whether they were correct or not.

3. Unbox The Box


Get someone trusted to fill a gigantic box with blue or pink helium balloons. You and your partner can pull the string that’s keeping it all in together and release the balloons. Make sure to get photos of the exact moment the balloons escape.

4. Pop The Balloon

brittanyschilke / Instagram

This is kind of a water balloon game. Pour a little blue or pink paint into one of the balloons and let the rest be just water. Secure them to something. Let the guests take a balloon each and see who gets the gender-revealing balloon.

5. Piñata Popping

pomjoyfun / Instagram

This is a super fun way to do a gender reveal. Fill a piñata with pink or blue candies or confetti and let the guests hit it, break it, and reveal the gender. When it breaks, everyone will be showered with the colored confetti or candies, and the gender will be revealed.

6. Holi Reveal

beforebaby / Instagram

This gender reveal method allows everyone to know about the gender of the baby, except the parents-to-be. They throw pink or blue holi powder on the parents, surprising them with the gender.

Here’s an even better idea. Keep the theme all-white. Let the guests unbox little containers containing either pink or blue colors and have a fun gender reveal party.

7. Sibling Reveals Gender

joyfullygreen / Instagram

This works if you are having your second baby. Let the guests gather around. Let your child walk in and either hold up a sign revealing the gender of the baby or burst a balloon with blue or pink confetti in it.

8. Take A Guess

gabrellamanor / Instagram

Let the guests choose sides and wear pink or blue ribbons on their wrists. Then, when dinner is done, go outside and use a party popper that either pops blue or pink to reveal the gender. The ones who guessed it right get extra candies as prizes.

9. Catch A Pokemon

ohsh.tmikewazowski / Instagram

This is a super fun way to do the gender reveal. Let your guests know whether you are having a little Papi or Mami by tossing a poké ball filled with either blue or pink chalk powder on the ground. Let it explode, and celebrate the surprise!

10. Gender Reveal For Harry Potter Lovers

Are you going to have a little witch or wizard? Well, you have to ask the sorting hat! This is the perfect magical gender reveal idea, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Get the guests to gather around the sorting hat. Lift it to find something cute in blue or pink – it could be baby booties or clothing items. You could buy the hat online or get creative and make your own.

11. Football Gender Reveal

antonioh_27 / Instagram

You can host a Team Baby Girl or Team Baby Boy football game for the gender reveal. Besides football, you can also play a game of baseball. Just fill the ball with either blue or pink powder. Make sure to give the ball a good a kick or hit – and BAAAM! You will have your answer.

12. Paint Gun Reveal

joyfullyjuggling / Instagram

This a super fun one! Wear white to your party and arm your guests with paint guns that are filled with blue or pink paint. As they go crazy on you, the gender gets revealed as well!

13. Balloon Release

belleame_balloons / Instagram

If you want to do something simple, opt for this method. It is easy to arrange and do. Bring out several pink and blue balloons, let the excitement build, and then release the helium balloons that match the gender of the baby.

14. Smoke Bomb Reveal

kristay_kay_ / Instagram

This is a great one for the pictures! Let your guests gather around you and your partner in an open space. One of them has to throw a smoke bomb in either pink or blue at your feet. And you have got the answer!

15. Gender Reveal Beverage

Surprise your guests and reveal the gender by serving them either a blue or a pink drink— try Blue Hawaiian Punch or pink lemonade. Such fun!

16. Confetti Popper Reveal

genderreveal.nl / Instagram

Gather all the guests around and pop the confetti. The color will unveil the big surprise – boy or girl. This makes for a great photo op and looks like you are in a parade. You could also hand out the poppers to all your guests, do a back count, and pop them at the same time.

17. Gender Reveal Through Mail

luxuryrosesct / Instagram

This is a super cute idea and meant for those who can’t make it to the party. Or maybe you have decided not to throw a party at all but want your loved ones to know the gender. This is what you could do. Send everyone little gift boxes with either blue or pink things in them – according to your baby’s gender. They open it up – and voila! The surprise is revealed.

18. Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards

simplymoderndesign / Instagram

These are awesome! You can buy ready-made ones or get them designed. Mail them to your loved ones. They can scratch it and get to know the answer.

19. Pop The Belly Boards

genderrevealshow / Instagram

Set up a board outdoors. Get as many balloons as there are guests at your party. Pour a little blue or pink paint into one of the balloons and the rest with water. Blow them up and secure them to the board. Give each of the guests a pin and see who is the one to pop the ‘belly’ first.

20. Sibling Photos Reveal


Get a photographer and have a photoshoot with your other kid(s) in which you all can model with pink or blue balloons, flowers, or soft toys. Email the pictures to friends and family as a reveal. You could also frame the best one and set it up as a memory forever.

21. Husband Handprinted Tees Reveal


Let your hubby announce the baby’s gender by walking into the party and putting his handprints on your tummy. For this, someone has to help him color his hands with blue or pink paint and help them to sneak up to you without being noticed. Ideally, you should wear white. It is a super cute way to reveal the baby’s gender.

22. Bath Bomb Reveal


Plop a bath bomb into a bowl. Ask your guests to gather around. Watch it dissolve and turn the water blue or pink. You can go online and look up ways how to make this bath bomb or simply buy it online. Cute and not messy at all!

23. Guessing Game Reveal

This is a game in which all the guests can participate. Ask them to guess the baby’s gender and write it on a piece of paper. Collect them all, and before the party gets over, announce the winners – then what you are having. The ones who guessed it right win mini prizes.

24. Grand Entrance Reveal

chicbumpclub / Instagram

Make it an all-white party. Then, make an entrance in a dress that is blue or pink. You will not only stand out but also reveal the gender without actually announcing it!

25. Egg Roulette Reveal

monai_belgium / Instagram

Get 10 eggs and hard boil all but one. Color half of the eggs pink and the other half blue. Dye the egg that is not hard-boiled blue if you are having a boy or pink if you are having a girl. After the guests arrive, have them gather around and watch as you and your husband take turns cracking the eggs on each other’s heads. When it breaks in a runny mess, everyone will know what you are going to have.

26. Pet Photo Reveal


If you are a doggy mom, you can include your dog in the reveal. Dress your dog up in blue or pink items and have him stand beside a sign that says, ‘I am so excited to meet my new baby brother or sister. Woof woof’ or something else you like. Cute!

27. Prop Photo Reveal


If you want to do something simple and low key, you can have some fun in private with the entire family. You can use props like a pink bow for a girl or mustaches for a boy. Just pose for pictures and make beautiful memories.

28. Sign Reveal


If you don’t want any surprises, hang up an ‘It’s a boy/girl’ banner or put up cute signs everywhere. Also, you can have a blue or pink themed party.

29. Cotton Candy Reveal


This is easier to arrange if you are going to have a baby girl. Hire a cotton candy man and have him hand over the candies with an ‘It’s a girl’ tag to all your guests. Fun + yummy!

30. Treasure Hunt Reveal

This can be a super fun idea. Plan a treasure hunt in which the guests can divide themselves into teams and look for a particular object. The object can be in blue or pink – you can get baby booties or a ball or a teddy bear. The team that uncovers the treasure gets a prize.

31. Baby Cake Reveal

ana_s_cake_studio / Instagram

Get a cute customized cake made. The reveal could be when the cake is wheeled into the room. This is a very nice idea because you can get great pictures of the cake that you can keep forever!

You can tweak any of these ideas to do something that goes with your personality. But the important thing here is to have fun. These are some of the most beautiful moments in your life, so enjoy them and don’t get stressed about anything. All the best, mommy-to-be!

Which of these ideas did you like? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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