63 Amazing Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Wow Everyone

Make it a moment to cherish and celebrate your kid's gender with these creative concepts.

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Pregnancy is such a magical and exciting time. The eagerness to know if you will have a boy or a girl is the highlight of this phase. Thus, the gender-reveal ideas that you consider should reflect this emotion and be perfect for welcoming this lovely new addition to your family.

The day when you will be able to hold your bundle of joy isn’t far off. Your family and friends can’t wait to know the baby’s gender! Of course, they want to know if it is a boy or a girl. Let us make this wait fun and exciting with lots of love for the baby!

Celebrate the gender of your child with a party. Create beautiful memories that your children will cherish when they are older by bringing all your loved ones together. Nevertheless, let’s begin with the basics. Generally speaking, blue and pink are associated with boys and girls, respectively. If you wish to avoid confusion, stick to these colors regardless of the color scheme you choose. It is also possible to choose colors like peach and teal, pastel lavender, and denim blue in addition to pink and blue if you want something different.

Furthermore, a close family member, such as your sister, mother, or partner’s sister, must do the preparations to prevent anyone in your family from accidentally discovering the gender of your little one. Now, let’s explore some baby gender reveal ideas!

protip_icon Fun Fact
Gender reveal parties became popular in the late 2000s. Jenna Karvunidis, an American blogger, is said to start this trend in 2008.

Top 63 Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Bake The Cake

Bake the cake as a gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

Ask the baker to bake a pink or blue cake and top it with chocolate or vanilla or some colored frosting that’s not the same as the cake inside it. It has to cover the cake completely so that no one gets a sneak peek, including you!

You could also ask the baker to put blue or pink candies inside that will fall out when you cut the cake. Gather everyone around the table, and you and your partner cut that first slice. Tadaaaa – now you know what you are going to have!

This method of revealing the baby’s gender is cost-effective because the cake can later be served to your guests as dessert.

2. Cupcakes Or Cake Pops

Cupcakes or cake pops for gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

Getting customized cupcakes and cake pops is also a great way to announce the gender of your baby while serving all the guests some yummy sweet treats. Fill the inside of the cupcakes or cake pops with either blue or pink cream/frosting. The guests can all gather around and take a bite from their sweet treat at the same time.

This is actually more fun than the cake idea because everybody gets to participate. You can make it more fun by putting pink and blue icing on the cupcakes and letting the guests guess the baby’s gender by choosing one. Later, when they cut the cake, they can check the icing inside and see whether they were correct or not.

Martha, a blogger, details her gender reveal party preparations, right from choosing the perfect theme to selecting games and creative ways to announce the baby’s gender. The guests were asked to dress in blue or pink based on their gender predictions. Describing the big reveal, Martha said, “So we had all guests wait until I counted to three to take a bite out of the cupcake and see if we found a blue M&M, or a pink. I found a blue M&M inside. IT’S A BOY!!!!!!! (i).”

3. Unbox The Box

Unbox the box for gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

Get someone trusted to fill a gigantic box with blue or pink helium balloons. You and your partner can pull the string that’s keeping it all in together and release the balloons. Make sure to get photos of the exact moment the balloons escape.

4. Pop The Balloon

Pop the balloon for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @brittanyschilke

This is kind of a water balloon game. Pour a little blue or pink paint into one of the balloons and let the rest be just water. Secure them to something. Let the guests take a balloon each and see who gets the gender-revealing balloon.

5. Piñata Popping

Pinata popping for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @shoppartysparkles

This is a super fun way to do a gender reveal. Fill a piñata with pink or blue candy or confetti and let the guests hit it, break it, and reveal the gender. When it breaks, everyone will be showered with colored confetti or candy, and the gender will be revealed.

6. Holi Reveal

Holi reveal for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram

This gender reveal method allows everyone to know about the gender of the baby, except the parents-to-be. They throw pink or blue holi powder on the parents, surprising them with the gender, making it a perfect party planning game.

Here’s an even better idea. Keep the theme all-white. Let the guests unbox little containers containing either pink or blue colors and have a fun gender reveal party.

7. Sibling Reveals Gender

Siblings reveal gender
Image: Instagram @joyfullygreen

This works if you are having your second baby. Let the guests gather around. Let your child walk in and either hold up a sign revealing the gender of the baby or burst a balloon with blue or pink confetti in it.

8. Take A Guess

Take a guess for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @gabrellamanor

Let the guests choose sides and wear pink or blue ribbons on their wrists. Then, when dinner is done, go outside and use a party popper that either pops blue or pink to reveal the gender. The ones who guessed it right get extra candies as prizes.

9. Catch A Pokemon

Catch a pokemon for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram

This is a super fun way to do the gender reveal. Let your guests know whether you are having a little Papi or Mami by tossing a poké ball filled with either blue or pink chalk powder on the ground. Let it explode, and celebrate the surprise!

10. Gender Reveal For Harry Potter Lovers

Are you going to have a little witch or wizard? Well, you have to ask the sorting hat! This is the perfect magical gender reveal idea, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Get the guests to gather around the sorting hat. Lift it to find something cute in blue or pink– it could be baby clothes or little booties. You could buy the hat online or get creative and make your own.

11. Football Gender Reveal

Football gender reveal
Image: Instagram @antonioh_27

You can host a Team Baby Girl or Team Baby Boy football game for the gender reveal. Besides football, you can also play a game of baseball. Just fill the ball with either blue or pink powder. Make sure to give the ball a good kick or hit – and BAAAM! You will have your answer.

12. Paint Gun Reveal

Paint gun for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @ashleyrosemak

This is a super fun one! Wear white to your party and arm your guests with paint guns that are filled with blue or pink paint. As they go crazy on you, the gender gets revealed as well!

13. Balloon Release

Balloon release for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @belleame_balloons

If you want to do something simple, opt for this method. It is easy to arrange and do. Bring out several pink and blue balloons, let the excitement build, and then release the helium balloons that match the gender of the baby.

14. Smoke Bomb Reveal

Smoke bomb gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @kristay_kay_

This is a great one for the pictures! Let your guests gather around you and your partner in an open space. One of them has to throw a smoke bomb in either pink or blue at your feet. And you have got the answer!

15. Gender Reveal Beverage

Surprise your guests and reveal the gender by serving them either a blue or a pink drink— try Blue Hawaiian Punch or pink lemonade. Such fun!

16. Confetti Popper Reveal

Confetti popper for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @genderreveal.nl

Gather all the guests around and pop the confetti. The color will unveil the big surprise – boy or girl. This makes for a great photo op and looks like you are in a parade. You could also hand out the poppers to all your guests, do a back count, and pop them at the same time.

17. Gender Reveal Through Mail

Gender reveal thorugh mail
Image: Instagram

This is a super cute idea and meant for those who can’t make it to the party. Or maybe you have decided not to throw a party at all but want your loved ones to know the gender. This is what you could do. Send everyone little baby gifts. There could be different gift boxes with either blue or pink things in them – according to your baby’s gender. They open it up – and voila! The surprise is revealed.

18. Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards

Gender reveal scratch-off cards
Image: Instagram @simplymoderndesign

These are awesome! You can buy ready-made ones or get them designed. Mail them to your loved ones for baby showers or gender reveal parties. They can scratch it and get to know the answer.

19. Pop The Belly Boards

pop the belly boards for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @genderrevealshow

Set up a board outdoors. Get as many balloons as there are guests at your party. Pour a little blue or pink paint into one of the balloons and the rest with water. Blow them up and secure them to the board. Give each of the guests a pin and see who is the one to pop the ‘belly’ first.

20. Sibling Photos Reveal

Sibling photos reveal
Image: Shutterstock

Get a photographer and have a photoshoot with your other kid(s) in which you all can model with pink or blue balloons, flowers, or soft toys. Email the pictures to friends and family as a reveal. You could also frame the best one and set it up as a memory forever.

21. Husband Handprinted Tees Reveal

Husband handprinted tees reveal
Image: Shutterstock

Let your hubby announce the baby’s gender by walking into the party and putting his handprints on your tummy. For this, someone has to help him color his hands with blue or pink paint and help them to sneak up to you without being noticed. Ideally, you should wear white. It is a super cute way to reveal the baby’s gender.

22. Bath Bomb Reveal

Bath bomb gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

Plop a bath bomb into a bowl. Ask your guests to gather around. Watch it dissolve and turn the water blue or pink. You can go online and look up ways to make this bath bomb or simply buy it online. Cute and not messy at all!

23. Guessing Game Reveal

This is a game in which all the guests can participate. Ask them to guess the baby’s gender and write it on a piece of paper. Collect them all, and before the party gets over, announce what you are having. Those who guess it right win mini-prizes. This game also works for baby names, you can do a nursery decor and arrange the party there, giving pieces of paper to reveal the baby’s name.

24. Grand Entrance Reveal

Grand entrance gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @chicbumpclub

Make it an all-white party. Then, make an entrance in a dress that is blue or pink. You will not only stand out but also reveal the gender without actually announcing it!

25. Egg Roulette Reveal

Egg roulette gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram @monai_belgium

Get 10 eggs and hard boil all but one. Color half of the eggs pink and the other half blue. Dye the egg that is not hard-boiled blue if you are having a boy or pink if you are having a girl. After the guests arrive, have them gather around and watch as you and your husband take turns cracking the eggs on each other’s heads. When it breaks in a runny mess, everyone will know what you are going to have.

26. Pet Photo Reveal

Pet photo gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

If you are a doggy mom, you can include your dog in the reveal. Dress your dog up in blue or pink items and have him stand beside a sign that says, ‘I am so excited to meet my new baby brother or sister. Woof woof’ or something else you like. Cute!

27. Prop Photo Reveal

Prop photo gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

If you want to do something simple and low-key, you can have some fun in private with the entire family. You can use props like a pink bow for a girl or mustaches for a boy. Just pose for pictures and make beautiful memories.

28. Sign Reveal

Sign for gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

If you don’t want any surprises, hang up an ‘It’s a boy/girl’ banner or put up cute signs everywhere. Also, you can have a blue or pink themed party. It can also be used for the pregnancy announcement with a few changes.

29. Cotton Candy Reveal

Cotton candy gender reveal idea
Image: Shutterstock

This is easier to arrange if you are going to have a baby girl. Hire a cotton candy man and have him hand over the candies with an ‘It’s a girl’ tag to all your guests. Fun + yummy!

30. Treasure Hunt Reveal

This can be a super fun idea. Plan a treasure hunt in which the guests can divide themselves into teams and look for a particular object. The object can be in blue or pink – you can get baby booties or a ball or a teddy bear. The team that uncovers the treasure gets a prize.

31. Baby Cake Reveal

Baby cake for gender reveal idea
Image: Instagram

Get a cute customized cake made. The reveal could be when the cake is wheeled into the room. This is a very cute gender reveal idea because you can get great pictures of the cake that you can keep forever!

32. Pumpkin Reveal

If you are having a gender reveal party close to Halloween, this is the best way to reveal the gender of your baby. Hollow the pumpkin and place a blue or pink smoke grenade inside. Once the guests arrive, take them outside release the pin from the grenade, and watch the fumes swirl up from inside the pumpkin revealing the gender of your baby to your loved ones.

33. Onesie Reveal

Onesie gender reveal
Image: IStock

If you are planning to have a simple gender reveal party with a small group of people, then you can try this simple and cute idea! Buy a onesie according to the gender of the baby. Ask the cashier to wrap it well, and then take it home, and hand it to one of your family members or friends. Make sure to record everyone’s reaction as they open the wrapping to find what they have been anxiously waiting for.

34. Tic-Tac-Toe

Try this idea if you have a large backyard. Draw a 3 by 3 grid for the game. Make circular cardboard cutouts and paint them blue or pink on one side and black or any other solid color on the other side. Place them in the empty spaces of the grid you drew earlier. Now, you and your husband have to take turns flipping the circular cutouts, revealing either blue or pink color on the other side. Whichever color matches diagonally, vertically, or horizontally will tell the guests what you are having.

35. Baby Shower Reveal Party

If a close friend or a sibling is planning the party, then this idea is the best one! You can hand over the results to the planner and ask them to plan the baby shower accordingly. The theme will include blue or pink decorations and elements and it will be a great way to surprise your guests, as well as yourself!

36. Guess The Name

If you haven’t thought of any baby names or are unable to finalize one, why not take help from others to narrow it down? Ask your guests to guess the gender and write down a name accordingly. After every single guest has penned down their suggestion, you can reveal the gender and the name you decided on, or a name that caught your eye from the list.

37. Guess The Gender- Bows And Bowties Edition

If you want to go for a classic gender reveal, then this is the one! Create bows and bowties with ribbons or cloth for your guests to wear. Each guest will choose one and wear it throughout the party, until the grand reveal. The guests who chose the right gender can be rewarded with candies or small gifts.

38. A Wrestling Reveal

A fun and entertaining way to reveal the gender of your baby to everyone! You can ask two of your friends to dress up in two cartoon characters- one male and one female and have a play fight. Whichever gender wins, is the gender of your baby!

39. Break The Chocolate

Similar to that of a cake, but instead of cutting a cake, you get to break a chocolate! You can ask the baker to make a breakable chocolate heart with a blue or pink filling. You can break the chocolate in the presence of your friends and family to reveal the gender of the baby and celebrate the occasion together!

40. Blow Some Bubbles

You can plan a fun picnic party with your family and close friends to celebrate your pregnancy and reveal the gender of your baby. Ask a member of the family or friend to add some food coloring to the bubble solution to make it pink or blue. Reveal the gender of your baby by blowing some colorful bubbles on a sunny day and enjoy!

41. Silly String Fight

If you don’t want to play with water, play with some Silly String! Share the gender of your baby with a family member or a friend and ask them to buy blue or pink Silly String sprays. During the reveal, you and your partner can spray the Silly String at each other and the guests to reveal the secret!

42. An Erupting Volcano

Are you a science geek and want to do something amazing for your gender reveal? Well, nothing is more fun than watching a volcano spew blue or pink lava! Fill a plastic bottle with water and place it on a tray. Put play dough of any color except pink or blue around the bottle to cover it. Now, pour a mixture of baking soda and pink or blue food coloring inside the bottle. During the reveal, pour some vinegar into the bottle and let the lava announce the gender.

43. Glow Stick Party

If you love having parties at night and being surrounded by plenty of glow sticks, then this is the one for you. Hand glow sticks to the guests and ask them to hold on to it until the announcement. Once everyone has arrived, turn off the lights and ask the guests to turn them on. If it’s a boy, the glow stick will light up in blue, and if it’s a girl, it will glow in pink.

44. Fortune Cookie Party

Ask a friend or family member to place an order of fortune cookies with some witty messages that will reveal the gender of the baby. Phrases like ‘Sorry Mom, I will be Daddy’s favorite girl’, or ‘I will be a Mama’s boy’ can be used. Distribute these cookies among the guests, let them take a bite, and see whether your baby is a girl or a boy!

45. Wardrobe Reveal

Buy a small cupboard and put clothes, shoes, and other accessories inside according to gender. For instance, if it’s a girl, put pink clothes, shoes, and accessories inside the cupboard, and if it’s a boy, do the same but with blue. Gather your guests around and you and your partner, open the cupboard at the same time to reveal the gender.

46. Magic T-Shirts

There are T-shirts that reveal a hidden message when they are wet. So you can pre-order a lot of them and ask your guests to change into them before the reveal. You can use water guns to spray each other with water and once the t-shirts get wet, the gender of the baby will be revealed. A great way to make it fun and memorable!

47. Foggy Surprise

If you want a safe alternative for your gender reveal party, this is the one. Get a fog machine with lights (blue or pink) and when all the guests have gathered, reveal the gender of your baby. It is a simple yet classic way to celebrate the newest addition to the family.

48. Go Fish

You can use an inflatable swimming pool for this idea. Fill the pool with water and mix any dark color be it red, green, or purple with the water. Make sure that the water becomes opaque. Attach a pink or blue toy fish to a kid’s fishing rod, and place the rod in such a way that the fish remains completely immersed in the water. During the reveal, either you or your partner slowly reel it in, revealing the gender to the guests.

49. Book Reveal

If you are a bookworm then this idea might be up to your liking. Choose a few books from your bookshelf and place them on a table. Put a blue or pink sheet of paper inside one of them, and keep the others as it is. Make sure the sheet is smaller than the book sizes and all the book sizes are more or less similar. Also, put the sheet somewhere in between the pages so it is harder to find. During the reveal, ask two guests to participate and take turns opening the book until they find the one that reveals if it’s a boy or a girl!

50. Deliver Flowers

Pink flower bouquet
Image: IStock

If you live away from your loved ones, and can’t make it to their place to have a proper reveal party, then you can opt for this one. You can have flowers in pink or blue delivered to your family and friends to reveal the gender of the baby, along with a card congratulating them on becoming grandparents or uncles and aunts. If you are having twins, then make sure to add both pink and blue or lots of blue and pink to the arrangement.

51. A Word Search

Search for an online printable where you can find the words boy or girl 9-10 times. Opt for the one according to the gender of your baby- if your baby is a girl, look for a printable that mentions ‘girl’ 10 times and ‘boy’ 9 times, or vice versa. A fun way for everyone to figure out the gender of your baby!

52. A Date Night

If you are looking to surprise your partner in an intimate way before letting anyone else know the gender of your baby, then this is the perfect idea. You can set up a romantic dinner date with all his favorite food and light up a gender reveal candle to celebrate the newest addition to your family in an intimate setting.

53. Nursery Reveal

This one works if both parents already know the gender of your baby. You can use this idea to surprise your family and friends. Set up the nursery for your baby and reveal it to them when it’s done or show them the pictures of the same at the reveal party. A less messy and simple way of revealing what you are having.

54. Dart Art Reveal

If you wish to have something that reminds you of the moment that you got to know the gender of your baby, then this is the perfect way to do so. Attach a couple of balloons filled with shades of either pink or blue to a blank canvas and toss a dart to pop them one by one. You can frame the canvas and fix it in your baby’s room.

55. Glitter Bomb Pic

If you wish to announce to your online friends the gender of your baby, then try this one. Get a professional photographer to take pictures of you as you blow blue or pink glitter. This picture will serve as a pregnancy, as well as a gender reveal announcement.

56. Boxing Reveal

If you are a fan of boxing, try this one! DIY your own punching bag using a cloth bag with some sponges and blue or pink powder color. Use your powerful right hook to break the bag and reveal the gender to your guests!

57. Christmas Reveal

Why not celebrate a holiday and the newest addition to the family together? Ask one of your family members or a friend to check your results, and decorate the tree using pink or blue fairy lights. On Christmas Eve, switch on the lights decorated on the tree and find out whether it’s a girl or a boy.

58. Ride Pink Or Blue?

If you are not afraid to ride a bubblegum pink or sky blue car, then this one can be a fun idea to try! You can get one of your friends to have your car painted as a part of the gender reveal fun. You can also ask them to attach some balloons to the car. Ask one of your friends to drive the car down the road in front of your house when the guests gather outside for the big reveal.

59. Straw Surprise

Purchase color-changing straws and put them in ice-cold drinks. The material of the straws will react with ice-cold liquid and will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl! A fun way to combine surprise and refreshment, no?

60. Ultrasound Filter

Use a pink or blue-tinted photo filter to snap a photo of the ultrasound. You can either reveal a printed photo of a pink or blue-tinted ultrasound in a grand way at your gender reveal party or email it to your loved ones if you are not organizing a party or if they stay far away.

61. Baby Calendar Countdown

If you are up for a long week of fun that leads up to the party, then you can go ahead with this idea. Create a calendar with a countdown to the big reveal day. Each day, have a different guest open a labeled envelope or box containing a small gender-related item. But make sure that the answer isn’t too predictable because you need to keep up the suspense until the grand reveal.

62. Sing A Song

You can either compose a song about your unborn child by yourself or ask someone to do it for you after sharing the baby’s gender with them. During the gender reveal party, when all the guests have gathered around, sing this song to let your dear ones know what you are having.

63. A Dragon Surprise

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you will be thrilled about this reveal idea. The only thing you have to do is order heat-activated, color-changing dragon eggs online according to the gender of your baby. If you want it to be a surprise, ask a friend or family to place the order. Have a Game of Thrones-themed gender reveal party and announce whether you are having a Lord or a Lady!

protip_icon Trivia
Blue and pink chocolate-covered pretzels and champagne or sparkling grape juice with pink or blue cotton candy are some amazing food and drinks options for a gender reveal party.

Infographic: 7 Beautiful Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Amaze Everyone

There is nothing more beautiful and magical than adding a little one to your family. As the big day nears, it is important to let your family know the gender of your little bundle of joy. What better way to tell them than with a fun gender reveal event? We have compiled a list of 7 gender reveal ideas that will amaze all your loved ones. Check out the infographic below to know more!

7 beautiful gender reveal ideas that will amaze everyone (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The bottom line is that you can allow your creative juices to flow and plan an out-of-the-world gender reveal. Apart from the regular baby reveal ideas, the ones that we have mentioned above will not only make the occasion unique but also memorable for you and your guests. But no matter how you celebrate it, do not forget to have fun. The point is to be happy and celebrate your soon-to-be-born baby’s gender. So, make sure you meet these goals while executing our unique gender reveal ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party?

The pregnant person should be in their second trimester to have a gender reveal party. It is during the 20th week of the pregnancy that the ultrasound usually detects the baby’s gender.

Why are gender reveal parties harmful?

Gender reveal parties become harmful when dangerous and special effects are used to reveal the gender. The over-the-top ideas may harm the people and the environment.

What time of day are gender reveal parties organized?

Gender reveal parties can be planned at any time of the day.

Key Takeaways

  • The gender reveal is an important landmark in a woman’s pregnancy journey.
  • Getting customized cupcakes or cake pops is a great way to announce the gender of your baby.
  • You can also fill a piñata with pink or blue confetti and let the guests hit it, break it, and reveal the gender.
gender reveal ideas

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

If you are planning a gender reveal party and want some inspiration then you should check out this video that shows ideas on decor, food, and much more!

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