How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker – 20 Styling Hacks

Discover these simple tricks and techniques to get thick, luscious, and gorgeous tresses.

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Although we all want thick hair, most of us are not blessed with it. And it can be frustrating to tie your hair in any hairstyle and find it appear thin and lifeless. So, in this post, we have brought you some tips on how to make thin hair look thicker. Because, let’s be honest, we all would like to stop having people telling us how thin our hair looks and what we are doing wrong. So, let’s get into how to make your thin hair look voluminous and fuller.
Keep reading to know the different ways to make your thin and lifeless hair come alive!

Keep reading to know the different ways to make your thin and lifeless hair come alive!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Since you will be using many hair styling products, nourishing your hair with a hot oil treatment afterward is a must.
  • Patience is key. You will need to do some trial rounds to achieve the desired look.
  • Make sure to apply the volume spray from a safe distance to prevent it from getting into your eyes or nose.

Thin Hair Vs Fine Hair

Woman with thin hair looking in the mirror
Image: Shutterstock

Understanding the difference between thin and fine hair can help you choose the proper hair care and styling strategies. Here’s how the two hair types differ:

Thin hair refers to the density of hair follicles on the scalp. If you have thin hair, you have fewer hair follicles per square inch, which can result in a more visible scalp and a hairstyle lacking volume.

Fine hair refers to the diameter of each hair strand. Fine hair strands have a smaller circumference, making them prone to breakage. However, you can have a lot of fine hair, which would not be considered thin.

Strengthening and volumizing products can help fine hair appear thicker, while strategic haircuts and styling methods create the illusion of density for thin hair. Knowing your hair type helps tailor your hair care and styling approach to meet its specific needs.

Styling Tips To Make Your Thin Hair Appear Thicker

1. Shampoo And Conditioner

Make thin hair look thicker with shampoo and conditioner
Image: Shutterstock

Wash your hair with a thickening shampoo and conditioner as they contain ingredients that aid hair regrowth and strengthening. Stay away from hydrating shampoos as they can make your hair flat.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Choosing the right conditioner is equally important as the wrong product or using it in excess can weigh hair down and make it look flatter.

2. Volume Spray

Make thin hair look thicker with volume spray
Image: Shutterstock

Volume spray – it’s in the name! Volume sprays contain polymers that coat your hair shafts to make your hair look fuller. Make sure you spritz on a generous amount to make your hair look as full as it can.

3. Dry Shampoo

Make thin hair look thicker with dry shampoo
Image: Shutterstock

Dry shampoo adds volume to your hair. It absorbs the excess oil from your hair so that it doesn’t look greasy and flat. It saves you from having to wash your hair every day.

Stay away from dry shampoos that use talc and aluminum starch octenylsuccinate in their products. Use products with natural starches (like rice) in them. They will give your hair a refreshed and voluminous look without causing any issues.

4. Round Brush

Make thin hair look thicker with a round brush
Image: Shutterstock

Using a round brush can make your hair look voluminous. Place your brush underneath your hair, brushing it downward and towards your face. This will give your hair a C-shape, making it look thick. Brush your bangs away from your face and let them fall.

Angelique, a blogger, shared one of the simple ways of adding volume to her thin hair in her video. She revealed, “I put my head down. Flip my hair over, and then I use a round brush and blow dry it that way upside down. It gives me so much more volume (i)”

5. Hair Dryer

Flipping your hair down and blow-drying it is an age-old way of adding volume to your hair. Flip your hair forward, point the hair dryer downwards, and run your brush through your hair continuously. Move around to all parts of your hair.

Keep the heat on medium setting as you don’t want to burn your hair or dry it out.

6. Backcombing

Backcombing or teasing your hair is a great way to add faux volume. It makes your hair look thick and full. Take a small section of hair and, using a fine-toothed comb, comb it downwards from the mid-section to the roots.

7. Mousse

Make thin hair look thicker with mousse
Image: Shutterstock

When you have thin hair, use mousse instead of a gel. A gel is much thicker and will make your hair strands greasy and stick together. A mouse is light and not sticky. You can style your hair without making it look like anything has been applied to it.

8. Highlights And Lowlights

Make thin hair look thicker with highlights and lowlights
Image: IStock

Highlights and lowlights can add dimension to your hair and make it look thicker than it is. It also depends on your face shape. Check with stylists to find out which of these will look lovely on you. A blend of light and dark colors at the right places can make your hair look full and shiny. This also helps in showcasing your natural hair color.

9. Take Vitamins

Make thin hair look thicker by taking vitamins
Image: Shutterstock

Just like your body needs nutrients to grow, so does your hair. Vitamins will help strengthen your hair follicles and aid regrowth. You can find multivitamin tablets and supplements at your local pharmacy or general store.

10. Oil

Make thin hair look thicker with oil
Image: Shutterstock

This is a hair care step rather than a styling hack to naturally improve hair volume. Oiling your hair is the best way to nourish your hair follicles and moisturize your hair. Use coconut oil or Jamaican black castor oil as they have nutrients that help stimulate hair growth and protect your hair from any damage. Make sure you also include scalp scrubbing in your hair care to manage build-up that could clog your follicles.

11. Haircuts

This is key! Get a haircut that accentuates your best features and makes your hair look full and bouncy. Layers and bangs add dimension to your face and texture to your hair, making it look voluminous.

12. Hair Extensions

If you have really thin and fine-textured hair, hair extensions are a simple and great way to add more hair. They are also easy to attach to your hair. You can choose among tape-in extensions, clip-on extensions, and sewn-in extensions.

13. Hair Plugs And Implants

Make thin hair look thicker with hair plugs and implants
Image: Shutterstock

If you want a permanent fix for your hair thinning issues, try hair plugs and implants. In these procedures, hair follicles are transplanted from a donor to the recipient. Some clinics work with your own hair. They take hair from your nape and add it to the area that is losing hair.

14. Curling

Make thin hair look thicker by curling it
Image: Shutterstock

Curl your hair away from your face and brush it outwards. This makes it appear more voluminous. The same goes for wavy hair as well. You will definitely notice how bouncy and thick this makes your hair look.

15. Pancake Your Hair

Make your braids look more voluminous by tugging at each weave of the braid. This is known as ‘pancaking’ your hair. You can try this when you twist your hair and then pin it or even on a ponytail.

16. Velcro Rollers

Make thin hair look thicker with velcro rollers
Image: Shutterstock

Velcro rollers are a simple and easy way to bring volume to your hair. The best thing about velcro rollers is that they latch on to your hair and make sure that it doesn’t slip off the roller.

17. Massage Your Scalp

Whether you’re oiling, shampooing, or conditioning your hair, make sure you massage your scalp so that the products reach your scalp and nourish your hair from the roots. When using oil, make sure you massage it into the roots as it strengthens and nourishes your hair. When shampooing your hair, take a dollop of shampoo and massage it on your scalp to prevent any build-up or flakiness from remaining on your hair. Massaging your scalp properly helps rejuvenate the tresses and support scalp health as well.

18. Hairstyles

A pouf done on a ponytail, bun, or even loose hair will make your hair look thicker. Sweeping your hair to one side and pinning it in place will also make your hair look voluminous. While slight waves can make your hair look fuller than it is, side-swept bangs add dimension. Tease your hair near the crown to give it a perfect rise near the hairline. Avoid tight ponytails or buns as they can lead to hair fall.

  • Short Hair: Short hair that ends at your shoulders or higher makes thin hair look incredibly thick. A shag haircut, an edgy textured bob, or a pixie cut can add dimension to your hair.
  • Layers: Layers add dimension to your hair, which personifies volume.
  • Blunt Bobs: A precise bob with blunt ends make for solid styles that add a neat looking volume to the ends of your hair.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Try to avoid middle partition as it makes hair look flatter. One easy volumizing trick is changing your parting and flipping hair to the other side.

19. Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. The more stressed you feel, the more your hair will fall. So, de-stress! Take a holiday or, if you have too much work, try splitting it up into small tasks rather than doing it altogether.

20. Lose Weight

Yes! Being obese can cause hair loss. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) determines how much your body should weigh depending on your height and mass. Consult a physician to understand what steps you can take to reduce body weight along with exercising and eating healthy.

Infographic: 10 Tips To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

It is not a stretch to think that you can make your hair thicker, especially if you have thin tresses. All you need to do is try some a few tips and tricks to make them appear thicker and bouncier than they are. Check out the infographic below to learn more and see which one works the best for you.

10 tips to make your hair look thicker (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Having thin hair is a crutch that you can, thankfully, fix. Thin hair looks flat, limp, and lifeless. Not to mention that it gets greasy very fast, is more vulnerable to damage and breakage, and looks very scanty. You can learn how to make thin hair look thicker by following the above tips. While various factors contribute to thin hair, whether it is because of lack of nutrition and hydration, genetics, age, hormones, or medical conditions, using the right hair care products that cater to your hair issues can help transform thin hair into thick, luscious tresses. You can style or highlight your hair to add more depth and dimension to your tresses, making it look thicker than it is. You can also use extensions to make your look more voluminous and even longer or simply grab a wig for a different look. There are so many options for you to choose from! But if you find your thin hair getting worse and more brittle in appearance, then this may need adequate attention from a doctor and proper consultation would be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does thin hair look thicker dark or light?

Thin natural hair usually looks light. However, you can make it look thicker by coloring it in a dark hair color.

Will highlights hide thinning hair?

Yes, highlights can be used to hide thinning hair. But if you have light hair, try experimenting with lowlights – dark highlights. Darker color can create fullness by absorbing light and illuminating more shine.

What role does blow drying play in making thin hair appear thicker?

Blow drying the hair in the opposite direction by flipping the hair down can create a nice lift and volume at the roots, which in turn can create the illusion of fuller-looking hair.

Can hair extensions or hairpieces make thin hair look thicker?

Yes, adding hair extensions or hair pieces such as wigs, toupees, sponge donuts, a pack of extensions, and hair weaves help add thickness to the mane without hair damage and give it a natural look.

Are there any specific haircuts or styles to avoid if you have thin hair?

Though adding layers helps to create the illusion of thick and healthy strands, adding too many layers can make it look lacking in volume and body. And could not help you achieve the desired results.

Can a healthy scalp contribute to the appearance of thicker hair?

Yes, an unhealthy scalp and oxidative stress can impact hair growth and lead to premature hair loss. Hence, a healthy scalp is essential for the appearance of thicker hair (1).

Key Takeaways

  • Keep your hair clean and free from dirt and residue to prevent it from weighing down and looking thin.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo and keep dry shampoo handy to beat the oil and enhance the hair volume.
  • Use a round brush and blowdry hair to add extra volume that lasts a long time.
  • Consume a balanced diet and take vitamin supplements to make your hair grow thicker.
how to make thin hair look thicker

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Seeking detailed styling tips to get a fuller hair look? Watch this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make thin hair look thicker and voluminous!

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