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How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones?

How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones? September 19, 2017

Hair color is a great way to subtly and sometimes drastically change your entire appearance. The right hair color can make you look fab with very little effort. Choosing hair color for Indian skin tone can be more difficult than any other types. Women don’t realize that, what works on say Western hair, is not suitable for Indian skin tones. Common, how many times have you seen that very blonde aunty walking down the street and stared after her in horror. Another problem Indian women face is the inability to go crazy with hair color because of “what society thinks.”

Anyway here’s a little guide on the best hair color for Indian skin women, to give all those confused ladies with blah hair, a ticket to amazing hair! No matter what your skin tone! If you can get your skin tone right for your makeup, you can get it right for your hair too! Check out these hair color ideas for Indian women.

Choosing The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tone

First things first, you have to know your skin tone. Is it warm or cool? If you turn red and burn in the sun as opposed to tan, you’re probably a cool. If you tan, you’re a warm. Sometimes Indian skin tone likes to be a pain in the butt and you need a professional to decipher it. A hair dresser, a MAC makeup artist or even a BFF with a good eye for color can help!

1. Natural Color:

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When it comes to natural colors, browns, reds and burgundy is favored for Indians. The undertone of the skin is very important when you choose a color. If you’re very yellow, you don’t want an ashy brown or gold, you will look jaundiced. Same goes for beauties that tend to go very red, if you choose red hair, you may look like a tomato! Definitely not a good look! The best hair color shades for Indian skin is one that doesn’t work against their skin tone.

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2. Brown :

Brown is probably the safest color you can go for. Again, go according to your skin. If you’re cooler, go for colors like mahogany. For warm skin, go for ash brown.

3. Burgundy :

A very popular color that will look best on olive and yellow skin tones. It will suit darker girls.

4. Red :

Red is tricky, there are a lot of shades in just red! If you’re fair go for a lighter red or copper. Not orange! Olive girls will look best with blue based reds which are darker. If you have very red skin, try to stay away from red, it will be an overdose of ruddiness.

5. Golden :

I don’t think golden is a natural color on anyone with Indian skin but people do love it! So, I feel I should add a bit about it. A full head of blonde is not a winning look; it can make dusky women look very pale and sickly as well as olive ladies, even if they are fair. Cool skinned fair girls can pull it off, but it requires a lot and isn’t something that can be easily done at home! The best way to wear golden is with some brown tones and usually in streaks or highlights. Don’t go full gold. Not only is the gold “color” not flattering, it is also mostly bleach and very harmful for hair.

6. Black :

Pure black is a no-no. Black makes your features appear harder and more haggard. It will look like a wig. Go for a dark brown instead.

Low lights And Highlights For Black Hair Indian:

If you go for all over hair color, do consider highlights or low lights. Not more than one or two shades lighter/ darker than your color. They add realism and dimension to the hair. Our hair is actually made of many different pigments, if you hold up your natural hair against the sun; you’ll see what I mean. Hair color removes this “natural look” by adding one solid pigment. Adding highlights/ lowlights can add softness and dimension to your hair.

Unnatural colors:

Unnatural colors have not been embraced by Indians as such. Whenever my hair is blue or pink I get a lot of looks and comments too. People like to talk to me about my hair and even ask to touch it! So unless you like a lot of attention, don’t go unnatural! Thin streaks here and there may be your best bet. Purples, plums and fire engine reds are the some of good hair colors for Indian skin that you could try on.

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I hope this little guide helped you understand the best hair colors for Indian skin tone and made you take an informed hair color decision!


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