Girls’ Night Ideas: Fun Indoor And Outdoor Activities

Liven up your playful pajama parties and make it an exciting night to be remembered.

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Girls’ night ideas can be difficult to come up with, especially for those with busy schedules and unique tastes in entertainment. But sometimes, you need this fun dose to combat the stress of daily life. When your schedules are packed, taking a moment to relax and unwind with friends can make all the difference.

Planning too much for a girls’ night can prevent you from having a good time with your friends. So, take our advice and let us suggest you some activities. Girls’ nights out aren’t planned; rather, everything occurs spontaneously. Therefore, you need to select activities the entire group will enjoy. Getting started is easy with these engaging, fun games. Check them out below!

Activities For Girls’ Night In

1. Have A Spa Night With Girlfriends

Spa night idea for girls night

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This is a relaxing idea to lighten your mood and doesn’t need much planning. A few ideas are mani-pedis, facials, and hot-stone massages. If you feel like pampering yourself, go for some things (like makeup) that are new on the market!

2. Watch A Scary Movie

Everyone does movie nights with their significant other. So, why not mix things up a little and do it with your girlfriends, too? Grab some snacks and pick out any latest scary movie you all are looking forward to seeing. If you want to get fancy about it, order some pizza or Chinese food for dinner and have everyone’s favorite drinks stacked!

3. Play Board Games

Board games are a great idea if you want to laugh and have fun with your friends and bond over silly gossip. Everyone loves to spend some quality time with the people they like, especially when they form stronger bonds while doing something so casual. Play simple games like Monopoly, Twister, or some other game that will get the competitive juices flowing.

Quick Tip
Keep the guest list under 10 to make the board games and the party manageable. You can interact and connect with your closed ones effortlessly.

4. Make A Wishlist Of Things To Do

This idea hardly takes any planning but is super fun. It always brings out your passion and enthusiasm to do new things. You can split your list into things that are easy to do and difficult to do.

For instance:

Easy: Go to the movies on weekends, go camping overnight, take a road trip for one day.
Difficult: Travel to a new country, buy a new car, achieve financial stability over the next 2-3 years.

5. Have A Dance Party

Dance party idea for girls night

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Put on your favorite playlist and be prepared to sweat it out with all your friends. Nothing beats the feeling of uninhibited dancing to your favorite songs with your closest girlfriends. A dance party is perfect for those who love staying in shape.

6. Engage In Creative Pastime

Bond with your friends over arts and crafts. Painting nails or empty glass bottles and even baking cupcakes can bring out your creative side without stressing you out. Plus, these activities can be a teaching moment for your friends who don’t know much about the craft, and there will also be souvenirs to take back home.

7. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking with friends is one of the best ideas because everyone loves to eat – and there’s nothing better than eating together as a group. You can cook something as simple as spaghetti and garlic bread or roast marshmallows over the stove. You can also turn to online cooking channels if you wish to experiment with something new and challenging.

8. Awaken Your Spirituality

If you are into meditation or want to explore your spirituality, all you need is a clean and clear space, some candles, and maybe some yoga mats. Pick out any spiritual guidebook or an online guided meditation video and start meditating. There’s nothing more relaxing than some mindful breathing exercises and connecting with your inner self.

9. Fancy Costume Party

Fancy costume party idea for girls night

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Plan ahead and prepare for an eclectic costume for your next girls’ night out. There are plenty of fun costume ideas to choose from, such as Disney characters or the Spice Girls. It can be a great photo opportunity; you can take amazing photos together to preserve your memories from the night.

10. At-Home Karaoke Night

Organizing a karaoke night has never been easier. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, connect your computer or phone to external speakers and play online songs with lyrics on any music app. You can also make an impromptu dance routine as you sing. It will surely be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Going out once in a while and enjoying a night of fun and frolic with friends is something we all deserve. Let’s look at some ideas for a girls’ night out.

Plans For Girls’ Night Out

1. Splash Into A Pool Party

Splash into a pool party for girls night

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Decide on a warm evening and get your snacks and drinks to organize a low-budget pool party. You can also invite your friends over for a dressing-up session and make it an all-day affair. Head to the nearest community pool with a few movies and a portable music player at around 8 or 9 pm. It is bound to be a great night, filled with laughter and hilarious moments!

2. Gear Up For A Long Drive

Since you will have the whole night, plan a long drive during the evening with your friends. Choose a short distance so you can’t even feel the night going away. You can bring along some snacks and soft drinks to enjoy on the way. There are many options for food while driving, like fast food, drive-through restaurants, or some roadside stalls. Don’t forget the sing-along long-drive playlist!

3. Try Your Luck At Casino Night

Get together one evening and go for a girls’ night out to a casino. You can enjoy several games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Try your luck and play for hours while catching up on each other’s lives. You can also grab some snacks or dinner at the casino while having fun with your friends.

4. Organize A Garden Tea Party

If you aren’t into wild girls’ night-out plans, take your friends out for a garden tea party (either outside or at your home). Make it an open invitation for your friends to dress up in lovely outfits and have the time of their lives. You can also choose some unique entertainment options like treasure hunts, which are available at reasonable rates.

5. Go For A Cocktail Night

Go for a cocktail night on girls night

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It is, by far one of the most popular plans for a girls’ night out. Organize yourselves into a group and pay a visit to a nearby lounge or bar. You can get grooving on the dance floor for some fun time while sipping on your favorite cocktails.

Quick Tip
Ensure to rent a limo for party hours or book an Uber for a cocktail night with your gals to avoid the ‘drinking and driving’ situation.

6. Attend A Live Concert

Get your earplugs and head to a live music show nearby. If there are no shows around, you can head to your local bar to catch a live performance by musicians or bands from your town.

7. Shop Away

If you have been planning a shopping spree for a while, girls’ night out can be the day for it. Head out to your favorite mall and have some fun while shopping. After all, friends who shop together stay together. You can even head to a few local shops in the town to pick up jewelry for an evening party.

8. Participate In A Cooking Class

Bring out your inner master chef for this exciting girls’ night idea! Enroll yourself in an entertaining and informative culinary class led by personable, friendly chefs. You get to learn the basics of cooking while enjoying a wonderful time with your friends.

9. Get Bowling

Get bowling for girls night

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If none of the above suggestions suit your taste, and you feel there’s just too much excitement and energy rushing through your veins for the girls’ night out, look no further! Plan a fantastic bowling night with your friends. Get some snacks and drinks along to enjoy while cheering for each other. A little competition harms no one!

10. Experience Wine Tasting

It can turn out to be a great idea for wine lovers. You can enjoy different wines in the company of your friends while learning about the process of winemaking. Some delicious snacks can also accompany the exquisite pours.

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure everyone has a good time. Head to the next section for some things you should keep in mind while organizing or heading for a girls’ night.

Basic Things To Bear In Mind

You can decorate your house to make it look more fun and entertaining before the girls arrive. You can also research online for advanced information about events, restaurants, and more while hosting a girls’ night out. It is always good to be prepared and have a list of things to do with your friends.

Some of the things that should be on your to-do list are:

  •  Gather all your besties and note down the exciting things you all can do together. Shortlist what you want to do and decide on a plan.
  •  Pick a list of new cafes or pubs that are within walking distance from your house.
  •  Let everyone know what you plan on doing so they can manage other things at home or work accordingly.
  •  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in case you are planning to stay out long.
  •  Wear a mask and carry a hand sanitizer with you all the time.
  •  Bring some cash with you as it might come in handy for conveyance and other things on the night out.
  •  Finally, don’t forget to post some pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #GirlsNightout.

Be it a relaxing spa, a movie night out, or simply playing board games whole night, these girls’ night date ideas are all about bonding over your tribe. Whether pre-planned with venue, theme, and a dress code in place, or an impromptu on the spot extesion of your incessant chatter, a girls’ night together is more about connecting while having fun. Drinks, shared stories and experiences, fun, and laughter makes the night memorable for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a girls’ night last?

You can plan for a girls’ night to go on for as long as you prefer. However, when planning a girls’ night, keep in mind your location, environment, and comfort of your friends. If it is a sleepover at someone’s place, it can last the entire night. However, if it is a night of clubbing out late, be careful if the area is safe enough for you to stay out beyond a certain timeframe.

Why is a girls’ night out important?

No one understands a girl better than another girl. After several days of overtime at work, dealing with a dysfunctional family, or overwhelming interactions with your romantic partner, it would feel great to let your hair down and confide in your girls. Girls’ nights are the best way to let loose with the girls while sharing your biggest concerns or spicy gossip with them. It also helps build healthy and lasting relationships with your girls, who will always have your back.

How often should you have a girl’s night?

Considering your busy schedules, having a girl’s night at least once in 1-2 weeks will work wonders for your mental peace.

Key Takeaways

  • Girls’ nights out can become really special when they are more spontaneous than tightly planned.
  • Spa session, dance party, cooking together, playing board games are some fun ideas to enjoy a girls’ night in.
  • A pool party, bowling, garden party, getting cocktails, going on a shopping spree or attending a live concert are some engaging ideas for a fun girls’ night out.
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