How To Give Someone A Hickey?

How To Give Someone A Hickey? April 23, 2018

Are you bored of gifting your partner expensive gifts? Why don’t you try and give her a special memento of love? Now that Valentine’s day is around the corner, lovers across the world are busy planning surprises for their special someone.

You can also try to make the day memorable for your sweetheart without burning a hole in your pocket. Do you want to know how? Well, we are talking about hickeys! Have you ever wondered how to give someone a hickey? If you don’t know what a hickey is or you want to brush up on your hickey skills, go ahead and read this post.

What Is A Hickey?

A hickey, or a love bite, or a kiss mark is essentially a bruise that is red in colour. Aggressively sucking on another person’s flesh usually creates hickeys. Leaking blood vessels cause the initial distinct red colour. It gradually turns purple and then brown.

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Why Do Lovers Give A Hickey?

Hickeys are usually a sign of passion and also a way of marking territory or a loved one. It may simply be a passionate reminder of one’s love for another. Remember that hickeys are sexual marks and often people will assume that you had an extra passionate time last night. It is always a smart idea to give your beloved a hickey on parts that are not very visible. It will help you avoid unwanted scrutiny in your love life. Hickeys aren’t bad, but they can attract unnecessary attention at college, work or family gatherings. If you cannot explain it and it embarrasses you ask your partner to leave it at a more intimate and inconspicuous spot.

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How To Give A Hickey?

Now that you know what a hickey is and why people give each other one, you may want to know the all-important technique to give that memorable token of love. Follow these steps to know the best way to give a hickey:

  1. Begin with some kissing and smooching, before you explore that perfect spot for a hickey. Start with light kisses, before graduating to more intense ones. If your partner is enjoying the intimacy, she may be enthusiastic about getting a hickey.
  2. Choose the location well. As mentioned earlier, hickeys are meant to be intimate and not tacky symbols of affection for public display. Usually, neck areas are popular spots for giving a hickey, which is fine if your partner has long hair. You can also consider other spots like the crook of the elbow or the inner thigh.
  3. To give your partner a hickey, make an O with your lips and press them firmly on your partner’s skin. Seal your love with your lips and leave no room for air.
  4. Freely express your wild side by sucking hard enough to break capillaries. However, remember your partner should moan with pleasure and not pain. To give that perfect hickey, you need to keep sucking for 20-30 seconds.

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Now that you know what a hickey is and how to give the best hickey, take a look at some points to remember before you go wild.

Remember, no teeth! You don’t want to begin as a passionate lover and end up looking like a Dracula do you?

If 30 seconds of sucking seem weird, try some kissing and then another 10 seconds of sucking at the same spot.

Remember that saliva can prove to be a dampener for your play of passion. Keep a track of the amount of spit in your mouth. Leaving behind a sticky residue on your partner’s neck or inner thigh might just ruin her mood and your hickey.

We hope you understood how to give someone a hickey now. So, why wait? Surprise and enchant your partner today with your perfect pucker skills. Tell us about your experiences. Leave a comment below.

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