Going Away Party Ideas: Themes, Games, Decorations, & More

Make sure your loved one goes out with a bang, even if you planned the explosion!

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Going away parties are bittersweet affairs since it is tough to say goodbye to those you care about a lot. However, they are also an opportunity to make your loved ones feel special and spend together some memorable moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. Here is a rundown on going away party ideas, including the themes, invites, games, decorations, and more to help you plan an exciting and heart-warming event. Pick any of these farewell party ideas and let your loved ones know how much you will miss them. Read on.

Going Away Party Themes

Going away party theme
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Make your celebration more exciting and livelier with some popular and easy farewell theme ideas. Take a cue from the list below to get your party started.

1. Bon Voyage

This theme is apt for parties thrown in honor of people going on an extended vacation or moving away. Since it is a unique way of bidding goodbye, it should include unique and customized decoration pieces. No bon voyage-themed party is complete without banners or travel signs. Hang the signages on doorways, chairs, and walls at your party venue. You can also use globe paper lanterns to add some spark to your going away party.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can use faux tickets as placement cards on the table or as invites if you want to get creative. You can also use a DIY compass cutout as an entry sign, with the north pointing towards the party place.

2. Future Destination

Give your guests a taste of their new home by hosting a future destination-themed party. It is the ultimate way to say ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ Pick the city or country they are moving to and decorate your venue with elements from that place. Include famous food items, music, and landmark banners from their destination city. This theme will give them a glimpse of the new home they are relocating to.

3. Color-Themed Party

This is one of the best options for the guests who are least interested in theme-based events. As you only have to color-coordinate various party elements, it will save your time and effort while giving the party a uniform feel. There are various color themes you can opt for, including:

  • Black And Gold
  • White And Black
  • Cream And Neutral
  • Brunch And Bubbly
  • Flag Colors (if the person is traveling abroad or moving to another country)
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Use pastel colors to make the decor look more sophisticated and neat, if that’s the vibe you are going for.

4. Packing Party

Sometimes, the best gift is to take away some of the stress of packing for a long-term trip or cross-country move. Invite everyone to your friends’ apartment and assist them in packing their stuff. Once you are done, break out a few bottles of champagne and boxes of pizza for a low-key celebration.

5. Military Send-Off

If your family member or friend is heading to the military, organize a military-themed party and say goodbye in a unique style. Don’t forget to include military-style goodbye gifts. Decorate the wall with the emblem of their military branch and make them feel proud of their choice. Prepare care packages to send with the person as they are going to start their training. Know when the guest of honor will be allowed to accept care packages. During training, most military branches don’t allow outside deliveries until they have completed a certain amount of training. That would be a great time for the guest of honor to begin receiving care packages from family and friends.

6. Picnic Party

A picnic is always a good idea to pamper the person of the moment. You can host a picnic party in your backyard, at a park, or at a winery. Picnic-themed parties can be as simple or fancy as you like. While good snacks and a bottle of champagne work well, sandwiches and cold beer are good, too. Make sure to bring everything to avoid the last-minute hassle, be it tablecloths, tissue papers, party favors, food, drinks, or desserts.

7. Luau Party

This kind of party is fabulous for a big crowd. If the person going away is a social butterfly, a luau-theme party might be the perfect idea to get started. The best luaus include roast pigs, tons of other mouth-watering delicacies, a beachside feel, and good party music. If you cannot afford to host a party at a beach destination, don’t freak out. Simply utilize a pool to introduce the vibe.

8. College-Themed Event

Hosting a college-themed going away party is one of the best ideas to follow if your friend or family member is going to study abroad. Decorate the venue with the school’s logo, mascot, sports jerseys, and other recognizable items inspired by their new home. It is a fun way to make them feel more excited about their new phase of life while knowing that you support their choices.

9. Hall Of Fame Theme Party

This is a classic but one of the best going away party ideas for coworkers. The decor and dress code have an award-function theme but it’s a celebration of everything your colleague has achieved in their tenure. Part of the decor could be a wall with photos of their best moments at the office and work events. And the fun part is, these need not be just professional achievements but the recognition of their talents outside of an official capacity. You may name special cocktails or dessert items by catchphrases they use a lot. You can also host games testing who is the closest or knows your colleague the best.

After you have decided on the theme of the going away party, it is time to invite your near and dear ones. Pick a card that matches your party themes, and make sure to send the invitation as early as possible. The next section lists some wording suggestions to help you formulate the best invite.

Going Away Party Invitation Wording

Going away party invitation wording
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The going away party invitation wording depends on the theme, formality, and occasion. Here are a few things you must include on the invitation card:

  • Type of party
  • Theme
  • Dress code, if applicable
  • Location of the event
  • Date and time
  • What to bring (food or presents)
  • Name of the guest of honor

Below are some creative going away party invitation wording ideas you can follow:

  • Dear friends, our good friend (name) is going away. Please come and join us at (venue name) on (date and time of the event) to bid goodbye before (guest name) leaves for his new home in (destination).
  • We are hosting a farewell party for (guest name) to share one last night of memories at (location) on (date and time).

With the theme and invites out of the way, you can now focus on the activities and games you will include in the going away party. Focus on your guest of honor’s tastes and preferences and choose the game accordingly.

Going Away Party Games

Going away party games
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Games can add more fun to the event and make it memorable for your guests. Some of the options you can consider are:

1. Blindfold Guessing

If you want to put your guest of honor on the hot seat, you can add this game to your party. Have the party guests stand in a circle, and the guest of honor has to guess which friend is holding their hands. It shows how well they know their family and friends.

2. Quiz

Create a list of questions about the guest of the evening and conduct a quiz to find out who knows them the best.

3. Escape Room

Put together a DIY scavenger hunt or escape room game based on your guest’s travel itinerary. Each clue should take them closer to their destination, with the final discovery being their plane tickets (duplicate, of course!) to their new home.

4. Roast And Toast

It is a perfect game to spend quality time with your near and dear ones and enjoy a good laugh. Sit in a circle and let all guests share their favorite memories and then toast.

5. Photo Booth

It is a great way to share your celebration on social media and immortalize it. Add theme-related props and let your guests have a blast.

The theme also dictates the going away party’s decorations. Look at your theme and buy decor pieces accordingly.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Add a scavenger hunt around the grounds of the event. Have teams following a map or clues to find the “special” prizes.

Going Away Party Decorations

Going away party decoration
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  1. Firstly, you must get the go-to items, such as balloons, streamers, and banners of different color combinations.
  2. Don’t forget to take a printout of some photos and memories with your loved one. Hang them around the venue for a personal and nostalgic vibe.
  3. Consider adding more thoughtful and creative ideas, such as a peel-on chalkboard where attendees can write the best thing about the guest of honor.
  4. Other elements you can include in the going-away party decorations are:
  • A map of the new destination
  • Custom napkins
  • Balloons with photos tied to the bottom
  • Memory jars
  • Garlands
  • Signage with goodbye sayings

You can also organize a dinner for the going away party to add a more sophisticated feel to the event. The next section talks about the things you should keep in mind to host a perfect going-away dinner.

Going Away Dinner Party Ideas

Going away dinner party
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  1. Each guest must bring a favorite dish of the guest of honor or something that fits the theme well.
  2. You can either feast indoors or enjoy a spread under the stars. However, it is advisable to keep the season and weather in mind before hosting an outdoor dinner party. For instance, you cannot plan a BBQ party during the winter or rainy season. Roasting marshmallows and making S’mores also brings back great memories for everyone.
  3. Below are some creative dinner party ideas to kick off the perfect goodbye:
  • Sushi dinner party
  • Bite-sized dinner
  • Cocktail party
  • Backyard campfire
  • Wine and cheese party

Simran Thakur, a blogger, shared her school farewell experience. Her juniors welcomed them in a traditional Indian way. The juniors further proceeded to award titles to their seniors and played games with the seniors. She writes, “Titles are given to us by juniors. The games are quite interesting. We spent a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed it…. Someone has well said that [the] Farewell [has] ended. I looked back, the school walls went alive and said Every moment you spent is now a memory my friend (i).”

Infographic: Wholesome Farewell Gifts For Best Friend

Parting ways with your best friends when they set out on new journeys could be a bittersweet experience. You might not like it that they are leaving, but you wish the best for them. Giving them a parting gift at their going-away party is a good way to let them know that you will always cheer for them. Check out the infographic below for some farewell gift ideas for your best friend.

wholesome farewell gifts for best friend (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Going away party ideas can range from simple colored-themed events to a full-scale future-destination-themed affair. The party planning may depend on several factors, such as where your close is off, their needs or tastes and preferences, and how much time and effort you can invest in the party. For example, a military send-off for someone who is going to join the army is a great idea. A packing party, on the contrary, is a more casual approach and involves getting close friends and good party food together to help with the packing and have fun. Photobooth, roast and toast, and blindfolded are some party games to keep everyone engaged and in a joyous mood. The main idea is to make it special for the one leaving the proverbial nest and show them how much they are loved. Have someone put photos from a photobooth into a scrap book with comments and memories from each of the guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I throw my own going away party?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to throw your own going away party. It shows your love for the people you are bidding goodbye to and your excitement for the new journey ahead.

Where should I have my going away party?

There is no specific location perfect for a going away party. You can have your own going away party at your place, some fancy restaurant, a place that holds meaning or value to your life, or other places with unique themes.

How do you say no to a going away party?

You can say no to a going away party by giving a valid reason for your absence and conveying your good wishes in advance. Acknowledge that while you understand everyone’s good intentions for throwing a going away party, you won’t be able to attend it.

Should I have activities or games at a going away party?

Yes, you can have activities or games at a going away party. This would add to the fun and memories that you will cherish for a long time.

What should I serve at a going away party?

You can serve some cheesy sausages, pizzas, hotdogs, tacos, and more with some side dips and beverages.

How far in advance should I plan a going away party?

You should try to plan your going away party around 2 weeks in advance for the best preparation and ample time to invite people and manage everything.

Key Takeaways

  • Going away parties are the perfect way to make your loved ones feel special and make memories for a lifetime.
  • You can take going away parties a notch higher by planning a themed party with some fun games like an escape room and quiz.
  • You can either plan a cocktail party indoors or a wonderful wine and cheese party under the stars.

Employ your best creative ideas to organize a memorable farewell party. Take a look at this video for DIY decorations to bid goodbye in style and leave a long-lasting impression.

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