103 Cute Good Morning Texts For Him To Brighten His Day

Be the first person on his mind as the sun rises every morning.

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What more can your boyfriend wish for than beautiful good morning texts for him as soon as he wakes up? So, pour all your love into these flirty texts and let him wake up to a wide smile imagining how much you love him. But do you need some hand-holding in penning a perfectly good morning message? Well, we can help you out. This article brings you a list of some amazing cute and flirty good morning messages for him. You can either pick these up or take inspiration from them to write your own. So, let us get started.

Sweet Good Morning Texts For Him

The following messages are gentle yet sincere declarations of love. No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, they will instantly have an uplifting effect on your partner, allowing him a bright start to his day.

Sweet Good Morning Texts For Him
  1. It’s such a pleasant day out and I wish we could have enjoyed a breakfast date this morning. Well, I wish so every morning. I miss you so much. Come home soon.
  2. Good morning, my love. I hope your day is as wonderful as my life has been after meeting you!
  3. This message is meant for the sweetest person in the world, and whoaaa… now you are reading it! Good morning.
  4. I need you more than I need my coffee this morning! And you know, I AM a coffee addict!
  5. The dream of my life is to wake up next to you, and yes, it will come true soon. Good morning, my bae.
  6. Hey, baby! I can’t let you start your day without telling you how much I love you! Have a great morning!!
  7. Good morning to the love of my life. You complete me
  8. You are so precious as you have my heart and all my love. Happy morning, my dear one!
  9. It is always a good morning when I see your charming face. Keep smiling!
  10. You are my favorite reason to wake up every day with a smile on my face. Have a beautiful morning!
  11. You know what was I thinking? Only and only about you, my love. Very good morning to you!
  12. Sending the best morning wishes, virtual hugs, and lots of kisses! Have a great day ahead!
  13. Wake up, bae! Your smile and positivity are contagious and the world needs more of it (but less than me)!
  14. Woke up with butterflies this morning thinking of you. Have a blessed day, hon.
  15. Good morning, handsome! Time to hit the grind and meet me soon.
  16. Hey there, I really wish we were waking up together. That would have been magical.
  17. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day and I hope it’s as awesome as you are, inside out!
  18. Hey, my favorite boy! Sending you lots of love and joy this A.M.
protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also insert an emoji or cute pet name to further personalize your message.

Flirty Good Morning Texts For Him

Relationships go stale if you let them. If it’s been a while since you and your partner did something exciting, surprise him with a flirty good morning text. This will not only make him smile but it might also set his mood right, inspiring him to come see you at the earliest and spend some romantic time with you.

Man reacts to a flirty good morning text sent by his girlfriend
  1. Morning, my favorite person! You are the best reason to get out of bed.
  2. Just checking in – is the most handsome guy in the universe awake yet?
  3. Hey, you sexy thing! Hope you have a great morning and a super chill day at work!
  4. Want to come over for breakfast and…? Trust me; there isn’t a better way to start your day! You are welcome ;)
  5. Brrr… it’s so cold and rainy today! I wish you were here to warm me up with your hugs and caresses.
  6. I dreamt that I kissed you and woke up missing you. Please come hug me, and I won’t ever let you go.
  7. I am counting down the nanoseconds until I get to see you again! I love you, hottie! Good morning.
  8. Good morning, sunshine! My day starts and ends with you.
  9. Arrghhh… I hate waking up! Because then, I can’t dream of you anymore. Good morning.
  10. I went to bed smiling last night – because of you. I woke up smiling – because of you. Good morning, my happiness.
  11. I don’t want my pillow anymore! I would rather be sleeping in your arms. Buenos Dias, mi amour!
  12. Good morning, honey! I hope your coffee is as hot and amazing as you.
  13. Do you wanna know about my dream last night? I was constantly looking at you, my boy!
  14. I’m pretty sure your morning face looks utterly attractive! Can’t wait to catch a look. Very good morning to you.
  15. Everything else seems to blur when I look at you. Can’t wait to meet you. Happy morning, my world!
  16. Roses are red and the sky is blue, my mornings are always beautiful when they start with you.
  17. Hey there, cutie. Morning! Wishing you a day full of laughter, fun, and cozy vibes, coz you are spending it with me!
  18. Happy morning! Fun fact- If you were a vegetable, I am sure you would be a cute-cumber!
  19. Can’t wait to be with you and live my best moments. Happy morning, sunshine.
  20. Did you know that you are hot? Well, now you do. Good morning!

Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

Texts between a couple need not always be deep and serious. Make him crack into laughter with a funny text, charming him all over again. Do keep your sense of humor clean and thoughtful.

Funny Good Morning Texts For Him
  1. Morning, my love! I am so excited to see you again at the end of the day. The next-door neighbors had a fight, and guess who I am going to annoy with all the dirty little details? Yes, you! You are all I have! Ha! Have a productive day!
  2. You are being placed under arrest for being too handsome. Your punishment is to be silenced with kisses. Good morning!
  3. I do hope you know CPR dude because you take my breath away! Good morning!
  4. Listen, you have to stop making me think about you, ok? I’m busy. Just kidding, love me!
  5. Hey sleepyhead! I looked online at the restaurant’s menu for our date tonight. Want to know what is on the menu? Me-n-u ;)
  6. Do me a favor – stand in front of the mirror and say good morning to the sexiest man alive!
  7. Good morning! It’s time for adulting. I hope you won’t just pretend.
  8. Did I set my alarm just to send you a good morning text? Quite possibly!!!
  9. “Knock, knock!” Wake up and sip some water as you might be tired from running in my mind for so long.
  10. Hey, lazy bum! Wake up and be the less grumpy version of yourself today!
  11. Good morning! I had to send you a big paragraph, but I spilled my tea on the keyboard. So, imagine a warm hug instead.
  12. Rise and shine, love! We are meeting for a breakfast date. Don’t wanna make it a lunch date, please!
  13. My baby boo, the alarm clock will strike hard at 11 am. Wake up before you get baffled by the sound!
  14. Wake up, dear one. It’s a new day! A new dawn to stop hitting the snooze button and actually getting out of bed.
  15. Good morning! Here’s wishing you a strong cup of coffee, no work, and a very short Monday!
  16. You need to stop waking up at noon and reading my long-sent good morning text, to going back to sleep again!
  17. Hi there, my lover! It’s time to get off the bed and go out to earn the bread!
  18. I only send good morning texts to special people and you are at the no.1 position on the list!

Long Good Morning Texts For Him

Some days call for long, genuine, and affectionate text messages. We often get so overwhelmed with our own lives and responsibilities, forgetting that relationships require constant effort with tender conversations forming the crux of them. Take cues from the following messages to pen down something personal and honest that will tug at his heartstrings.

Boyfriend reading a long good morning message sent by his partner
  1. My love, mornings without you here by my side are what I hate the most. I can’t wait for you to be with me so that I can melt into your arms again. You are, and always will be, my reason to live. Good morning!
  2. Hey tiger (roarrrrr)! As a morning present, I am sending virtual kisses to tell you how much I miss you. Muaah muaah muaahh. You will get the real ones only when you come over in person. And maybe more *wink*wink*!!
  3. You are the cheese to my sandwich, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the Oreo to my milk. Just wanted to wish you a good morning, and – oh no, I’m hungry now. Om nom nom.
  4. I thank the universe for gifting you to me every morning. You are my addiction, my faith, my nirvana. I can’t get enough of you. I wish you could peek into my soul and discover how much I love you.
  5. Good morning, babe. I wish I could explain how it feels to wake up every morning to realize you are mine, and I’m yours. Forever. It is truly a magical feeling – it’s like there are a hundred butterflies in my tummy! I love you so much.
  6. Have I mentioned how much I love you lately? My day starts with your thoughts and ends with the same. You mean the world to me. Lots of love and a virtual tight hug! Good morning, my support system
  7. Happy morning, baby. You are cherished, loved, and respected from the bottom of my heart. A day without talking to you seems like a day not lived. You have my whole heart. I love you to the moon and back!
  8. You know what? I am somehow falling for you a little more with every passing day. My love and inclination are growing by leaps and bounds. I feel so lucky to have you by my side. Happy morning!
  9. Good morning, bae. You brighten my day so much. I really desire to always wake up next to you every day for the rest of our lives. I see the best of our times together! Lots of love and kisses!!!
  10. Good morning. Today, I couldn’t let the day start without telling you how much I miss you. Our weird jokes, cozy fun, binging of favorite food, and matching outfits!! I miss them all. Please meet me soon! Love you!
  11. Good morning, my cutie. I just wish to remind you of your innate greatness and beautiful heart that has so much to give to others, hoping nothing in return. You are doing amazingly well in life! I am so proud of you!
  12. Hey there, I never thought my mornings would be so good until I met you! Every day and every moment, I thank God for giving me you as my biggest blessing. You literally are my special person.
  13. Happy morning. There’s a new cafe which I wish to explore with you. Here’s planning an impromptu date. Just you and me with some pancakes and cream. Wake up from your deep sleep and let’s meet for a romantic time.
  14. I’m sending you all my love and a virtual hug to start your day right. Can’t wait to see your charming face and be with you! Good morning to my favorite person who brings abundant happiness to my life.
  15. I wish we could spend the whole day doing nothing but being in each other’s arms. I always feel so safe and pampered around you. I am extremely fortunate that you are my guy. Morning! Love you!
protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also send a long motivating message to keep him in a positive mindset. If he has something specific coming up during the day, assure him how well he will do in it to boost their confidence.

Cute Good Morning Texts For Him

Appeal to your partner’s sensibilities with cute good morning messages. Watch him shower you with all his affections and have a hard time holding himself back from being an adoring and attentive partner to you.

  1. Let’s switch off our phones, call in sick at work, and spend all our time cuddling in bed. Good morning, my love!
  2. If I could, I would relive every moment I have spent with you. I love you, my heartbeat. Good Morning!
  3. Good Morning. You are the sky, I am the horizon. You are the ocean, I am the beach. You are the heart, I am the beat. We belong together. Forever.
  4. Good morning! How are you doing today, love? Just know I am here for you, my bundle of joy!
  5. Hey darling, I know I do not say this often but thank you so much for being you and always showering me with your love. Good morning.
  6. Just wanted to text and remind you of how incredibly cute and sweet you are. Have a great morning!
  7. Is my handsome man awake? If not, wake up and send me a cute selfie of yours. Watching your face will make my day better!
  8. Good morning, lovely. You make even the boring days fun and the earliest hours exuberant! I love you.
  9. Here’s wishing you a day full of happy moments and abundant smiles. Good morning!
  10. Hi, darling. This text is a reminder that I always start my day thinking about you. Morning! Have a great day.
  11. Wake up, sleepyhead. I am waiting to see your adorable face. Meet me soon!
  12. Good morning! I hope your day is filled with as much love and sheer joy as your presence brings to my life.
  13. I hope something awesome happens to you today, baby. Very good morning to the charm of my life.
  14. You know what? You are the reason my mornings are more beautiful and my heart is happiest. Good morning, my angel.
  15. Rise and shine, my forever! The world deserves (and also me) to see this handsome face today.
  16. Hey there, cutie! As I open my eyes, I see the bright sunshine that resembles your aura. I miss you, meet me soon! Good morning!

Romantic Good Morning Text Messages For Him

No shame in being a romantic! Channel your kind and caring attention towards your partner with emotional declarations of love each morning, never letting him doubt your commitment towards him.

Romantic Good Morning Text Messages For Him
  1. I wish I was in your arms right now. Being away from you is torture! Good morning baby.
  2. I woke up today and realized that nothing could replace the space you left on my bed! You are supposed to be here, smothering me with your kisses. I miss you, bae. Good morning.
  3. I was thinking, I love how you care for everyone around you – your parents, your siblings, your pets. Let’s grow old together! Good morning 
  4. If only I could have woken up next to you this morning! You are the sunshine in my life, and I can’t imagine a second without you!
    #90 I can’t have a good day unless I wish you a good morning first – because you come before everyone else. I love you, baby, have a great day!
  5. The only thing I like better than dreaming of you is waking up and finding you snoring on my bed! I am so lucky!
  6. Is it weird that I woke up just now and already miss you so much? I am obsessed with you, my love. Good morning.
  7. I love waking up to the fact that I get to be your girl out of the 7.7 billion people on Earth. I am so lucky!
  8. I miss you, sleepy head. Wake up, grab your coffee, and call me! I can’t start my day without listening to your voice
  9. You are the only prayer that came true. And the only one I needed to. Have a great day.
  10. Missing you a lot this morning, baby. I’m always the happiest girl when I wake up in your arms. Good morning.
  11. Hello, sunshine. I really wish I could give you a lovely good-morning kiss right now.
  12. My sweetheart, very good morning to you. Just know that your presence in my life turns every ordinary thing into extraordinary.
  13. I don’t know what good deeds I did to deserve you. I am so happy to call you mine. Morning! I love you!
  14. I always feel on top of the world when I see your name in my notification —I hope this text makes you feel the same way. Happy morning, special one!
  15. Good morning, my darling. This is a reminder that I’m grateful for each moment I get to spend with you. Meet me soon.

Infographic: Couple Morning Routines For A Happy Day

There is no doubt that cute good morning texts can instantly light up your partner’s face with a smile and make their day look better. However, you can follow an elaborate morning routine if you live together to start the day on an even better note. Check out the infographic below to know more.

couple morning routines for a happy day (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

What could be better than waking up to the sweetest words from your beloved? Through these love-filled messages, you can make your boyfriend feel your warm and loving embrace virtually. Make them know you think about them first thing in the morning with these heartwarming words. Tell them how lucky you feel to have them or wish they were in your bed every morning. We are positive your beau will appreciate these cute good morning texts, making them feel closer to you. So, what is the hold-up? Pick up that phone and tell your partner how much they mean to you, making them blush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a good morning paragraph for a guy?

You can text to wish him a productive and good day. Let him know you love him and that he is always on your mind. If you are in a romantic mood, you can message him something steamy too.

How can I impress him with a good morning message?

Send him a witty good morning message to show him you are intelligent, humorous, and maybe even a little snarky and sarcastic.

What should I text him after ‘good morning’?

After wishing your partner or crush good morning, tell them you had a great time with them if you met them the previous day. Let them know they are on your mind. You can ask them about their plan for the day. If you plan to meet them later, mention that you look forward to seeing them.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending sweet and flirty good morning texts to your boyfriend can be a great way to express love and affection as soon as the day starts.
  • Sweet morning greetings can offer an instant energy boost to your partner so he can have a wonderful rest of the day.
  • Add emojis or pet names to make the messages more intimate.
  • Incorporate humor to lighten the mood and keep the relationship playful and fun.

good morning texts for him_illustration

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Start your day by sending your man some of these cute good morning texts featured in this video! Make him smile with these sweet messages. Check it out!
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