Top 22 Greek Hairstyles That You Can Try Right Now

Hairstyles that will make you look like a vision straight out of Olympian mythologies.

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Close your eyes and think of a Greek woman. You’re probably picturing some beautiful girl wearing a toga and their hair tied up in a graceful updo. But did you know that there is so much more to Greek hairstyles than just updos? Keep reading to discover the different hairstyles flaunted by Greek women and how you can try them out for yourself.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Curls and braids have been popular in Greek hairstyles since ancient times. You can experiment with these to come up with your own style.
  • Floral accessories and wreaths made of metallic or real floral elements are the highlights of many Grecian hairdos for festivities.
  • For everyday looks, loose hair gathered with hairbands is more common. This band can be an accessory, or your hair can be braided and positioned as a band.

1. Tucked-In Hairdo

Tucked-In Hairdo
Image: Shutterstock

This Greek hairdo looks elegant and sophisticated and pairs well with any formal or high-fashion outfit. You can wear a thin headband around the crown or a tiara, loop hair sections around it, and gather the hair ends into side ponytails to create this look. You may keep it flowing or tie elastic bands and tease them for a bubble effect. Accessorize with flowers or other hair ornaments.

2. Twisted Hairdo

Twisted Hairdo
Image: Shutterstock

This charming hairstyle is easy to create and looks good on naturally wavy hair. You just have to part your hair in the middle and separate the four hair sections from the sides, twist them and wrap them around each other. Join the sectioned hair twists and secure them with elastic bands or other hair accessories.

3. Halo Braid

Halo Braid
Image: Shutterstock

Nothing screams “Goddess” like your own crown, does it? Inspired by the Greeks, this halo braid is a traditional hairdo donned by maidens and Goddesses alike. It is simple, looks regal, and is easy to do. You simply make two braids with a mid partition and join them using hair clips or bobby pins on opposite sides of your crown.

4. Rustic Crown Braid

Rustic Crown Braid
Image: Shutterstock

This crown braid is a modern, edgy take on a classic Greek hairdo. This takes your graceful crown braid and turns it into a chic hairdo that goes well with casual and formal outfits. Also, you do not need to weave a neat crown braid. You can leave out a few layers on the sides and the front for a rustic twist.

5. Front Side Braid

Front Side Braid
Image: Shutterstock

This is one of the most effortless yet elegant looks, straight from the red carpet. A simple side braid creates an illusion of a tilted crown that works like a headband. Use volumizing hair styling sprays and tease the hair at the back and let your tresses fall over your shoulders.

6. Thick Side Braid

Thick Side Braid
Image: Shutterstock

This braid is messy, whimsical, and dreamy. Donned by many actresses with variations, this dramatic braid is simple to achieve. Gather all your hair to one side and make a loose braid. Gently pull the strands of the braid to make it appear voluminous, and you are done!

Celebrity hairstylist Samuel Ashcroft suggests, “Try curling the hair first and then backcombing for a voluminous effect.”

7. French Braids With Face Framing Bangs

French Braids With Face Framing Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Glam up the Greek maiden look with this simple messy braid. French braids look ethereal due to their intricate weaving pattern. However, they are relatively easy to create. You can simply do a regular French braid, but weave it looser than usual and leave out the front long bangs for a boho appeal.

“Curl the hair first and use a dry texture spray or shampoo to create a boho feel,” advises Ashcroft.

8. Double Side Knitted Braid

Double Side Knitted Braid
Image: Shutterstock

This hairdo embodies the elegance and simplicity of the classic French braid and gives it a Greek twist. Straight from the red carpet, this hairdo is effortless to do. Middle part your hair and make two braids on either side from the crown to the back of the head. Secure the braids into a ponytail and let the rest of the hair cascade down your shoulders in subtle waves.

9. Loose Waves With A Headpiece

Loose Waves With A Headpiece
Image: Shutterstock

Adding a headpiece is perhaps the simplest way to take your style quotient higher. Nicole Richie elevated her simple beachy waves using a headpiece that hugs her crown and puffs up that area. The curtain bangs beautifully frame the face and soften the overall look.

10. Messy Braid Cluster

Messy Braid Cluster
Image: Shutterstock

This heavenly cluster of braids looks divine when done right. Blake Lively is a huge braids fan, as she pairs her most red carpet looks with variations of braids. This cluster of braids is easy to achieve. Gather your hair on one side and separate two sections. Make a fishtail braid with the thin section, and a three-strand braid with the thicker section, and secure both braids with an elastic band. Leave out your face-framing layers and secure the rest with a studded hair accessory on the side of the braid.

11. Glam Goddess

Glam goddess Greek hairstyle
Image: Getty

The Glam Goddess is a slight tweak to the ancient goddess look, which requires you to form the braids with a shabby updo. Leaving a slight clean puff in the front, you can tie the rest with satin or lace hair-bands. To keep the grip, tie it up with three different layers, adjacent to each other. This is one of the easiest Greek goddess hairstyles to try out.

12. Gardener’s Charm

Gardeners Charm
Image: Getty

The Gardener’s Charm has been every bride’s dream hairdo in Greece, but only a few get it right as the curls and the firmness in the flow are important. The hairdo needs a lot of hairpins and some hair firmness gel. Best tried on naturally curled hair, this style is all about forming curls, pulled behind in the style of a bouquet and accessorized with white roses.

13. Greek Spit

Greek Spit
Image: Getty

The Greek spit is the way this hairdo has been named; it’s quite a gamete of 2 to 3 braids, clubbed together at the side, leaving the other tresses loose. The braid is pulled from the front hair, swaying backwards to club with the other braid crowns.

14. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Image: Getty

The messy side bun was the ancient Greek hairstyle among slaves who did not have much time or options to comb and tie their hair up. The side messy bun today is one of the top red carpet looks. All you have to do is sweep your loose tresses to one side and tie a knot to form a sagging, messy chignon bun. The messier the bun, the better it looks.

15. Rope Braided Updo

Rope Braided
Image: Getty

The Rope braided up do is one of the classic styles, straight from the book of ancient Greek divas. The braids are a mix of roll up and surround the bun to crown it. For blondes, it resembles the rope hair-ribbons but in real it is crafted from the original hair only.

16. Braided Turban

Braided turban
Image: Getty

The braided turban is an imitation of the ancient false hair turban, tried out in reality to achieve a marvelous piece of art. This hairstyle is best tried on straight hair as the experimentation can be a great choice on it. Forming a braid with one side of the hair, you can roll it up, completing the entire circumference of the crown area. Give at least 2 to 3 rolls to form a braided turban and let your hair look a shining piece of art.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also make two braids and cross them over the front of your head to give a braided crown or turban-like appearance.

17. Greek Fishtail

Greek fishtail
Image: Getty

The Greek fishtail is a combination of the classic French braid and fishtail pony. Best known as the mermaid’s tress, this hairstyle is the top hairdo among college girls these days. It’s a low maintenance chic look, best when in hurry and suits all styles.

18. Knitted Braid

Knitted Braid
Image: Getty

The knitted braid started off in the late 60’s and became the top Red Carpet hairdo for famous actresses. This fabulous hairdo is marked as one of the neatest and elegant looks. Not only Jessica Alba but even Kim Kardashian opted for this look at one of her screenings.

19. Rose Bun

Rose bun
Image: Shutterstock

‘Roses are red and violets are blue, but those imitations are so true’ are few words which come to your mind each time you ponder on this look. An affair to celebrate this high bun bouffant with rose imitations from the top view was given to a lot of brides, Miss Worlds and Miss Universes, adding the hint of panache as they graced the isle.

20. Bouffant Goddess

Bouffant goddess
Image: Getty

The epic bouffant may have been the grace of every crown. The bouffant look bears a resemblance to the Aphrodite goddess style where Angelina let down her tresses by clipping her bouffant and they swayed in rhythm.

21. Ponytail Braids

A girl sporting a ponytail braid hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

The ponytail braid hairstyle is a timeless option that elegantly combines practicality and beauty. Dating back to ancient times, this classic style involves gathering hair into a ponytail and weaving the pony into a sleek braid. Its enduring popularity reflects a cultural affinity for graceful simplicity, making it a symbol of enduring style and sophistication in Egyptian hair fashion.

22. Low Bun Hairstyle

A woman with shiny hair sporting a low bun hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

The low bun hairstyle is an easy and classy option that works just about any situation; from casual to formal events, you can even choose this as your wedding hairdo! Just gather your hair at the base of your neck and fashion it into a neat bun; use hair pins to hold the bun in place and hairspray to smoothen flyaways. This hairdo is an easy way to make your hair look sleek and put together.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You must tease the hair roots to achieve this look. Ensure to tease only dry hair; otherwise, the stress may damage the strands. Also, use texturizing spray and a hair mousse to hold the style.

Infographic: 5 Most Stunning Greek Hairstyles For Women

Greeks are not only known for their amazing food and architecture but also the ethereal hairstyles. Inspired by the Goddesses themselves, Greek hairstyles can make anyone look absolutely divine. They are complete with heavenly curls and hair accessories and perfect both for formal and informal occasions. Go through the infographic below to discover the best 5 Greek hairstyles for women.

5 most stunning greek hairstyles for women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

When you think of Greek characters, Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, Circe, and Calypso come to mind. Visions of wild curly hair tied in loose buns run through the mind when picturing Greek hairstyles. Hopefully, the above hairstyles give you the “émpnefsi’ to try them out for yourself. Most boho, romantic, and elegant hairstyles are inspired by classic Greek hairdos. The more you try these charming styles, the better you will become at adding your own personal touch to them. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and try out these 20 Greek goddess hairstyles yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Did cornrows originate in Greece?

No, cornrows can be traced back to African culture thousands of years ago.

Did braids originate in Greece?

While many cultures across the globe have different types of braids, it is believed that the braids originated in Africa centuries ago.

Did the Greeks wear dreads?

Yes, it is believed that many Greek men wore dreads in ancient Greece. Several ancient Grecian sculptures depict men sporting dreads.

Key Takeaways

  • Greek hairstyles have a timeless appeal due to their natural elegance and sophistication.
  • Use stylish accessories like ribbons, lace headbands, wreaths, and flowers to complement Greek hairstyles.
  • Some of the most popular Greek hairstyles include rope braided updo, halo braid, messy braid cluster, and knitted braid.

greek hairstyles_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Learn how to recreate authentic hairstyles from Ancient Greece in the video below! Get step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful, timeless look from the past.
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