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Grey Hair In Eyebrows – 5 Causes And 5 Home Remedies

Grey Hair In Eyebrows – 5 Causes And 5 Home Remedies September 19, 2017

Grey or white hair in eyebrows is not just a symptom of ageing; it can sometimes be an outcome of premature ageing. Premature ageing can be seen in the form of grey/white hair occurring in the head, nose and eyebrows at a young age. Is it just an improper lifestyle leading to premature ageing? Let’s find out the actual and vivid reasons of hair whitening in eyebrows along with the remedies to get rid of them.

Factors Responsible For Hair Color:

Melanin is the color defining pigment in humans. It decides the skin’s complexion, but is also responsible for the color of hair. It is actually the imbalance between two hair coloring chemicals present in this natural pigment that leads to hair greying and whitening. Eumelanin is the hair darkening chemical and Pheomelanin is the hair whitening chemical. Various factors trigger the secretion of Pheomelanin in larger amounts than Eumelanin leading to premature hair greying and whitening.

The following style guide will familiarize you with various reasons create such imbalance, their possible preventions and home remedies.

Causes Of Hair Greying/ Whitening:

Let us understand the various reasons that create an imbalance in the pigments, leading to hair greying in eyebrows:

1. Smoking:

Smoking is a hazardous habit has become more like a lifestyle symbol amongst youngsters these days. Smoking increases free radicals in the human body. These free radicals intervene with the normal body’s functioning and trigger Pheomelanin. This would therefore lead to grey hair in eyebrows.

2. Imbalanced Diet:

Imbalanced diet and unhealthy snacking are yet two other lifestyle issues leading to grey hair at a young age.

3. Vitamin D Deficiency:

This is a lesser known cause plays a major role in hair whitening at a young age. Vitamin D is not just essential to maintain bone and skin health, it is equally essential for balancing the hair coloring chemicals of melanin. Its deficiency hampers Eumelanin. This leads to grey hair in eyebrows.

4. Genetic Factors:

Genetic issues are something we have no hold over. If your father and great grandfathers, all suffered from the problem of grey hair at a young age, it is most likely you inherit from your family tree.

5. Medication:

If you are under some medication, it is likely you will develop grey hair in head as well as eyebrows. Medications lead to hormonal imbalance. This mainly leads to premature hair greying.

The above-listed 5 reasons are the main causes behind grey hair in eyebrows at a young age. Now, let us find out a few home remedies which will offer you freedom from this grave concern naturally.

Home Remedies For Grey Hair In Eyebrows:

1. Black Tea And Coffee:

Black tea and black coffee make effective eyebrow masks which turn color grey hair to black yet again. Be careful when you apply them . Keep your eyes safe and rinse with water in case of an accidental exposure.

2. Amla:

Amla is an amazing natural fruit can control and regulate the way melanin works in the human body. Eat Amla regularly to stay away from grey eyebrow hair, as it triggers Eumelanin and keeps a check on the secretion of Pheomelanin. You can also boil Amla and apply its paste to your eyebrows, but carefully.

3. Consume Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for both the hair and skin. Eat food items and fruits those are rich in Vitamin B12 to ensure you keep away from grey eyebrow hairs at a young age. It is also a good option to take larger amounts of Vitamin B12 if you already have developed grey hair in the eyebrows. It turns grey hair black by striking a balance between the two chemicals of melanin.

4. Get Sun Soaked:

This doesn’t mean you get tanned or develop sun burns. But, it is important to expose your body to sunlight every day. Sunlight is most abundant and natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency leads to grey hair in eyebrows. Its adequate supply ensures grey hair turns dark again. However, be careful of getting sun-soaked against sun damage.

5. Consume Vitamin H:

Vitamin H, also called as biotin, is essential for maintaining hair color and health. Its deficiency leads to premature hair whitening and grey hair in eyebrows. Inadequate consumption of biotin affects the formation and functioning of melanin leading to grey eyebrow hair at a young age. Therefore, eat eggs, white bread, cheese, onions, cucumber, cashews and almonds every day (as they are some of the richest sources of biotin) to keep grey hair issues at bay at a young age.

This amazing style guide is your personal check meter to rate your lifestyle against premature ageing. Follow these simple and effective home remedies to be safe against grey hair in eyebrows.

Did you know these home remedies work well against grey hair in your eyebrows? Do not forget to share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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