Grief Quotes That Will Help You And Your Beloveds Heal

Written by Sushmita Barman

Every one of us goes through a period of grief. One reason or the other, we all have a grieving phase, be it for a break-up or separation or loss of someone as a result of death. It is very true that there is nothing that we can barely ever do to get over it. The only remedy would be to accept, hold our heads high with courage and move on. Time will make things fall in places eventually. But some relatable short grief quotes can also play a key role in reducing your excruciating pain. To this end, we have some such quotes listed below for you in this article. So go ahead and check them out.

Best Quotes On Grief

Read these heartfelt quotes to give voice to your pain. We hope you find solace in these quotes.

  •  “To weep is the best way to get rid of the grief in you!”

Indeed, crying really helps!

  •  “Pain will pass, but there is the beauty of healing that remains.”

Overcoming the pain will make you a better and beautiful soul!

  •  “After you pass the threshold of grieving, you will start thinking of it, and laughter will gush up to retrieve your sanity.”

You can actually believe then that you are moving on.

  •  “Grieving doesn’t mean you are imperfect; it only makes you more human.”

All feelings will make you more grown up as a human!

  •  “When I start wondering about all the what-ifs, I find you!”

Because they live in your thoughts.

  •  “Your words are like snowflakes, falling very silently, but my heart can hear them.”

For in absence too, we feel their presence.

  •  “Some people bring light into your life. Even if they leave, the light remains.”

Because it is only the physical aspect of the living that actually leaves, but the soul lives on!

  •  “Losing someone in life is a heartbreak while losing the sense of worth is a tragedy.”

Because losing yourself for someone is the worst. We try and try but fail to feel that sense of self in the process.

  •  “It doesn’t matter how much your heart is broken; the world is certainly not always gonna be there for help.”

Let’s just say we should not always expect support from the world. We can be self-sufficient.

Quotes About Grief And Loss

Below are a few dealing with grief and loss quotes that you should find relatable.

  •  “The thing about grieving about loss is that after that, it is a remaking of life.”

As once we have an unbearable loss in life, it is going to be a different chapter altogether.

  •  “Grief is good as it shows that we loved what we lost.”

If not, we would not be grieving in the first place.

  •  “Grieving never completely ends. It keeps happening every now and then in your life.”

There will always be some moments in our life when we think back and still experience the loss.

  •  “Grieving is not a bad thing; it just makes you more human.”

Grieving allows you to make yourself stronger.

  •  “Cure for a loss is grieving it.”

Because until you accept and grieve for it, you will not be able to pass that phase.

  •  “Cry, shout, sob in the shower, or lay on the cold floor. Live your own truth. That’s the only way to survive.”

Basically, do anything you feel like (nothing that harms anyone). We bet that will help.

“Missing You” Grief Quotes

  •  “It is so much harder when you are not right here.”

When you feel that you cannot do anything without that person beside you.

  •  “I am lonely without you by my side even when I am surrounded by others.”

Admit it. We all have been there when we wanted only one person to make us feel at home.

  •  “My happiness and sadness are never complete without you near me.”

We humans always tend to share our feelings with someone we are close to. This is why we really crave companionship.

  •  “It feels like you are everywhere around me, yet you aren’t.”

This may be the kind of feeling you get when you are not ready to let go of a person.

  •  “I miss you every day more than I have loved you.”

They say that you realize the significance of someone only when that someone is gone.

  •  “I used to love you more with each passing day. Now, I miss you more with every day.”

Well, sometimes we don’t know if loving or missing is more intense.

Quotes About Grief and Love

These encouraging quotes for grief are all you would want at times. Read on.

  •  “Grief may be the price we have to pay for love.”

Because love is not always all roses and kisses.

  •  “My love for you lives on by grieving for you.”

Love can live longer in memories than in reality sometimes.

  •  “What we once loved and enjoyed can never be lost; it becomes a part of you for better or worse!”

Some things just live on with us, forever!

  •  “It is not about learning to live without them; it is about learning to live with the love they have left behind them!”

People may leave, but their love may stay with us!

  •  “Even in my sadness, it is you whom I breathe in, and it makes my soul calm.”

Because remembering someone we lost brings peace sometimes.

Grief Quotes For A Friend

Comforting quotes in times of grief are a must for healing to happen. We have some listed below for you. Go on and read them. to share with your friend!

  •  “I may not be able to stop you in the downpour, but I promise to walk with you in the rain.”

So they know they will have your support.

  •  “I may not have enough words to make you feel better, but all I have are arms to comfort and ears to listen to!”

Being there is what matters the most at the time of grief.

  •  “All I can say is, let it hurt; there is no point in denying it, no point in getting overwhelmed with it. I promise it will not last forever.”

Accepting the loss makes it easier to reduce the pain.

  •  “As long as memories and love exist in your mind, there is no loss.”

Now, that makes much more sense than anything.

Grief Quotes For Husband

  •  “The waves of time are incapable of washing away the love that I have in my heart for you, even if you have gone so far away.”

Because in the distance and separation, love can multiply.

  •  “Together, we were writing a beautiful story, and without you, I am not sure how to finish this chapter.”

Sometimes, only he can complete things for you.

Quotes for Grieving During A Heartbreak

  •  “My scars are a testament to the love I had for the person. They are deep, so was my love.”

The more you have loved, the more it hurts later!

  •  “In the very few days we spent, you gave me forever, and now that’s making it hard.”

When the love is intense, it really does not matter how long you have been together with
the beloved!.

  •  “I am not sure which is worse, the shock of what actually happened or the pain of knowing that it is all over for real.”

Because we cannot really figure out how to deal with pain which eventually leads to this

  •  “These days have become longer, and I am barely able to hold on.”

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, we tend to feel like the days of grieving ain’t ending at all.

Stages Of Grief Quotes

Here we have some catchy quotes on different stages of grief. Let us check them all out too.

  •  “As you move on, your grief changes shape, but it never ends.”

Eventually, grief takes shape to make your life better.

  •  “Tears are the proof that you had courage, the courage to suffer and then get over it.”

Each tear is going to make you stronger later! It only matters how you deal with the very many stages of grief.

With that, we are wrapping up this article on short quotes about grief and loss. We sincerely hope you get over your grief at the earliest possible, But do not let your pressure mount! Let the grieving phase heal on its own time.

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