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8 Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy

8 Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy Hyderabd040-395603080 January 10, 2019

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most amazing phases of a woman’s life.

As you prepare to nurture the little one growing inside you, your body goes through various changes. Most of these changes experienced during this period are due to the hormonal changes taking place within. These extra hormones in your body may create a change in your regular hair cycles. Your hair may look thicker and have more bounce than it did. Or your hair may grow overly frizzy, dry, or even curly. Some women may experience a large amount of hair fall.

In most cases, with proper care and a good diet, hair is restored to its natural condition within 6 months of delivery. Taking care of your health during these special nine months is crucial to the health of your hair and skin and your overall well being.

How to take care of your hair during pregnancy

1. Hair Massage:

A great way to take care of your hair during pregnancy and to relax at the same time is by indulging in a good hair massage.

Oil your hair at least three to four times a week. Using natural hair oils is a great way to add some nourishment to your hair. Opt for oils that have healthy ingredients like olive, coconut, almond, jojoba, castor and the like. Heat up the oil slightly, making sure it is not too hot, but just warm. Massage this through the scalp and hair.

This will help strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. You can wrap a warm towel around the head to add some extra benefits.

2. Shampoo and Conditioning:

Make sure you use a shampoo at least once to twice a week.

Use a mild shampoo, or better still, use a shampoo that is herbal. Apply a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Pay special attention to the tips of the hair to avoid dry or split ends.

As you progress in your pregnancy, washing your hair becomes more and more difficult. Ask your partner to help you with this.

3. Wait For the Colouring Session:

It is best to avoid colouring your hair while you are pregnant. There is no scientific data to prove that colouring your hair during pregnancy can actually cause harm to the baby, but it is recommended nonetheless.

Hair colours can trigger certain allergies or infections and it is good to avoid any such complication during pregnancy.

4. Combing:

Avoid combing hair when it is wet. Let your hair dry naturally, or use a hair dryer at medium heat. Comb it using a wide toothed comb when dry. This will help avoid hair fall.

5. Regular Hair Trims:

Your hair goes through different changes during pregnancy, causing difference in hair texture and thickness. A good idea is to go for a regular hair trim that will help avoid split ends or rough ends. A new style is also a great mood enhancer!

6. Understanding Your Hair Type:

Hormonal changes can really mess with your hair type. It is best to understand your hair type as it changes during this phase.

Use products that are specifically created for this particular hair type. This will help add needed nourishment to your hair, making it less prone to damage and fall.

Get a nice haircut that will help style your changing hair type, or just give you a mood lift!

7. Balanced Diet:

Everything that you eat now will help nurture your baby, as well as give your body the strength it needs to go through the changes. A balanced diet is important to provide nourishment to your hair as well. Include milk, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, lentils, grains, dry fruits and other such ingredients in your daily diet.

Check with your doctor to find out if there are certain food items that you should stay away from during pregnancy.

8. Relax:

Stress is one of the key reasons of hair fall during pregnancy. Changing hormones and mood swings can have a negative outcome for your hair.

Indulge in activities that help you relax. Take a nice long bath, light up some aromatic candles, listen to some soothing music, mediate, practice yoga, sleep in, go for a relaxing head massage at the salon, indulge in some retail therapy.

These simple steps can play a big role in easing your pregnancy months and helping you cope better with the changes you are going through. This is a special time, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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Do tell us which of the above you tried out for your hair and how it helped you.