30 Stunning Hair Colors For East Asian Ladies

Take cues from our list to choose the hair color that fits your skin tone and undertone.

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East Asian women have the most beautiful hair. It is healthy, smooth, and oh-so-silky!

But picking hair colors for East Asian ladies is no easy task! If you are East Asian, you know that choosing a hair color means thinking about your chiseled facial features and lovely skin tone. You want to pick a color that accentuates them and adds some oomph to your tresses. However, not all hair colors suit every skin tone. So, we have some pointers to help you pick the best hair color based on your skin tone.

Scroll down to check out our pointers and vibrant hair color styles for your beautiful East Asian locks! Keep reading to know more!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to prevent the hair color from fading quickly.
  • If you already have damaged hair, go for brown hues as lighter shades make your hair look dull.
  • Keep the hair texture in mind before selecting your color. Those with thin hair can opt for darker shades while those with thick hair can go for lighter shades.

Choosing The Right Hair Color

  • Understand your skin tone. Your skin tone is comprised of two tones: a surface tone and an undertone. Your surface tone can be medium, light, or dark. Your undertone determines the hue of your skin tone. There are three undertones – warm, cool, and neutral. If warm colors like yellows, oranges, and gold suit you, you’re warm-toned. If cool colors like green, blue, and purple suit you, you’re cool-toned.
  • Surface tones vary according to geographical region. East Asian women usually have naturally pink-hued light skin. This does not necessarily mean that they have a warm undertone. Check and see if you have a cool or warm undertone even if your skin has a pink tint.
  • It is a common misconception that your hair color needs to match your surface skin tone. That is not true. While you do need your hair color to complement your skin tone, remember that contrasts work better sometimes. Try anything from a brassy copper to vibrant rainbow colored hair. I’m sure you already have a hair color picked in your mind. Talk to a hairstylist and see if it works for you. If it does not, they can help you find a shade in the same color family.
  • Pick a color that suits your undertone. For instance, if you have a cool undertone, pick a cool color. This allows the color you choose to go well with your everyday makeup and clothes.
  • Pick your hair color in the sunlight to see how it really looks. Hair colors look very different in indoor lighting, which can come as a rude shock once you step out into the sunlight after getting your hair colored.

Now that you know what to check for when picking a hair color, let’s get to the fun bit! Here are my top 30 picks for hair colors that suit East Asian women.

30 Stunning Hair Colors For East Asian Ladies

1. Butterscotch Gold

Image: Shutterstock

Do you adore hues of yellow but are afraid to try them out? This is your chance to try it out. This unique hair color is not quite popular, but it draws attention to your dark roots as it lightens up gradually to get that perfect butterscotch gold.

2. Purple Hues

Image: IStock

Love two similar hues of purple but are unsure about which one to get? Well, get them both. And if you are adventurous enough, get your hair split dyed. The pastel and dark shades of purple create a stunning contrast and give you that instant high-fashion look. After all, coloring your hair is supposed to be fun!

3. Pastel Pop Pink

Pastel pop pink hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

This pastel pink shade has every girl in the world craving for more. It’s also the hair color of many anime characters with a unicorn theme. This pink and purple blend is perfect for anyone with a warm undertone. If you have a cool undertone, opt for a deeper, more intense pink. Expert hair stylist Megan Senner recommends, “To help keep the pink vibrant, you should use a tinted pink shampoo and conditioner combo. Look for brands known for their high pigment quantity.”

4. Gorgeous Ginger

Gorgeous ginger hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

If you have a pale complexion, this color will look gorgeous on it. Warm-toned skin looks great with a bright ginger shade. But, don’t rule it out entirely for cool-toned skin. This is the perfect hair color for autumn.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also darken the roots or color them auburn if you want. Dark roots with ginger color will give more depth and dimension to the hair.

5. Intense Burgundy

Intense burgundy hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Intense burgundy will go well with all East Asian skin tones as it is a dark color. Most East Asians have naturally dark tresses, which makes it easy for them to pull off deep burgundy.

6. Smokey Blue

Smokey blue hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Smokey blue is a color that has the world eating out of its palm. This shade seems to be everywhere right now. If you have pale, fair, or cool-toned skin, you can go for this lovely smokey blue hue. It accentuates all eye colors!

7. Powder Blue Ombre

Powder blue ombre hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Did you know that blue hair color originated in the early 19th century? That should tell you how classic blue hair is. We all want it! Powder blue ombre goes well with all skin tones – fair, medium, and dark. This is because it starts out intense and turns light towards the end.

protip_icon Quick Tip
This hair color will look good on people with blue, gray, or black eyes as it helps accentuate these colors.

8. Lilac Hair

Lilac ombre hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Yes! The color that’s been spamming your Pinterest feed is on this list. It goes well with medium and fair skin tones. Lilac ombre with intense roots and light ends is a huge craze right now.

9. Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Balayage is a free hand hair coloring technique. It gives your hair a more flowy and natural feel. If you love warm colors, go for this lovely driftwood ombre. It goes really well with medium-toned skin.

10. Smokey Hair

Smokey hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

If you have cool-toned skin, this is the perfect color for you. It is intense and mysterious. Pair it with a deep lip shade, like red or plum, and you are ready to conquer the world! This gorgeous hair color also makes black eyes pop.

11. Candy Hair

Candy hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

This color blend is a treat for anyone with warm-toned skin. Take the sweet goodness of candy and splash it all over your hair! If you are worried about it looking too bright, opt for a subtle pastel pink shade.

12. Electric Blue

Electric blue hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

This is the hair color of rock concerts! Anyone with pale warm-toned skin can pull this color off brilliantly. If you have gray or blue eyes, this shade will make them sparkle. The brown and gold flecks in hazel eyes will also shine brighter with this shade.

13. Golden Blonde

Golden blonde hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

This is one shade of blonde that looks good on both warm and cool skin tones despite being a warm color. Many East Asian women living abroad opt for this shade.

14. Intense Coal

Intense coal hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Instagram

Intense colors with a subtle pastel tint look great on cool-toned skin. For instance, this intense coal shade with a hint of light purple near the roots looks absolutely gorgeous. And the best part? It suits all skin tones!

15. Wine Red

Wine red hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t like to relax with a glass of wine after a long day? Take that serenity to your hair, so you always feel good. This wine red shade goes well with cool-toned skin that has a pink hue to it. It will also make those lovely brown eyes pop.

16. Champagne Blonde With Dark Roots

Champagne blonde hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

If you have a small face or wide cheeks, a color combination like this can help. The dark roots make your face look longer. If you have a square- or diamond-shaped face, the light blonde shade near the face can soften its sharp silhouette.

17. Partial Bronde Highlights

Partial bronde hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for just a slight change, add some spice to your look with simple bronde highlights. Highlight the hair near your face to frame it. Bronde hair makes hazel eyes pop.

18. Silver Ombre

Silver ombre hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Silver is one of the hottest hair colors right now. It looks absolutely stunning on cool-toned skin. Get this gorgeous hair color to look and feel like a fairy out of a high fantasy novel.

19. Platinum Blonde

Platinium blonde hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

The chicest blonde shade is yours to play with! Platinum blonde looks stellar on East Asian women with warm skin tones. It is the perfect color to transform yourself into a total badass. This light color also makes any eye color pop!

20. Deep Honey Highlights

Deep honey highlights hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Want to get that perfect sun-kissed hair color? Well, you can! Deep honey highlights go well with all surface skin tones and look especially great on warm and neutral skin tones. If you have light brown eyes, these highlights will accentuate them beautifully.

21. Black-To-Brown Balayage

Black-to-brown balayage hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Brownies, dark chocolate, and Belgian chocolate ice cream – these are the greatest foods of all time. I bet you’re already dreaming of all that chocolatey richness. Take hair inspiration from these delicious desserts. Instead of going for vibrant colors, opt for a rich dark brown.

22. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Many East Asian women get their hair color inspiration from anime. But, it’s not just that. They are also very creative people who can pull off just about any fashion trend – just like this incredible pastel pink blend. It looks stunning!

23. Blue Black Hair

Blue-black hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: Shutterstock

Blue black hair is best described as raven-tinted hair. This shade looks great on all skin tones. If you want to go for a more intense and mysterious look, opt for a navy blue tint.

24. Whitewashed Blonde

Whitewashed blonde hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Most East Asian women are born with dark hair. So, when they want to make over their look, they opt for blonde shades. This whitewashed blonde is a popular choice. It works well with warm skin tones, and it makes brown, blue, green, and gray eyes pop.

25. Peacock Purple Ombre

Peacock purple ombre hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

This is a look that’s perfect for anyone with a bright personality. It is a gorgeous blend of vibrant purple and teal blue hues done up in an ombre style. Do yourself a favor and get this hair look to gear up for the summer!

26. Gray Hair

Gray hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Working women are opting for this elegant color blend. It looks completely badass while still being sophisticated. Style it in a shoulder-length bob with bangs to take it up a notch. This hair color looks especially great when paired with a light lip color.

27. Jet Black Hair

Jet black hair color for east Asian ladies
Image: IStock

Jet black – the color of the ninja! Jet black hair suits all skin tones, irrespective of their surface tones and undertones. It also makes blue, gray, and green eyes pop. Black is a dark color, so it accentuates your facial outline and makes your cheekbones and jawline look sharper.

28. Rose Gold Hair

rose gold hair
Image: Shutterstock

Rose gold hair is a stunning choice for East Asian women. This trendy hair color blends soft pink and warm gold tones, complementing various skin tones and adding a touch of elegance and individuality to their look.

29. Midnight Blue Hair

Midnight Blue Hair
Image: IStock

This deep, rich shade offers a dramatic and mysterious look, contrasting beautifully with their typically dark hair, allowing for a bold and eye-catching expression of style and personality. The midnight blue shade sure does pop under the sun!

30. Lavender Hair

lavender hair
Image: Shutterstock

This pastel hue offers a soft and ethereal look, creating a beautiful contrast with their dark hair. Lavender hair exudes a sense of individuality and artistic expression, making it a unique and eye-catching style statement. Pair it with some mint green eyeliner and you’re ready to slay!

Infographic: Top 6 Ultra-Stylish Hair Colors For East Asian Women

East Asian women have gorgeous, straight, and shiny hair. While almost any hair color will flatter such gorgeous hair, a few colors can add depth and dimension to those beautiful tresses, irrespective of the undertones. The infographic below highlights our top picks for gorgeous hair colors that will make you appear edgy and complement your skin tone. Take a look.

top 6 ultra stylish hair colors for east asian women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about hair colors for East Asian ladies, all in one place. While not all colors may suit East Asian face types and skin tones, there are very few that do not! That poses a great premise for playing with different hair shades for East Asian features. So, go ahead! Take your picks from these stunning hair color options and try them out on your hair. Just the thought of getting a new hair color is exciting, but remember to discuss your desired look with your stylist in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can East Asians have brown hair?

Yes, East Asians can naturally have different shades of brown hair ranging from dark deep brown to medium brown.

Why do East Asians have straight hair?

East Asians are born with straight hair due to a genetic variation from the ectodysplasin A receptor or EDAR gene (1). The EDAR gene determines hair fiber thickness in Asian people.

Is it hard for Asians to go blonde?

Yes, it may be difficult for Asians to go blonde as they naturally have dark black or brown hair. Going blonde means undergoing bleaching processes which can damage hair and requires regular maintenance.

Key Takeaways

  • East-Asian women generally have pink-hued light skin with a warm or cool undertone.
  • When choosing a hair color, East Asian women should complement their skin tone with contrasting shades that work better.
  • Always pick the hair color in sunlight, as it may look different indoors.
  • Ginger, purple, yellow, and smokey colors complement East Asian skin tones better than lighter shades like blonde.
Hair Colors For East Asian Ladies

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Learn how to dye your hair brown in this easy-to-follow video! Get tips and tricks to achieve the perfect shade of brown for your hair.


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  1. Asian Hair: A Review of Structures Properties and Distinctive Disorders
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