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Top 5 Hair Sprays With SPF Protection

Top 5 Hair Sprays With SPF Protection September 25, 2017

Excessive sun exposure damages your hair and skin equally. Apart from leaving your hair dry and dull, the harsh rays could actually be one of the triggers of brittle hair with countless split ends. In addition, your scalp is also subjected to intensive damages. None of your shampoos, conditioners or styling products, in fact, have the solution for your hair problems triggered by sun damage. Reason – they lack SPF and that is where these SPF hair sprays come into picture. Check out our top 5 hair sprays recommendations and read on to know how beneficial they could be for you.

SPF Spray for Hair – Top 5

1. Kerastase Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur:

Along with safeguarding your hair from sun damage, this spray also ensures you of smooth, shiny, and soft locks. The bonus point – it protects hair color from fading out, thus keeping those stylish tresses last longer. Infused with micro diffused UV defense particles, the product offers guaranteed protection for the hair and keeps it hydrated. It is suitable for all hair types and offers special care for the colored, dry, damaged and frizzy hair types.

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2. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil:

The name says it all. This lightweight, water-resistant Hair Veil acts as an invisible screen, shielding the hair from the otherwise sun prone damages. A 100% non-greasy formula, it renders complete sun protection for up to fourteen hours. Ideal for both UVA and UVB protection, this product comes packed with a blend of moisturizing oils, which helps you to detangle and condition your hair without feeling greasy. In short, this is a one-stop shop for all those hair needs!

3. Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray:

This product from Wella is designed exclusively to meet the requirements of normal to fine hair. This is a two phase hair spray that offers guaranteed protection to hair from UV rays before and during exposure to sun. While the first phase shields your hair from sun damages, the second phases, loaded with various essential minerals and vitamins, moisturizes the hair. Thus, you will never lose your bouncy, healthy hair to the sun.

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4. Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16 PA +:

This broad-spectrum sun protection formula shields your hair and body from the harmful rays of the sun. Packed with SPF 16 PA+, this lightweight spray is quite easy to use. Zero heaviness and non-sticky nature makes it a preferable choice, even under humid weather conditions. This SPF spray for hair and scalp offers optimum sun protection against both the UVA and the UVB rays. It also contains Vitamin E to restore the natural moisture balance in hair. It is completely water-resistant and PABA free.

5. Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12 Spray:

The goods from Redken are among the most sought after hair care products in the market, and this hair spray is no exception to this trend. As the name suggests, this hair spray is ideal for colored hair. A broad-spectrum sun protection spray, it comes with an SPF of 12. While it does offer unarguably laudable protection from the extremely harsh sunrays, it also makes sure that the color applied to the hair lasts for a longer time. The spray forms a protective film on the hair, encasing it from the sun. Along with its sun shield, the product with its conditioner- like properties keeps the hair smooth and tangle free.

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As with skin, every hair has a different need, and hence, the solution must be different. We have picked five of the best SPF hair sprays available in the market that cater to various segments. However, if you find something different, do share your views with us.


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