Top 9 Hair Stylists In Hyderabad

Letting these Hyderabadi hairstylists do your mane would be a really smart decision.

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Are your lifeless locks weighing you down? If so, a makeover at your favorite salon will do wonders for your confidence. Listed below are the best hair stylists in Hyderabad who can inject a new personality into you. Get a fresh new look this 2014 with hip and happening hairstyles!

Hair Stylists In Hyderabad – Top 9

1. Rabita’s Secrets

Naughty, trendy, sexy, sassy, mafia, classic or chic; pick your favorite look this month with Rabita’s Secrets! Rabita’s is a styling salon for both men and women. Having worked at premier salons like Taj Deccan and dressed notable personalities, Rabita and her team have immense experience in hair cutting, styling and coloring. Trust your tresses to Rabita’s Secrets for a fantastic new look!

Physical Address:

91, Kamalapuri Colony, Near Tanvir Hospital, Srinagar Colony,
Hyderabad – 500073.

Did You Know?
If you have a specific hair color or hair style in mind, always discuss it with your hairstylist. They can give you better options that suit your skin tone and face shape, especially when it comes to hair colors, bangs, and layers.

2. Manea, Madhapur

Manea gives Hyderabad’s fashion conscious the right looks to go with any outfit. Known for cutting-edge equipment and the latest tools for hair styling, Manea is a hot favorite for trendy hairstyles among Hyderabad’s youth! From elegant, elaborate hairstyles for formal occasions to a fresh college look, Manea does it all.

Physical Address:

Hitech City Rd, Jaihind Enclave, Madhapur,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh‎

3. Lucas Chinappa

Lucas gave up his job at a high paying corporate organization to pursue a career in hairstyling. This talented hair stylist in Hyderabad now has his own salon, Lucas Salon and Academy catering to over a hundred clients a day! A whiz with scissors, let Lucas snip away at your locks to create a whole new look. Lucas Chinappa can give you a fancy haircut. You are also privy to salon secrets and great tips to maintain your hair. He also does low maintenance hair cuts for a neat, clean look with minimum hassle. The salon specializes in a new technique, the color corrector, to create rich shiny hair color for a glossy mane.

Physical Address:

Lucas Academy & Saloon, Fortune Atrium 4th Flr,
Jubilee Hills Rd No 36, Opp Chutneys, Above Kfc,
Hyderabad 500033

4. Sachin Dakoji

Do you have dull, lifeless locks weighing down your sunny personality? Sachin Dakoji is here to breathe life back into your tresses! Placed among India’s top five hairstylists, he knows everything there is to know about locks and luster. Sachin doesn’t just give you a fancy hairdo; he studies your face, body language, and personality to create the perfect look. Working with natural textures and treatments, Sachin gives your tresses a funky twist that stays in place even after successive hair washes. You might want to pay his salon a visit; not many can boast a hairstyle created by a member of the prestigious L’Oreal Dream Team!

5. Kiran Varma’s Beauty Salon

Kiran Varma can make any man go green with envy with his popularity with women! Funny, clever and incredibly talented, he gives Hyderabad’s lasses and ladies a chic, stylish look in a few minutes. Clean equipment, modern hairstyling tools, experienced beauticians and a light, fun ambience makes this salon worth a visit. Drop your ponytail and flaunt a sassy hairstyle after a trip to Kiran Varma’s!

Physical Address:

Plot No. 35, Arunodaya Colony, Behind High Tech Theatre
Madhapur, Hyderabad.

6. Naturals

Set in a relaxing ambience, Naturals gives you a great hairstyle to suit your lifestyle. Certified professionals with years of experience cut, color and style your hair for a fabulous new look! They have a number of salons across the city that you can step into for a haircut, massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and other beauty treatments.

Physical Address:

Luxor Park, Door No. 8-2-332/1-A, Road No. 3, Opposite Indus Ind Bank
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

7. Anu Priya

Get your hair done by Anu Priya, Senior Technical Adviser with Schwarzkopf Professional, with years of experience in styling men and women. While she is not training other salon specialists across the country, Anu Priya is available for freelance hair styling. One has to take an appointment with her for haircuts or treatments. Warm, witty and fun, she is a whiz with retro styles, giving you the perfect bob or blunt from the 80s! She is also an expert with modern, trendy, messy and beach wave looks, hair extensions, coloring and upstyling.

8. De Vogue, Hitech City

Walk into De Vogue and walk out with a whole new personality! De Vogue, premier Beauty Salon for Women for revolutionary hair styling, coloring and wellness services offers ladies, excellent hair and skincare services at affordable rates. Salon experts take the time out to study client face cuts to pick the right hair cut. The salon is very clean, equipment is hygienic and the beauticians, friendly.

Physical Address:

Door No.2, H.No.: 1-98/6/4, Arunodaya Colony, Dena Bank Lane,
Opposite Lane of Image Hospital, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Quick Tip
Hairstylists are experts in hair, meaning they can let you know what your hair type and texture is, along with giving you hair care tips, product recommendations, and spa treatment suggestions to improve your hair health.

9. Aly Hirani

He is a stylist who predicts trends – and is always proved right! Aly started his stint with hair when he was barely 15, and after 11 and half years, he gives his contemporaries a run for their money.

When you meet him, he’ll ask you about your lifestyle – but that’s just to figure out what style would work best for you. Aly likes working with short hairstyles, be it a pixie or the chin-length bob, and loves doing color placements, such as the ballayas ombre.

He understands you and what style you can carry off. Expect a lot of giddy conversation with this young, fun guy who is the creative style director and owner of Swag4hair.

Physical Address:

Banjara Hills, Road no 1,
Opposite City Centre, Hyderabad.

Whether you are in college, a mom, or a career-driven young adult, you want to look your best. Sometimes all you need to look flawless is a new hairstyle. But you cannot simply trust anyone with your hair. Head over to any of the hair stylists mentioned above! They have years of experience and have dedicated themselves to perfecting their craft. These are the best hair stylists in Hyderabad you will ever find. From giving you a chic new hairstyle to changing up your hair color, there is nothing difficult for these stylists to achieve. So, pick the one nearest you and glam up now!

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