Hair Care Ideas

Serum For Hair: Benefits, How To Use It, And Side Effects

Serums can help you meet your ultimate hair goals and protect your locks when used correctly.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Vindhya L Veerula, MD, FAAD
DIY: Homemade Banana Hair Conditioner

Moisturize and nourish your hair with a simple ingredient from your kitchen.

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Fight White Hair With These 13 Yoga Poses

It's time to get on your yoga mat to slow down the appearance of silver locks.

8 Homemade Coconut Oil Shampoo Recipes For Beautiful Hair

There is nothing better than enjoying the goodness of coconut oil now in your shampoo.

How Are Guava Leaves Beneficial For Your Hair?

A potent decoction of these leaves is all you need to rejuvenate your hair health.

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How To Blow Dry Your Hair At Home In A Salon-Like Style

Give yourself the most stylish blowouts in the comfort of your own home!

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Shruti Chavan, MBBS
Hair Developer – What Does It Do To Your Hair And Benefits

Sometimes, picking the right hair developer can make all the difference.

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7 Best Olive Oil Hair Masks For Thick And Shiny Hair

There is more than one way to use this healthy oil to attain strong and healthy locks.

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How To Wash Your Hair With Shampoo – 6 Simple Methods

The ultimate cheat sheet to washing your hair like a pro and improving its health.

Reviewed by Monica Dickenson, Certified Trichologist