23 Awesome Hairstyles With Side-Swept Bangs For Women

Take creative inspiration from this list of fashionable and versatile side-swept bangs.

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You know how important bangs can be to a hairstyle if you have ever seen Zooey Deschanel with and without bangs. In this post, we have explained the best hairstyles with side-swept bangs. The most versatile fringe types are side-swept bangs because they work well with most hairstyles, hair types, and face shapes. This is because you can play around with the length, finish, and thickness of these bangs. Here are 22 incredible hairstyles you can pair effortlessly with side-swept bangs. Go ahead, try these hairstyles with and without the bangs, and notice the difference they make!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Side-swept bangs work wonders for almost all face shapes, but they look especially flattering on round faces.
  • Make sure you dry cut your bangs, if you have curly hair, to accommodate shrinkage.
  • Shaggy side-swept bangs with highlights make for a dreamy, textured beachy look.

How To Get Side-Swept Bangs

You Will Need

  • A Pair Of Professional Shears.
  • Mirror
  • Comb
  • Hair Tie/Clips


Step 1 to get side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Comb your hair out to get rid of any knots or tangles and then comb it back to get rid of any parts. Ensure that you are working with dry hair.

Step 2 to get side-swept bangs
Image: YouTube @Chloe Gillian

Place your fingers over the arches of your eyebrows and section your hair by moving them up diagonally so that they meet in the middle.

Step 3 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Comb this triangle section of hair down and the rest of your hair back.

Even out the section so that it forms an even triangle and put the rest of your hair up using clips or a hair tie.

Step 4 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Holding down the section of hair in front of your face, determine how long you want your bangs to be.

Step 5 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

If you want your bangs to sweep down onto the left side of your face, comb it flat against the right side. If you want your bangs to fall on the right, comb it flat against the left side of your face. This will help you get the right angle for your side swept bangs.

Step 6 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Hold your hair in between your index and middle finger, flat against the right side of your face (if you want the bangs to fall on the left.) Ensure that you are holding it about half an inch lower than where you want to cut it. You can always go back and cut it again if it is too long.

Step 7 to get side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Start point-cutting (cutting your hair while holding the sharp side of your shears facing up.)

Step 8 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Cut your hair at an angle so that the right side is shorter than the left.

Step 9 to get side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Comb your hair out and – voila! You have side swept bangs.

Kayelle, a YouTuber, cut her hair into side-swept bangs. She did the cutting from the right side as she wanted to swoop the bangs to the left side, and shared, “By using the hollow of your cheeks as a guide, your bangs will end up there without looking too choppy when it blends in with the rest of your hair (i).”

protip_icon Did You Know?
Emma Stone, Halle Berry, and Reese Witherspoon are some well-known celebrities to have flaunted their gorgeous hairstyles with side-swept bangs.

How To Style Your Side-Swept Bangs

You Will Need

  • Styling Mousse
  • Blow Dryer
  • Round Brush
  • Hair Straightener


  1. Work with hair that is about 70% dry.
  2. Section out your bangs and start blow-drying outwards placing your round brush on top of your bangs and your blow dryer under.
  3. Once your bangs are dry, take your hair straightener and straighten out the tips of the bangs.
  4. Set the style in place with hairspray.
protip_icon Trivia
The angle in side-swept bangs creates length on the face, making the hairstyle ideal for round faces.

22 Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

1. Heavy Side-Swept Bangs On Honey Blonde Hair

Image: Shutterstock

Blonde hair is timeless and this look can explain why! This style incorporates heavy side-swept bangs on honey-blonde curly hair. Since the bangs almost cover the entire forehead, this hairstyle is perfect for those with wide foreheads. It will draw attention away from it and complement your beautiful eyes and smile.

2. Long Side-Swept Bangs On Short Rainbow Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Here’s an inspiration for those who want to try something different this time! This rainbow look is vibrant and daring. The bob haircut incorporates a variety of colors with side-swept bangs that reach the nose and aren’t much shorter than the rest of the hair. Women with fine, straight hair and heart or oval-shaped faces can pull off this style with ease.

3. Heavy Smoky Purple Side-Swept Bangs

Smoky purple hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Photo by Vanessa Pozos on Pexels

The purple hair trend is owning the alternative fashion scene. This look incorporates ashy undertones and heavy side-swept bangs that cover the entire forehead. If you have an oblong-shaped face, this would be the perfect style to help frame and complement your face.

4. Long Side-Swept Bangs On A Lob

Long side-swept bangs hairstyle with a lob
Image: Shutterstock

Lobs are classy, easy-to-maintain, and the perfect style that sits right in between long and short hair. This simple lob incorporates long side-swept bangs that sweep across the face, framing it well. The style is sure to look good on most face shapes.

5. Flicked Out Side-Swept Bangs On Rose Blonde Hair

Flicked out rose blonde hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Instagram @bohobrushed

The best thing about fine hair is that it carries off wispy styles like no other hair type. This style incorporates a lot of layers that help frame the face. The layers flick out, creating a feathered-out look that is sure to suit most women with long, wavy/straight, and fine hair.

Licensed hair stylist, Megan Senner adds, “When you have red or rose-colored bangs, you will want to use a red or pink-tinted shampoo and conditioner combo to maintain the vibrancy. Red and pinks are the fastest to fade compared to other bold fashion colors such as blues or greens. Styling bangs like this require the help of hot tools, and that causes the color to fade even faster.”

6. Long Side-Swept Bangs On A Sterling Bob

Long sterling bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Bobs are super versatile and can be tailor-made to suit a variety of hair types and face shapes. This sterling beauty is super simple and super chic. The hairline bob incorporates long side swept bangs that are not much shorter than the rest of the hair. This style is made for women with straight hair and oval or heart-shaped faces.

7. Piecey Side-Swept Bangs On A Short Pixie Bob

Short pixie bob with side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

We love our pixie styles and this one, in particular, has nailed the piecey pixie look. The hairstyle has a lot of layers and piecey side-swept bangs. It looks anime-inspired and is pulled together with shades of green and blue, a combination that we don’t come across very often.

8. Asymmetrical Pixie With Cropped Side-Swept Bangs

Uneven Pixie hairstyle with cropped side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

We love the availability of variety when it comes to pixie styles. This short look incorporates cropped side-swept bangs that have been cut and styled to perfection. The look is super-edgy and perfectly complements soft features.

9. Classic Side-Swept Bangs On Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair with classic side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

If you have medium length hair and have been craving some not-so-extreme change, this style is for you. The bangs on this style are not too heavy or too thin. They perfectly complement the oblong face shape and the prominent forehead. The best thing about this style is that you can experiment with different lengths to find the perfect one for you.

10. Highlighted Side-Swept Bangs On A Lob

Highlighted bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

This sweeping bob has been highlighted to add dimension to the style. The lightened sections of the hair on either side are in the front, perfectly frame the face. Soft chin-length bobs with long sweeping bangs help add an illusion of length to oval, round, and square face shapes.

11. Wispy Side-Swept Bangs On A Stacked Bob

Wispy stacked bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Stacked hairstyles have been trending, and for a good reason. The layers help add the perfect amount of volume to short hair. This stacked bob is voluminous and has been cut at an angle. The wispy side-swept bangs blend into the longer section of hair on the side, perfectly framing the face.

12. Scene Side-Swept Bangs

Scene side-swept hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

This classic alternative look is everything that our teenage dreams were made of. The side swept bangs begin from the framing sections of one side and blend into the layers on the other. The sharp, choppy style looks best on soft features and an oval or heart-shaped face.

Senner offers a pro tip for this look, “If you want to commit to scene bangs for the foreseeable future, you can train your hair to grow that way. At night, wet your hair and bobby pin it in the direction you want them to go. Then, wake up and blow dry them to lay flat. Finish with a straightener, and style with wax, putty, or pomade.”

13. Smooth Side-Swept Bangs On Straight Hair

Smooth straight hair with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

We love how smooth this style is. The medium length hair does not incorporate layers, except for the long sweeping side-swept bangs that help frame the face. This style is made for women with oval or long face shapes with prominent foreheads. The bangs have been cut to perfection and blend into the long layers on the side of the face.

14. Heavy Layered And Highlighted Side-Swept Bangs

Heavy layered and highlight hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Here’s another short bob that has stolen our hearts. The style incorporates heavy layers at the top of the head and ends near the jaw. The balayage adds texture and dimension to the style. The chin-hugging length of the style with the volume on top makes this style perfect for women with round shaped faces.

15. Smooth Side-Swept Bangs On Long Hair

Smooth long hair with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

These smooth styles never fail to melt our hearts. The long hair with invisible layers has been perfectly styled and incorporates classic side-swept bangs that are sure to suit any face shape. If you have smooth and long hair, we have no idea what’s keeping you from getting this look.

16. Long Brunette Blonde Highlights With Side-Swept Bangs

Long brunette blonde highlight hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

To say we love highlight styles would be a major understatement. This long brunette blonde highlight has that perfect party look that so many of us love and crave. The wispy side-swept bangs soften the look even more, making this style perfect for women with sharp features. To spice it up even further, consider tying a ponytail and letting the bangs hang loose naturally for a carefree and fun appearance.

17. Emerald Hair With Side-Swept Bangs

Emerald hair hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

The green hair trend must go on! We just cannot get enough of these mesmerizing looks. If you love alternative fashion, this style is a must try! The long length helps enhance the length of the oblong face shape and the soft side-swept bangs perfectly balance out the sharp features.

18. Voluminous Side-Swept Bangs On Long Hair

Voluminous long hair with side-swept bangs
Image: IStock

Ooh! The volume on her hair! This adorable style has some heavy layering going on and we just can’t get enough of the look. The side-swept bangs have been cut out of a thick section of hair, adding more volume to the front of the face. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, you must try this look.

19. Long Sweeping Side-Swept Bangs On A Balayage

Long sweeping balayage hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

We wish we could fill this list with just pictures of balayage styles. The bangs on this one are long and curl away from the face. This style is perfect for women who want bangs that they can pull away from their face. Because as great as bangs are, they can get annoying when they’re constantly getting in your eyes.

20. Blue Side-Swept Bangs

Blue hair hairstyle with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Bob styles for the win! This adorable alternatively styled bob is blue with silver undertones. The style incorporates long side-swept bangs that emerge from a deep part and almost cover one half of the face. The bangs look wispy and flick out, creating a feathered-out effect.

21. Heavy Side-Swept Bangs On A Stacked And Angled Bob

Stacked and angled bob with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

We can never get over the volume that stacked styles add to your hair and the heavy side-swept bangs on this one just add more “oomph” to the style. The dramatic angle helps add dimension while also perfectly framing the face. If you have a round, oval, square, or heart-shaped face, this face-framing style is sure to look great on you!

22. Side-Swept Bangs On Long Ginger Hair

Long ginger hair with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

We loooooooove this look! The ginger hair has a natural ombre effect and the perfect curls are going straight through our hearts *heavy breathing.* The bangs are heavy but piecey, and the style has just the right amount of volume. If you have ginger hair, you need to try this look!

23. Sleek Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Sleek bob with side-swept bangs
Image: Shutterstock

The sleek bob with side-swept bangs is a chic and versatile hairstyle that is all about timeless elegance. This classic look features a clean-cut bob that sits just around chin length. It is accentuated by side-swept bangs that frame the face beautifully and add a touch of sophistication. The highlight of this hairstyle lies in its smooth, polished finish.

24. Messy High Bun

A happy woman with a messy high bun
Image: Shutterstock

The timeless charm of a messy bun meets the playful allure of side-swept bangs. This effortlessly chic duo adds a touch of casual elegance to any day. It is that perfect blend of undone and put-together, ideal for everything– from work Zoom calls to weekend coffee dates.

Infographic: Side-Swept Bangs Styling Tips

The iconic side-swept bangs are known for making innovative comebacks year after year. There are very few hairstyles that are as versatile as them. Moreover, they agree with all kinds of face shapes and look good on faces of all ages. However, these wisps of short hair on the forehead can be annoying to manage sometimes. Check out the infographic below for some quick styling tips to enjoy your side-swept bangs.

side-swept bangs styling tips (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Side-swept bangs are by far the most versatile fringe design, as they go with almost every hair type, hairstyle, and facial shape. This is owing to the fact that these bangs can be customized in terms of thickness, length, and finish. Hair with side-swept bangs is a terrific way to freshen up your style while also framing your face. Fine hair types should go for side-swept bangs with a lot of layers, as they can provide volume and oomph. The most common choices are feathered-out bangs, cropped bangs, and traditional bangs on medium-length hair, but feel free to get inspired by the hairstyles with side-swept bangs included in this post to give your look a makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of having side-swept bangs compared to other hairstyles?

Side-swept bangs are easy to style, can hide flaws, are versatile, and can be combined with different hairstyles. However, they are high maintenance, not easy to handle, require frequent salon visits, and may lead to skin issues on the forehead due to constant touching.

How can you incorporate side-swept bangs into an up-do or half-up hairstyle?

While making an up-do or a half-up hairstyle, you can either leave the bangs at the front and go on making the hairstyle with the rest of the hair or pin up the bangs to the side to make the hairstyle the star of the look.

How can you modify side-swept bangs to suit the changing seasons and weather?

Winter is the best season to get bangs as it looks cute with layered outfits and also protects from the cold weather. In summer longer bangs are more convenient as they can be tied back when required.

Are side-swept bangs suitable for different hair textures and thicknesses?

Yes, side-swept bangs are suitable for almost all hair textures and thicknesses but it needs to be modified to suit the specific hair texture and thickness. For example, highlighted and layered bangs look best on straight and thin hair while sleek side-swept bangs work great with thick hair as it provides movement and lightness.

Key Takeaways

  • Side-swept bangs are versatile because they work with most hair textures and face shapes.
  • Always cut the side-swept bangs on dry hair to avoid shrinkage.
  • You can incorporate these stylish bangs into bobs, pixies, or layers.
  • Highlighting side-swept bangs can add depth and dimension to your overall hairstyle.
hairstyles with side-swept bangs

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide to achieving beautiful, side-swept bangs from the comfort of your home. Learn some tips and tricks while getting this haircut.

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