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Top 10 Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits

Top 10 Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits July 11, 2018

Strong, well built hamstrings are integral in having strong legs. This is why a lot of exercise routines focus mainly on the hamstrings. If you are looking for well shaped legs, you simply cannot ignore your hamstrings, these ten simple hamstring stretching exercises could be of immense benefit to you.

Top Ten Hamstring Stretching Exercises And Their Benefits:

1. 90/90 Hamstring:

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This hamstring workout for beginners is a stretching workout that targets the hamstring only. Simply lie on your back with one leg extended straight out and with the other leg, bend your knee and hips to 90 degrees. Now extend your leg pausing for some time at the top and go back to starting position. Repeat ten to twenty times and then do the same with the other leg.

2. Alternating Hang Clean:

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This intermediate level hamstring workout also strengthens the lower back, biceps, calves and forearms apart from your hamstrings. Place two kettle bells between your feet and push your butt back and look straight ahead. This is your starting position. Hold on to one kettle bell at your shoulder while the other stays in hanging position. Pick up one kettle bell to your shoulder while extending through your hands and knees. Rotate your wrists as you pull the kettle bell up to your shoulders. Lower the kettle bell to hanging position and alternately lift up the other kettle bell to your shoulders in the same manner.

3. Ball Leg Curl:

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For this beginners level hamstring exercise all you need is an exercise ball. This hamstring workout targets the calves, glutes and hamstrings.  Position yourself on the floor, lying back down with your feet on the ball. Position yourself such that your legs are extended and your ankles are on the ball, and then slowly raise your hips off of the ground and let your legs and shoulder blades hold your weight. Flex your knees, pulling the exercise ball as close to you as you can in the process of contracting your hamstrings. After a brief pause, repeat in the same manner.

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4. Jump Box Multiple Response:

This is one such simple hamstring stretch exercises targeted for beginners effectively builds your hamstring muscles. Take a relaxed stance while facing a jump box or raised platform. Stand approximately an arm’s length away from the jump box with your arms at your sides and your legs slightly bent forward. Whilst using your arms to aid in the initial burst, jump upwards and forward on to the raised platform. Jump down the same way. Repeat multiple times.

5. Box Skip:

You while need several jump boxes or raised platforms lined up to eight feet apart. Start off facing the first box with one leg slightly behind the other. Drive of the back leg attempting to gain as much height with your hips as possible. Upon landing on the first box immediately drive the other leg forward and upward to gain height and distance. Try to land between the first two boxes with the same leg that landed on the first box and then proceed forward in the same manner. This exercise targets the hamstrings and calves and is a beginner level workout.

6. Running:

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Running has many potential benefits for your hamstrings. Simply running on a daily basis can effectively help you build hamstring muscles and mass.

7. Skipping:

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It’s no secret why skipping is so integral to an effective workout. Skipping vastly improves all lower body muscles including the hamstrings.

8. Chair leg Extended Stretch:

This simple exercise for beginners effectively helps improve hamstring growth and mass.  Simply sit straight in a chair and grip the seat at the sides. Slowly raise one leg up, extending the knees and flexing the ankles as you do so. Move the leg outwards as far as you can and slowly bring it to center and then back down. Repeat multiple times, alternating left and right legs.

9. Clean Dead Lifts:

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Use a barbell for this beginners level workout routine. Simply hold on to a barbell with a shoulder width overhand grip, squat down to the barbell and slowly rise up as you pull it up to your hips. This simple routine effectively improves the calves and hamstring growth and mass buildup.

10. Squats:

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Squats effectively build up all lower body muscles including the hamstrings.  Try simple squats on a daily basis to improve hamstring muscles.

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Hope you got to know the different hamstring exercises for women. You can very well practice them for stronger legs. Leave us a comment if any.


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