Diet Tips

12 Yoga Exercises To Get Your Thighs And Hips In Shape

Lose the extra fat in your legs with simple and effective yoga asanas to your rescue.

Reviewed by Anirudh Gupta, Certified Yoga Instructor
How The Warrior Diet Plan Works – A Complete Guide To Lose Weight (Results, Meal Plan, And Benefits)

Be up in arms against excess body weight with this intermittent form of fasting.

Reviewed by Aakriti Arora, Certificate In Plant-Based Nutrition
Diverticulitis Diet – What You Should Eat And Avoid

A breakdown of diet plans and foods to help you manage the symptoms of this condition.

Medically Reviewed by Merlin Annie Raj, RD (Registered Dietitian)
1200-Calorie Diet Plan: What To Eat, Exercises, And Benefits

A precise diet plan to help you control your calories without sacrificing nutrients.

Medically Reviewed by Kristen Arnold, RDN, CSSD
Low-Protein Diet : Foods To Eat & Avoid And Recipes

Manage your liver and kidney health by making some important dietary changes.

Medically Reviewed by Bulelani Makapela, RD
Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss – Fad or Fact?

Get your facts right before including this drink in your diet and wellness routine.

Medically Reviewed by Madhu Sharma, RD
Diet Plan To Gain Weight Fast | Reasons For Being Underweight

Tips to gain weight healthily if you have problems figuring out the optimal meal plan!

Medically Reviewed by Merlin Annie Raj, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Scarsdale Medical Diet Plan – A 14 Day Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Listen to your body and understand its needs and requirements to make this diet work.

Medically Reviewed by Merlin Annie Raj, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Gastritis Diet Menu Plan: Foods To Eat And Avoid

Manage your symptoms and pain better by keeping a close eye on your dietary plan.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD, ABFM, ABIHM