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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Flageolet Beans

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Flageolet Beans November 3, 2017

You can use so many types of vegetables for cooking meals, but dropping in a few strings of beans always makes them tastier, isn’t it? From kidney beans to red beans, there are plenty of legumes you can pick. But then, how about choosing flageolet beans?

These beans go well with various meat preparations, and have a host of health benefits as well. Would you like to know more? Read on!

What Are Flageolet Beans?

Flageolet beans are native to France. These light green, small sized beans were originally harvested in French provinces in the 18th century, but are now found mostly in Australia and California. Earlier, you could get these beans only in faded green color. However, nowadays there are many variants with colours like yellow, red or black. These beans, when cooked, make a creamy and dense texture. The good part is that these beans can be cooked without soaking and cooking time is also less.

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Nutritional Quotient:

As a matter of fact, Flageolet beans are among the healthiest legumes that you can eat. These beans contain protein, several essential minerals and Vitamin B9. They can be included in the diets of both kids and adults.

Flageolet beans have plenty of benefits for health. The benefits are applicable both for the canned and dried variants. Go ahead to know what they are!

1. Ideal For Weight Loss:

Flageolet beans are ideal for those who want to shed excess flab. When you eat 100 grams of these beans, you just consume 80-90 calories. The beans also keep you full for quite some time, thus reducing hunger pangs. Include these beans in your breakfast and main meals when losing excess weight is a priority.

2. Source Of Protein:

Protein can be obtained from a number of animal meat sources too. However, when you consume animal meat-based protein, you end up consuming a good amount of fat too. Besides, vegetarians need to obtain protein from produce. Flageolet beans can fulfil some of your daily protein consumption needs.

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3. Carbohydrates:

You need to eat carb rich food in moderate amounts. They act as mood boosters and aid cardiac health. If you did not know, consuming unrefined carbs can also play a great role in trimming the waistline (1). Flageolet beans contain a good amount of carbohydrates, and you get more carb from the frozen variants.

4. Low In Fat:

Everyone around is trying to discard fat from their diet. These beans contain negligible amount of fat, and so you can eat them daily without a fear of an increasing waistline! In every 100 grams of these beans, either cooked or frozen, there is not even 1 gram of fat.

5. Good Source Of Fibre:

Health experts and dieticians advise people to eat fibre rich foods nowadays. Fibre intake can be good for your health from a number of perspectives. Fibre keeps you full for a long time, aids the digestion process in the body and eventually aids heart health, as per several study findings (2). You would be mistaken to think oatmeal is the only good source of dietary fibre. On the contrary, you get oodles of fibre in Flageolet beans as well.

6. Source Of Potassium:

The human body needs a daily intake of some essential minerals, and potassium is one of them. Eating potassium-rich foods brings down the risk of brittle bones. This mineral also plays a role in improving heart health by controlling blood pressure levels. Canned Flageolet beans contain potassium.

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7. Source Of Vitamin B9:

Flageolet beans are replete with vitamin B9. This vitamin offers benefits like healthy red blood cell generation and boosts the immune system.

Do you know how to cook Flageolet beans? Yes, you cannot eat these in your salads. But simply steam them, sprinkle some salt and pepper and chomp them for better health. Alternatively, add this healthy veggie in your pasta or curry, and make your meal more nutritious and wholesome!

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