10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Malted Milk/Malted Milk Powder

Good for infants and adults alike, discover what malted milk has in store for you.

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Malted milk benefits your health in more ways than you know. Made from a combination of malted barley, milk powder, and wheat flour, malted milk aids in quick recovery from illnesses and helps in inducing sleep and relaxation. High in calcium, vitamin D, and several essential nutrients, malted milk is an excellent source of nutrition for pregnant women (1). In this article, we will explore the several benefits of malted milk and why it would be a healthy addition to your diet.

Did You Know?
Malted milk was first invented in the year 1873 by William Horlick, a food manufacturer from Britain. He, along with his brother, also founded the popular brand of nutritional supplement that would sell malted milk under the name ‘Horlicks’.

Malted Milk – A Brief

Malted milk was developed as a nutritional supplement for infants, and although it has been found that it is unsuitable for them, it has a high nutritional value that adults can benefit from.

This type of milk, made from whole milk powder, wheat flour, and malted barley, is a sweetener that helps in enhancing the flavor of foods like milkshakes, candy, ice cream, and baked goods. It can also be consumed as a delicious beverage packed with loads of goodness.

Malted barley is different from regular barley. Malted barley is barley that has been soaked in water for 4-5 days and allowed to sprout, a process that makes it rich in fermentablei  XThe ability of something to undergo chemical changes to produce bubbles or heat, or turn the sugars in it into alcohol. sugars. Malted barley is most well-known for its use in making beers.

Benefits of Malted Milk

1. May Help In Recovering From Illness

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For patients recovering from an illness, malted milk is an excellent way to regain strength as it gives the body important nutrients (1). The fact that it is easy to digest makes it the ideal food for people who are recovering from illness. In fact, malted milk finds its way into the diet book of patients suffering from gastroparesisi  XA disorder that interferes with your stomach muscles' ability to move on their own normally (motility). .

2. Provides The Right Dose Of Protein

Malted milk provides protein needed by the body. A 100 g serving of malted milk powder gives 10 g of protein (2). This essential nutrient is much-needed by your body as it helps in building and repairing tissue, cells, and muscles.

3. May Help Build Bones

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Malted milk is a fortifiedi  XSomething that protects or prepares other cells, tissues, or substances against a foreign attack, as in case of blood fortifiers. source of vitamin D and provides 326 IU of vitamin D in an 8-ounce serving, which is paramount for bone health (3). It also contains minerals that are important for the maintenance of bone strength and health. It provides your body with calcium and phosphorus, which help in the building of bones (1).

4. Provides Energy

Malted milk powder is rich in vitamin C, iron, niacin, and riboflavin (1). These vitamins help in metabolizing carbs, protein, and fat, and provide your body with energy throughout the day.

5. May Improve Skin And Vision Health

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Riboflavin, which is also known as vitamin B-2, is an important nutrient the body requires. It helps in improving and maintaining good skin and vision health. Malted milk powder is a good source of vitamin B-2 (1).

6. May Help In Transporting Nutrients

Malted milk contains potassium in small amounts (1). Potassium plays an important role in the communication between muscles and nerves. It also helps in transporting nutrients into the different cells of the body, as well as removing waste from the body.

7. May Help In Thyroid Hormone Production

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Malt milk producers claim that their milk powder contains selenium. This is an important nutrient required for the production of thyroid hormones. It also plays a role in reproduction. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects your body against infection. However, very limited research is available to support this claim.

8. Good For Blood

Malted milk powder has a high amount of iron (1). This mineral is essential to keep the body’s blood system functioning properly at all times. It is because of its iron content that malted milk drink works excellently as a blood fortifier.

9. Good For Pregnant Women

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Due to its nutrient-rich composition, malted milk is an excellent choice of beverage for pregnant women (1). The fact that it is so easy to digest also makes it a great drink for expectant mothers.

10. May Help People With Insomnia

Although there is no conclusive evidence that malted milk promotes sound sleep, it does help insomniacsi  XRefers to people suffering from insomnia, that is, a condition where one loses the ability to fall asleep. in another way. This milk can keep the stomach full for a longer period. This may, in turn, help them get a good night’s sleep, especially for the elders.

Due to its high fat, calorie, and sugar content, you need to remember to limit your intake of malted milk powder. You should make malted milk an occasional treat instead of adding it to your daily diet. This way you get the nutrients that it provides without increasing the risk of weight gain and heart disease.

Infographic: Top Health Benefits Of Malted Milk

Malted milk was created for infants, but it has been found that consumption of this milk is not suitable for them. Also, the high nutritional value of malted milk offers many health benefits for adults. While we have listed many benefits of this milk in the article, you must be aware of a few important benefits of malted milk. Click on the infographic below to learn about the top health benefits of malted milk.

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Malted milk is a delicious and nutritious beverage. It is replete with many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds. Malted milk benefits range from boosting energy levels to promoting circulation. It may help promote vision, bone strength, and skin health. It is good for building mass and helps in thyroid hormone production. Malted milk is highly recommended for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. However, it is not recommended to consume it in excess. Its high fat and sugar content can cause health issues. Consult your doctor if you experience any adverse effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does malted milk taste like?

Malted milk has a delicately nutty flavor with a natural sweetness.

What is the difference between malted milk and milk?

Milk naturally contains sugar, whereas malted milk has lots of added sugar.

Key Takeaways

  • Malted milk can improve vision and skin health due to its high vitamin B-2 content.
  • The milk is also high in iron content, which makes it a strong blood fortifier.
  • Malted milk carries high amounts of vitamin D and other minerals that can support bone strength and health.
  • It contains high quantities of fat, sugar and calorie. Therefore, avoid malted milk when you are on a diet or wish to lose weight.


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