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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Peach Palm Fruit

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Peach Palm Fruit October 16, 2017

Peach palm is an exotic species of palm, but did you know it can outdo its peers when it comes to health benefits? Curious how the exotic fruit can make valuable contribution to your health?

This post provides ample reasons as to why you should include peach palm, also known as Bactris gasipaes in your fruit basket. Read on and find out.

Peach Palm – A Brief:

Peach palm acts to improve various systems and organs in our body. It is usually boiled in salted water, which strips away the trypsin enzyme present inside the skin. Trypsin inhibits protein digestions, so its removal makes the fruit easily digestible. It is cooked with other foods or smoked or mashed and flavoured with honey.

Some of the brilliant health benefits of this small fruit are listed below:

1. Digestion:

One of the best health benefits of the peach palm is its ability to facilitate smooth digestion of food and eliminate constipation. The fruit supplies a lot of dietary fibres which our diet often lacks (1). The fibre in the fruit allows easy digestion. So when it comes to preventing illness such as constipation, eating peach palm is a healthier-cum-tastier choice. It also reduces any kind of bloating or excess gas in the digestive tract. Consuming plenty of fibre can also reduce chances of contracting gastric ulcer in later stages.

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2. Energy:

The power-packed fruit is known for acting as an energy reserve. For every 100 grams of peach palm consumed, you get 37 grams of carbohydrates, which are the essential energy source in the diet.

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3. Heart:

The increased fibre intake always allows a good cleansing of the cardiovascular system (2). The fibre helps in clearing out excess cholesterol that accumulates inside arteries. This accumulation is known as arteriosclerosis and in the long run it can dangerously effects the heart health. By cleaning out the blood passages, the fibres rejuvenate your cardiovascular system.

4. Growth And Development:

For growing children, peach palm fruit is very healthy. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins as well. These nutrients are essential for development of brain and musculo-skeletal growth. For pregnant women, the folic acid present in peach palm helps in preventing tubal defects.

5. Immune System:

The presence of Vitamin A, C and minerals like magnesium and calcium in peach palm fruit can help boost the immune system in the following ways:

  • Vitamin A- Prevents infection and maintains mucosa.
  • Vitamin C- It works with micronutrients and prevents diseases like scurvy.
  • Magnesium- Restores electrolytes and maintains humoral function (3).
  • Calcium- It signals the immune system (4).

6. Lowers Diabetes Risk:

The fibres present in peach palm helps in controlling the blood sugar levels by regulating the insulin and glucose production (5). The fibres reduce the rate of glucose release into the bloodstream. The little fruit is known to optimize the functioning of the pancreas- the production house of insulin.

7. For Good Vision:

Eating peach palm regularly can reinforce your vision, since the fruit contains vitamin A and carotenoids which are really good for vision health. Regular consumption of the fruit can also lower the chances of cataracts as well.

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8. Skin Health:

The presence of antioxidant vitamins A and C in the fruit helps stimulate the regrowth of new skin cells. The fruit is thus recommended for a healthy skin.

9. Prevents Unwanted Weight Loss:

The fruit also aids in preventing weight loss. When there is a low supply of energy to the body, the muscle mass is broken down leading to unwanted weight loss. The fruit’s high energy-giving content content makes up for this deficit and prevents weight loss.

10. Low GI Food:

Those who need to consume low GI (glycemic index) food often have to skip delicious tropical fruits which undergo physicochemical changes during processing which increases their GI value. Cooked peach palm or the fruit pulp has been found to have very low GI index, which is around 35 plus or minus 6 (6). So it can be easily consumed by diabetics or those with cardiovascular diseases.

Simply chomp into one, or throw them into some custard! The list of good things about Bactris gasipaes, i.e. peach palm just goes on. Do you think the post has helped you? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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