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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Radicchio

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Radicchio November 1, 2017

Coloring your menu is a fool-proof way to guarantee your good health. Now, here comes a ‘red’ veggie packed with all the benefits of a green leafy vegetable. Do you believe in the power of spinach? Then you will admire radicchio for all it can offer you!

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Radicchio In The Kitchen:

When we talk about green leafy vegetables, we all agree they are a must in our diet. How many of us diligently include these super-foods regularly? What are we doing to make our families eat those greens? Try radicchio, a cousin to the familiar lettuce. It has all the nutrition that greens give you while making the menu interesting (1).

Radicchio is an attention grabber with its bright red color and distinct white veins. It is a cabbage-like vegetable that looks striking beside the other greens. The coloring makes it unique also because it signifies the rich antioxidant presence. Radicchio can be used interchangeably with other greens in your kitchen as it is not only versatile, but has many health benefits.

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Radicchio Nutritional Profile:

If you are looking for an ingredient that gives high value for health for very little calories, then radicchio is your choice. Fresh radicchio leaves weighing 100gm contain barely 20 calories. The leaves delightfully contain high quantities of plant phytonutrients and antioxidants like Zea-xanthin.

Living up to its name as a superfood, the leafy vegetable is a good source of these nutrients. They include folic acid, vitamin A, C, vitamin B1, B3, B5 B6, E, Vitamin K, selenium, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, and zinc. Nutrients such as these are required in our diet to supplement the body. They work in many ways to improve our health.

Following are the amazing health benefits of radicchio.

1. Analgesic:

Radicchio’s analgesic and sedative effects were known since ancient times, when a Roman philosopher promoted its therapeutic qualities. The vegetable was admired for its ability to cure insomnia and purify blood. A component called lactucopicrin, which renders radicchio its bitter taste, is an anti-malarial agent and also has analgesic and sedative effects (2).

2. Protects Eyes:

The presence of lutein and zeaxanthin in radicchio helps filter harmful UV rays from the sun. This protects the eyes against age-related macular disease. That is better than sunglasses.

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3. Brain Health:

Radicchio’s vitamin K content is high enough to ensure healthy neurons in your brain. It also ensures limited damage from natural diseases like Alzheimers. Vitamin K plays a key role in bone health as well (3), (4).

4. Boosts Digestion:

Radicchio has a promoting effect on bile production, which in turn boosts digestion. Improved digestion supports a healthy digestive system and cleansing. The vegetable can help avoid indigestion and other related issues.

5. Weight Loss:

Fiber is an effective tool to keep the fat away. Radicchio is high in fiber, aiding in fuller stomachs, smoother digestion, and excretion. Fiber gives a feeling of satiety, preventing you from overeating. This promotes weight loss (5).

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6. Heart Friendly:

Radicchio’s many qualities are very beneficial for the heart. The fiber reduces cholesterol while increased bile production supports the same. Moreover, it aids in cleansing the blood and removing harmful toxins, thereby maintaining an efficient circulatory system. Radicchio maintains good cardiovascular health through more ways than one.

7. Controls Diabetes:

The presence of inulin in radicchio naturally controls diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of this vegetable in your diet keeps the blood sugar levels stable, and also prevents any other related diseases.

8. Fights Cancer:

Considering the rich antioxidant content in radicchio, it is not surprising that the leaves help fight against free radical damage. They check cancer cell growth and prevent the onset of several cancers (6).

9. Lovely Skin:

Radicchio offers an entire spectrum of B-complex vitamins that replenish your skin, eyes and nails. The vitamins are essential for many vital cellular processes such as energy conversion. Importantly, folate is required for optimal red blood cells (7).

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10. Better Immunity:

This is made possible because of vitamin C in radicchio. The red vegetable enhances immunity as vitamin C is also an antioxidant that promotes wound healing and detoxification (8). The vitamin also promotes healthy stomach environment and builds collagen.

Among fruits and vegetables, the ones red in color are considered the best for overall good health. In a radicchio, you get a green leafy vegetable for the benefit of a red colored one.

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