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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Strawberry Guava

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Strawberry Guava October 24, 2017

Did you know that psidium cattleianum or strawberry guavas can help you lose weight and provide you with essential nutrients? Well, it’s true! If you haven’t heard of strawberry guavas, or you want to know why one should have this rather pretty pink fruit, read this post!

Strawberry Guava – A Brief

Strawberry Guava, also known as the Cattley Guava or Peruvian Guava, is a bright yellow or red colored fruit that resembles a guava. While the red variety is called strawberry guava, the yellow variety is known as the lemon guava (1).

Let’s look at some health benefits of this bright colored fruit. Listed here are the top ten benefits!

1. Promotes Weight Loss:

Strawberry Guava helps you shed those extra calories, while not comprising on protein, vitamin and fiber intake. It is especially rich in fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol and aids in digestion. According to experts, high fiber diets can aid weight loss (2). Strawberry Guava has lesser sugar compared to other fruits like grapes, oranges, and apples.

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2. Stimulates Digestion:

Strawberry guava is rich in dietary fiber, and vitamin C. Fiber helps stimulate digestion and helps push food through the small intestine (3). This makes it an excellent digestive. Next time skip your dessert and have a strawberry guava instead. Not only is it delicious, it will help in the digestion process as well.

3. Anti-Diabetic:

Strawberry guava fruit promotes weight loss, regulates blood pressure, and contains loads of fiber. These properties make it an excellent anti-diabetic. The fiber helps regulate sugar consumption and reduces the risk of insulin or glucose spikes in the body.

4. Anti-Carcinogenic:

This is perhaps the most important health benefit in this list. Strawberry guavas have anti-carcinogenic properties. They are crammed with cancer-fighting free radicals and polyphenols that restrict tumor growth and purge the body of harmful free radicals. They also contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene has been shown to be effective in preventing certain types of cancer. (4)

5. Improves Eyesight:

Strawberry Guavas contain good amounts of vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to night blindness and weak vision. Consuming vitamin A regularly helps improve your eyesight and boosts your health. Vitamin A can help prevent cataract formation and improves the general health of your eyes as well.

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6. Treats Dysentery:

Strawberry guava fruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber, which makes it excellent for maintaining your stomach health. When you chew the fruit, its astringent properties inhibit microbial growth and help flush excess mucus from your intestine, thereby helping cure dysentery.

7. Thyroid Health:

Strawberry guavas are a rich source of copper. Copper is quite important and helps regulate your metabolism by promoting thyroid metabolism, which helps regulate hormone production and absorption.

8. Constipation:

This fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which makes it an effective remedy for heart problems, high blood cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Fiber is an excellent digestive and a bulking agent. Fiber bulks up the hardened stool and helps force it through the intestines.

9. Promotes Brain Health:

Strawberry guavas also contain decent amounts of B-vitamins like B­6 and B3, which are quite crucial for brain development. In fact, Vitamin B­3 increases blood flow to the brain and also stimulates cognitive functions. Thus, eating strawberry guavas can improve your brain health. (5)

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10. Treats Scurvy:

Strawberry Guava is more nutritious than other fruits like orange and other citrus fruits. The surprising fact is that it contains about 5 times the amount of vitamin C in such fruits. This property makes it an important food to treat vitamin deficiencies like scurvy and boost immunity. (6)

Now that you the amazing strawberry guava health benefits, what are you waiting for? Eat this pretty pink fruit today and avail of these amazing benefits. Tell us about any creative ways in which you cook this fruit or any special recipe you have. Leave a comment below.

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