22 Inspirational Hebrew Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Written by Nisha Baghadia

Hebrew is a gorgeous language with a beautiful and distinctive script. The unconventional designs, lettering, and motifs in Hebrew are eye-catching. The ancient language also has deep symbolism and is widely popular among tattoo enthusiasts who want their body art to convey a story.

No one really knows how Hebrew tattoos got popular, considering the fact that Jewish law prohibits tattooing. What we do know though is that the unique designs and words of the Hebrew script have an enduring appeal.

A lot of the popularity for this trend is attributed to the Jewish Kabbalah Movement, which has its foundations in mystical religious interpretations. Kabbalah was popularized by many celebrities, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Elizabeth Taylor. The fad also owes its popularity to David and Victoria Beckham, who professed their love for each other by getting the Bible verse, “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me who shepherds among the lilies,” tattooed in Hebrew. This subsequently sparked a lot of interest in Christian Hebrew tattoos.

Whether you are getting inked for the first time or already have a couple of tattoos, you will realize that sometimes you know exactly what you want, but sometimes you are just not entirely sure. You can get started by looking through these 23 inspirational Hebrew tattoo designs and their meanings. You are sure to find something you’ll love.

Inspirational Hebrew Tattoo Designs

1. Shalom Tattoo

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The word shalom in Hebrew means ‘peace.’ It was traditionally used as a salutation by Jewish people. A shalom tattoo carries with it the implication of completeness, wholeness, tranquillity, or permanence.

2. Hamsa Tattoo

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The hamsa has a unique design and holds deep spiritual meaning. If you are looking to make a powerful fashion statement, a hamsa tattoo might just be the right choice for you. You can flaunt a full-size hamsa tattoo on your back or a small and pretty one on your ankle.

3. Christian Hebrew Tattoo

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Hebrew is commonly referred to as the Holy Language. It is no surprise that it is a popular choice of language for people who like to get Christian tattoos. Popular Christian Hebrew tattoos include scriptures and phrases such as Hallelujah, Adonai, and Adonai Elohim. The tattoo pictured above reads “God sees me” in Hebrew.

4. Hebrew Love Tattoos

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Tired of the mundane romantic phrases? Declare your love with a tattoo in Hebrew. Hebrew love tattoos are immensely popular among youngsters. The language has phrases that can help you profess your love in the most meaningful and succinct way. Popular love phrases in Hebrew include:

  • מילים לא יכולות לתאר את האהבה שלי אלייך(Milim lo yekholot letaer et ha`ahava sheli elekha): Words can’t describe my love for you.
  • נועדנו להיות יחד(Noadnu lihiyot yakhad): We were meant to be together.
  • מאה לבבות יהיו מעט מדי כדי להכיל את כל האהבה שלי אלייך(Mea levavot ihiyu meat midai kdei lehakhil et kol ha`ahava sheli elaikh ): A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.
  • אהבה היא פשוט אהבה. היא אף פעם לא מוסברת(Ahava hi pashut ahava. hi af pa-am lo musberet): Love is just love, it can never be explained.

5. Ancient Hebrew Tattoos

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Ancient Hebrew patterns make wonderful tattoos. A bold, full-sized ancient Hebrew tattoo down your back can be a classy way to sport some ink.

6. Religious Hebrew Tattoo

If you like the idea of flaunting a spiritual tattoo, something that is symbolic of your identity and faith, a tattoo that reads ‘God is gracious’ can serve as a positive and permanent reminder. This tattoo is perfect for sporting on your forearm.

7. Faith Hebrew Tattoo

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Faith – translated as emunah in Hebrew – holds different meanings for different people. Having this simple word tattooed on your bicep can help render powerful thoughts. If you are looking for something simple yet meaningful, the word ‘faith’ etched in Hebrew can make for a great design.

8. Family Hebrew Tattoo

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Family can hold a very special meaning to some people. If you are looking for a tattoo that is symbolic of your bond with your family, a Hebrew tattoo representing your family would be the nicest way to honor and celebrate them. If other people in your family are game, you can also get matching or coordinated Hebrew family tattoos.

9. Hebrew Calligraphy Tattoo

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If fancy penmanship is your style, a Hebrew calligraphy tattoo is the way to go! Hebrew calligraphy tattoosinvolve intricate lettering and can look very delicate and classy. This unique design features a Hebrew phrase written in calligraphy to create the shape of a heart

10. Hebrew Lettering Tattoo

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While patterns and designs in Hebrew make for great tattoos, tattoos with Hebrew lettering can also look artsy and sophisticated. This Hebrew tattoo says, “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

11. Hebrew Bible Verse Tattoo

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A Hebrew Bible verse tattoo can be a cool reminder of your faith. Get your favorite Bible verse inked in Hebrew and spread the message of love, faith, and encouragement to the people around you. This tattoo reads, “Let there be light.”

12. Hebrew Tribal Tattoo

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Hebrew tribal tattoos look timeless and beautiful. Some of them feature bold patterns and can be quite eye-catching. If you are looking to make a striking statement with your body art, a Hebrew tribal tattoo done in an interesting shape – like this ring-shaped piece – is perfect for you.

13. Hebrew Back Tattoo

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Back tattoos can be incredibly versatile. You can go for either an expansive canvas design on your upper back or something small on your lower back if you want a more erotic appeal.

14. Geometric Hebrew Scripture Tattoo

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If you have a personal preference for symmetry and precision, geometric Hebrew tattoos can be a great choice for you. The thing about geometrictattoos is that you need to get them done by a highly skilled tattoo artist. If the shapes and lines of a geometric tattoo don’t align perfectly, your design can look sloppy.

15. Hebrew Sleeve Tattoo

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Hebrew sleeve tattoos cover the arm and can be a fantastic choice for tattoo enthusiasts who love to make a bold statement. If you are opting for a sleeve tattoo in Hebrew, remember that your design is most likely going to be elaborate. So, make sure that you pick a design that holds special significance or importance to you.

16. Hebrew Quote Tattoo

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Inspirational Hebrew tattoos with featuring quotes are perfect if you are looking for something quirky. Pick a quote that commemorates something memorable in your life, a life lesson that appealed to you, or an expression of the state of your mind. This Hebrew quote reads, “Exhale the past, inhale the future.”

17. Hebrew Shoulder Tattoo

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Shoulder tattoos look extremely attractive and add oodles of appeal to your personality. The best thing about getting a Hebrew tattoo on your shoulder is that while it is quite conspicuous, it can also be concealed easily. This tattoo says, “Don’t look back, don’t stop.”

18. Hebrew Wrist Tattoo

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A Hebrew wrist tattoo done with black ink can look subtly stylish. Blackwork is beguilingly beautiful and sure to capture eyes when paired with an intricate and delicate design. This Hebrew tattoo says, “Just remember to appreciate.”

19. Faith Hebrew Tattoo

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Tattoos don’t always need to be elaborate. A simple word like ‘faith’ written in Hebrew can lend incredible style. The forearm is a good place to get a Hebrew tattoo inked if you would like to display your tattoo to the world.

20. Hebrew Phrase Tattoo

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Having a catchy Hebrew phrase inked on your body is a permanent way to give yourself a dose of motivation. Choose a delicate font or an exquisite lettering style to make your Hebrewphrase tattoo stand out. This inspirational tattoo reads, “Everything goes wrong for the better.”

21. Hebrew Anchor Tattoo

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The Hebrew anchor is a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo is symbolic of hope and steadfastness. If you are opting to get a Hebrew anchor tattoo, have your tattoo artist add a splash of color to make it stand out.

22. Kabbalah Tattoo

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Kabbalah tattoos have a charm of their own. Most Kabbalah tattoos feature intricate designs and a melange of shapes and styles. If you want to make a powerful statement with your body art, opt for this ‘Tree of Life’ Kabbalah tattoo.

As you can see, Hebrew tattoos not only look stylish but also hold a ton of deep meaning. If you would like to design a Hebrew tattoo for yourself, check out the next section for a few popular symbols that you can use.

Popular Hebrew Symbols And Their Meanings

The Hebrew alphabet, Biblical symbols, and words such as faith, love, courage, and life are some of the most popular Hebrew tattoo designs. The difficulty with getting a Hebrew tattoo is that if you are not well-versed with the language, you can end up getting a misspelled tattoo or a tattoo that has a wrong meaning altogether. Therefore, it will do you some good to familiarize yourself with some of the basic Hebrew letters and their meanings before you take the plunge. Some of the most popular symbols or lettering in Hebrew and their meanings have been described below:

  • Anchor: Anchor tattoos are among the most popular Hebrew tattoo trends. The symbol is inspired by the Bible verse, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” People get this tattoo as a symbol of their Christian faith.
  • Hamsa: Hamsa is a palm-shaped symbol that denotes the hand of God or the hand of Miriam. It conveys good luck, health, and fortune, and is said to ward off evil. A lot of people like to combine the Hamsa with other floral symbols or short Hebrew prayers.
  • Infinity: The infinity tattoo signifies endless possibilities.
  • Tree: The tree tattoo symbolizes strength, wisdom, and confidence.

Choosing the right tattoo is a task in itself. Hebrew tattoos are quite unique, and picking the right can be tricky. They need to be done by seasoned tattoo artists because they require good craftsmanship and creativity.

Which of these Hebrew tattoos stole your heart? Comment below to let us know!

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