15 Years Of Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Legacy

15 Years Of Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Legacy September 29, 2017

Heidi Klum and Halloween are synonymous with each other, and let’s face it – Halloween would not be the same without her. The frenzy kicks in way before the Halloween month and does not settle well after the bash is over. She outperforms herself each year; while some tend to be controversial, all of them are always unique and nothing any of us would have seen previously. Now, ‘Heidi-inspired Halloween’ has become a thing. And, before we knew it – Heidi Klum is hashtagged with Halloween. Whether we dress up, participate or attend a party that day, we invariably check to see what is up against her sleeve every season.

17 Best Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes

So, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and celebrate 15 Years Of Heidi’s Halloween Costume Legacy!

1. 2016 – Heidi Klum With Five Clone Models, Because We Can’t Get Enough Of Her


Image: Instagram

Well, it was not ‘a’ costume, because it was more than one. More like an entourage. It took a good minute to realize what was happening when Heidi entered the Halloween bash with five doppelgangers. The clone costume concept got some slack, but Heidi brushed it away stating that there will always be one set of people that will diss your look, and it’s okay. She loved her look, and so did we.

2. 2015 – Heidi Klum Dressed As Jessica Rabbit, Literally


Image: Instagram

It is, by far, the best Halloween look of Heidi. She took the internet by storm as Jessica Rabbit, and how. A look that officially declared her the ‘Queen Of Halloween.’ It takes an enormous amount of planning, patience, and precision, and Jessica, I’m sorry, Heidi lived up to it entirely. While people kept guessing that she was trying to pull a Kim Kardashian because of all the time she was spending with the renowned prosthetics artist Mike Marino, this was nothing close to the wildest guess.

3. 2014 – Heidi Klum Altered Into A Gigantic Butterfly And A Really Convincing One


Image: Instagram

Heidi Klum goes all out with every costume she chooses, and there’s no meeting in the middle for her. The elaborate makeup, and attention to details with body paint, wings, antenna, and prosthetics make her look like the closest second to a butterfly a human will ever be able to get.

4. 2013 – Heidi Klum Showed Up As A Grandmother, Creepy And Crazy!


Image: Instagram

All hail Heidi! Yes, we are not kidding – take another good look. The 43-year-old pulled off the old lady look and was beyond recognition. With the help of an Oscar-winning makeup team, she pulled the wild and creepy grandma look. In a white wig, single string pearl necklace of a typical grandmother, wrinkly neck, protruding varicose veins, and a stick, she simply transformed into someone else. Not to forget the hunch that brought it all together.

5. 2012 – Heidi Klum As Cleopatra

Even though the annual bash did not happen during the Halloween week because of Hurricane Sandy, Heidi Klum planned another event in December to showcase her Cleopatra costume. Designed by the Emmy and Oscar nominated artist Bill Corso, it felt like Cleopatra just walked in!

6. 2011 – Heidi Klum In A Skinless Bodysuit, Goosebumps


Image: Instagram

Wheeled out on a stretcher by surgeons in a skinless bodysuit, Heidi took Halloween to another level of exciting. It still gives me goosebumps every time I look at this costume. It felt like she rose from her deathbed and posed for the paparazzi. The airbrush makeup and the precision of every stroke on her skinless bodysuit were nothing short of a spooky affair.

7. 2011 – Second Costume The Same Year, Heidi Klum And Husband Seal Dressed As Apes


Image: Twitter

Like one is not enough, Heidi Klum ran about, rather monkeyed around, the next day at Dream Downtown hotel with her ex-husband Seal. The makeup was realistic, detailed, and intricate. The fake teeth and fur, prosthetic breasts, makeup, and the couple kissing while posing for the camera were like a live frame of Planet Of The Apes.

8. 2010 – Heidi Klum’s Transformation Into An Alien Transformer


Image: Twitter

The one thing that consistently gives Heidi hits with her Halloween costumes is a perfect transition of ideas turning into reality with a fantastic team. You can have any amount of ideas, but it will all fall flat without proper execution. Like the red hair wig, purple glitter, fake teeth were not enough, Heidi was also made 8 feet tall in this alien-transformer look. She says she always wanted to be an alien transformer and became one. We should all probably learn to live vicariously through her.

9. 2009 – Heidi Klum And Seal In Crow Costumes

Just like every year, Heidi made it to the ‘Best Halloween Costume Of The Year’, where she and her ex-husband Seal dressed in very elaborately designed crow costumes. Both their costumes started above the waist and were done extremely well. Otherwise, costumes like these can fall flat, if not for the details. The beak looks painful to carry off, and apparently it was, according to Heidi. But I guess, no-pain-no-gain!

10. 2008 – Heidi Klum Took Inspiration From An Indian Goddess


Image: Instagram

Heidi Klum took inspiration from the Hindu Goddess Kali and designed a costume on what was her interpretation of the goddess. Even though this costume got her a lot of cheer that year, it also attracted attention from the Indian media and Hindu followers for not-so-right-reasons.

11. 2007- Heidi Klum In A Convincing Cat Woman Costume

The Cat Woman themed dress is probably the most modest and humble costume over the last 15 years of her Halloween stint. But, I guess it’s a dress we all must try at least once. So Heidi, we still love you for this!

12. 2006 – Heidi Klum As The Adam’s Apple From Eden’s Garden


Image: Shutterstock

Will you believe it when we tell you that she was pregnant, and quite far into her pregnancy that year? Hats off to Heidi, one for the brilliant idea that could camouflage her baby bump and two, that she still put in so much effort to pull off that costume. The designer, however, said that it was quite a task to pull the entire look off, considering her pregnancy.

13. 2005 – Heidi Klum In A Vampire Costume And A Bleeding Heart

A vampire with a bleeding heart, such a delight for Twilight fans. She nailed the look head to toe – the curly hair, fake teeth, a corset gown, heavy boots, and the bleeding heart, which is the best part of it all.

14. 2004 – Heidi Klum With Skeleton As A Witch

Wow! Look at the detailing of the costumes. We love how the skeleton is piggy-backing on her, and also the interpretation of a witch is just so fascinating. She walked around in the blood red attire with her skeleton buddy, and it was a convincing act.

15. 2003 – Heidi Klum Space Alien Inspired Costume

Her space alien inspired costume looked non-native and weird. Exactly how aliens should be. The outfit in gold perfectly depicts the celestial theme.

16. 2002 – Heidi Klum As Betty Boop

The personification of Betty Boop could not have been better! She slew it in the body-hugging red dress, fangs, and her hair, which is, of course, the deal breaker.

17. 2001 – Heidi Klum As Lady Godiva

Heidi arrived on a (real) horse to her annual Halloween bash, dressed up as Lady Godiva. Her white body suit, long tresses, the tiara and blood oozing lips are just near-perfection.

She is, she was, and always will remain ‘THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN.’

If you are looking for ideas, I hope heidi klum Halloween costumes have inspired you for the season. But, remember, just like her, you need to start planning to be on point. Good luck with that.

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